The Inside Story why Gillani visit to UK?

  • The inside story of Gillani visit to london is to beg the guarenters that please pressurize the opposition party especially PML-N to stop that movement To Remove the Govt.

    But Gilani departure is written on the wall despite he is resisting to an extreme level and PPP destorying all the constitution.

    In this regard i would like to expose the Role of Imran ,PTI is already a puppet party of west and thats why imran would never announce any date of long march or any such thing to remove govt.In Past and present imran has always kept a soft corner for Gillani govt or any such party who opposes PML N.As his interest is only to come in power ,IF his interest was pakistan His So called Tsunami would have been started when there was Abbottabad issue,Karachi Mehran base issue,Raymond Davis Issue, NICL Scandal of Billions ,Killings in Karachi on going ,and so many others issues of National interest and corruption and bad goverence in all other provinces which he cant see and never said a single word .

    Thats why imran withdraw the case against Altaf Hussain b/c Altaf Hussain Gods are also sitting here in england and on their signal imran had to shut up his mouth.

    Look at his Nonsense and Hyporicy instead of asking those parties who support zardari which include PMLQ,MQM,ANP .He often heard saying pmlq is Real Opposition..what a joke man.

    Thats why imran would never say a word against Musharraf or His trial b/c all of them are puppet and the problem is some kids dont have enough political awareness and just go on their dreams and when everytime they wake up they start to cry .

  • IK is in bed with Zardari since 2 years now