Difference b/w PM Gilani sb & PM Mian Nawaz Sharif sb

  • Can you any difference between our two PMs? One took 90 members delegation and the other 190 at the expense of tax payers money.


  • گیلانی وزارت عظمیٰ سے فارغ ہونے کے بعد




  • Ch sb wht happened to urs comments.

  • ''Little thieves are hanged,but bigger ones escape''.Both are larceners sons of ho's.Another struggling fraudulent is selling cakes to schooled specially , and unschooled as well.F..KIN' chaos theory since 1947.

  • @ AbdulHameed Bhai

    Sorry yaar . i actually wrote comments abt ur question of another thread. Abt Ch.nisaar thread . so i removed them . i will give comments abt this Video once i watch it. Unfortunalty my net speed is slow at the moment . By the way thanks for ur cancern dear.

  • Comparing PM with CM of Punjab about foriegn trips


  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=oOM3xEHPS4Y#t=1s

    This should give u some insights of nawaz sharif

  • @ Respect BAHI

    ur condition is like Khasyani Billi Khmba nochay while Bro I m waiting for ur reply abt Whethor Yahodi Khan Challnaged NRO in supreme court ?????

  • Read in jang newspaper that his delegation is only comprised of 26 people and reports of 90 people are false.

    Out of 26 people delegation, 13 are ministers and 13 are


    kia sach hai aur kiaa jhoot?

  • @ Jaaahils, who have nothing to say against IK but now are targeting his personal life and his religion. Calling a muslim kaafir (Yahoodi) is one of the greatest sins. Laaanat aisai logon per, but again I feel good as it shows that these filthy minds have nothing to say so the only thing that can satisfy their tiny nutshell mind is personal illogical attacks.

    If you cannot see a clear thing, you are deaf, dumb and blind as Allah swt said in Quran.

    When the IRI poll 6 months ago were showing PNL N as NO 1, it was ok to discuss the results on TV and talk shows and they were correct. Now, with PTI no 1, they are not correct. (Good thinking of sick minds )

    A movement is going on by a party against goverment in a province where it is governing itsel. ( Good approach of sick minds )

    Guess what, people burned an office of PML N yesterday in a protest, where? In Punjab.. ( Shut your eyes and act like a dumb.)

    In by-elections, PML N lost against PPP, guess where? in multan, in punjab. (Start looking here and there and act like as you didn't read this)

    In by-elections, PML N lost against PML Q, in Punjab. (Switch to another thread immediately)

    In by-elections, there is a video evidence that PML N tried to rigged the elections on some polling stations, election comission took notice. (Act like you are deaf, dumb and blind as Allah swt described condition of people like you in Quran )

  • When one of the dengue brother was shouting like a mad psycho, "Go zardari Go", Ishaq daar from the same party was negotiating Senate election deal. ( Burn your computer and start dancing, Jeay PML N, Jeay NS)