Why the Perception of PTI and PPPP nexus is growing...????

    1. Hashmi supporting Gallani

    2. Imran khan do not want to disrupt Gallani as PM

    3. pp-245 joint candidate of PPPP+PML Q+ and PTI...

    4. Support of PTI to PPPP candidate in pp-190

    5. Khan never said any thing to Zardari

    6. Khan is the brother of MQM and MQM and PPPP are in close contact

    7. Both always Attack Mian Shahib

    8. PPPP support of PTI in any jalsa against PML N'

    further, so many reasons in my mind...what your says....I hope no one will become personal......

  • Whatever the reason is, I just hope that the people of Pakistan can see through the contradictions emanating from the PTI and this entire tsunami nonsense can come to an end.

  • this is not perception; it is reality

  • Muazzam

    Based on the evidences you have provided it seems it is not just a perception?

  • evidences??????

  • @ above 8 mentioned are the clear evidences in favor of my case....when ever i discuss the politics with any one most of them are convinced about these 8 point....further people are saying why PTI does not come for Loadshadding or for inflation etc....further they just do jalsa with a month or more then month preparation in which they try to get support from all those who are against PML N...their only purpose is to dent PML N and favour PPPP....... ap ka Dosman ka Dosman ap ka dost hota ha./.....so it is a crystal clear thing that PTI is in nixes with PPPP ....THis time election will be among anti PPPP and Pro PPPP......

    1. Bakwas

    2. Another Bakwas

    3. Ahhh, Itttt Stillllllllll hurts!!!!!!! ( PTI clearly asked their supporters to boycott by elections but I really love when someone discuss PP--245, I really enjoy it)

    4. Phir Bakwas, but again, when PTI has no support in Punjab, why to worry.

    5. May be you are deaf, but I heared IK calling zardari "crocodile".

    6. and Barrack Obama is brother of NS ( as we all are living in fantasy world )

    7. So, according to the great mind, if someone is calling one "burai" a burai, the other person should not call that burai a "burai" but instead shake hands with that Burai and become burai themselves.

    8. Again, another bakwaas.

    But I must say, you have an extra ordinary eye, but with this eye, how could you miss when Ishaq Daar were negotiating a senate deal with PPP. ( Ahhh, Ummm, actually, it was happening in the night when normal people sleep, so I was also sleeping) Ahhh, I understand!!

  • oh PTI clearly asked its supporters to boycott...then what was owais leghari doing at a polling station ??? was he doing BAKWAS or he didn't bother to pay any heed to paty leader's BAKWAS???

    and PP 245 was vecated by mohsin leghari(PMLQ) and won by another leghari (PMLQ) with support of owais leghari (PTI) ... another BAKWAS

  • @ iftakhar bhea i am smiling....Politics of Hypocracy and U-turns is the symbol of PTI as well as PPPP....one other common point........you know what imran is doing he blames PML N 100 times then atlast for one time he says zardari is not good....just to show that he is not in nexis with pppp, same he is doing with MQM...and i am very happy people are understanding the reality.....

  • @ZSD

    I believe it was a case of .....he didn't bother to pay any heed to paty leader's BAKWAS.....as he knows he is a big jageerdar and also knows that IK turns a blind eye to his fanboys demands when it comes from big jageerdars.

  • Ishaq dar doing deal with PPP for senate ... thats why Aslam Gill of PPP lost the almost confirmed seat in Punjab Assembly and Independant candidate won. but then you need brain to see the reality and no brain is needed to accept what party line tells you...

  • Yes, people are understanding the reality, that is why IRI now shows PTI as no 1 party. THESE ARE ALL YOUR PERCEPTIONS!!

    And I am from Karachi, former MQM voter and now supporter of PTI with my whole family like many other former MQM supporters in Karachi. I will give Lanaat on PTI and will vote for Jammat e islami if PTI make any alliance with MQM, and I know they will not. PTI supporters and officals in Karachi really hate MQM. It will be losing all support from Karachi by joinning MQM. It doesn't make sense, as most pashtuns in Karachi now support PTI along with many urdu speakings and punjabis. Making alliance with MQM will only make these pastuns and punjabis run away. and many urdu speakings like me who hate MQM. SO IT IS ONLY YOUR PERCEPTION THAT HAS NO SENSE.

  • Simply N o ra league spreading this propaganda to get anti PPP votes.

  • He is not dealing he is taking PML N right being the leader of Opposition PML N has right to have their say in the Nominations for ECP and next Interim government ...which will soon handle the country after this budget....after eid elections are going to happen...Sep/october is the month for elections....I pray all parties settle all the issues with consences as they did in 18th ammendemnt,....This will strength the democratic process....remember 2nd revolution in USA

    THe revolution of 1800 was the Revolution in which after completing a term election held and peaceful transfer of power happen...i pray we too follow this road... because now we have independent judiciary and election commission's and new voter lists....if we do transfer the power peacefully we will one step ahead in democracy....i like the way NZ is not resigning from National Assembly because people has given them the mandate of opposition...being leader of opposition they have the right to put their weight in Interim government....

  • @ZSD, you need only an eye to read what all newspapers reported, and Gill lost bacuse many from his own party betrayed him along with PLM Q voters.

  • PML N is one of the largest party of PAKISTAN the only party who got 2/3 majority and they are ruling Punjab...they do not need any propaganda...and now people are educated people understands what one is doing........Luqman,Hassan Nisar and Haroon Rasheed...what they are doing........they are the paid member of PTI (I will not say POTI ayi because i respect every Party and every one is doing what they feel right....People of Pakistan has the choice to pick them)for me those are doing propaganda who are using abusive language.......

  • Leghari got 22 votes from punjab assembly. and as per party calculations only 6 or 8 PPP members betrayed while none betrayed from PMLQ as PMLQ was already short of required votes and hense few PPP members were asked to vote for PMLQ kamil ali agha. PMLN members got their 4 candidates selected straightaway and rest of their members and few Hamkhayal group memebers voted for Lghari.

  • @MuazzamAli -- I cannot believe this, unbelievable stuff from your side.

    When your part deal with PML N for senate and 18th amendment, it is strnethning the democracy, but IK who never met with any PPP for any deal, is supporting PPP and an ally.

    Are you sure you are not wrting this under the influence of some drug?

  • had these amendments under some deal then PPP would have got NRO passed from assembly.

  • Because PMLN and PPP are expert at Nura kushti.. The Next Election would be PTI (the genuine opposition) Vs Status quo (Punjab and Federal govt )