IK's promises!

  • IK has promised two things in two different progs, what do u think, can he keep his promises? Is it that hard that other party's leaders don't wanna do this?



  • @abdulhameed

    Let me first make sure that I understood IK correctly. Can you please confirm it.

    Summary of promises of IK, as I understand.

    1. He will have an executive order on the first day in office to bring down the walls of President House, Governor Houses and Prime minister house using bull dozers and make them public places.

    2. Without raising taxes on any Pakistani citizen , he will raise tax collection from 1,500 Arb to 4,000 Arb.

  • Yes, in other words these places will not be used by pm/CMs/gov/pres etc, instead will be used by general public.

    Yes, it means he will collect more money than our expenses.

  • @abdulhameed

    Ist Promise

    Q1. Question arises that does PM have legal authority to dismantle President House and Governor House? I thought just like President and Governors have immunity, no one can touch their property.

    Q2. I can understand opening doors to public, but to bring down wall is not smart. Even in public places you need walls, entrances/exits gaurded. By bringing down the walls, only bad elements of society will benefit. I don't know whether you saw what happened in Iraq.

    Q3. Do you know whether PTI repaired the damage caused by PTI to walls and gates of Quetta Hockey Stadium?

    2nd Promise:

    It is good that he will make sure tax theft is stopped.

    Q1 But, my question is that will that be enough?

    Q2. Does this means he does not plan to tax agriculture, property, capital gains etc.

    Q3. Does that means he will not havehigher tax rate for high income bracket people?

  • @sipahi

    I wud say leaders give a general policy, which is that these places will be used by general public. Now, it wud be project planners/mngrs job to decide, how to best utilise it for public. Regarding tax target, the point he wanted to make is that even with the current regulations nd without putting any further burden on poor ppl, it can be achieved. But, obviously there will be tax on all kinds of income nd more taxes on rich ppl. He has always said that his policies will be for majority ie poor ppl.

  • @abdulhameed

    Thanks for clarifying that I should not take IK words seriously with respect to the details of what will happen, his words are just like a high level powerpoint presentation to get the job.

  • @sipahi

    I think leaders job is to give a vision, then it's job of policy makers to make policies in line with that vision. It's the normal practice, a team leads job is to give goals to the team members and help them to achieve the goal, now it's the members job to develop the solution to achieve the goal.

  • Na 9 mun tel ho ga na radha nache gi ...

    IK can promise anything and everything.


  • @home

    Y shud we support such leaders who spend public money on their lavish life style?

    It's really hurting when we see poor ppl suffering nd committing suicides but our leaders r wasting millions on their palaces nd security.

  • @abdulhameed Saab

    Jaab app ko koi saadhu saant mil gaya jo public funds ke bedereg istamaal se gurez karta ho toh mujhe bhi bataye ga ... mein bhi uss anokhe ladley ko dekhna chaoon ga.

  • @abdulhameed Saab

    it won't hurt if you realize this fact Politics is a full time profession of those who don't need to work for living. It's a global phenomena pls don't raise your BP.

  • does he hve any plan to demolish bilions rs ghq ya woh uncle psha ne mana kia ha?

  • @home

    If there can b saadhus in other countries then y not in Pakistan? Reject the tested ones!

    U r rt, that is y I have stopped supporting professionals.

  • @mango

    Bhai if u r pm nd u urself r living a simple life nd not wasting any public money, then wud u allow me to do that? No, he is clear on it, that all the public office holder will have to do it.

  • 300 kanal ke mahal main simple life?

  • @mango

    Array bhai public money ka Kia Matlab hota hy?

  • khairat ka paisa kia public se nahin ata?

  • @abdulhameed

    Time has come that all well-to-do people who claim to love Pakistan, should demonstrate their love by giving what they own.

    Anyway, such a huge piece of land, which is not being fully utilized is not allowed in an Islamic Welfare State.

  • @mango mam

    "khairat ka paisa kia public se nahin ata?"

    wah bhai sahib....sola ane sahih!