ACCORDING to a news report shahbaz shrif spend only 20 LAKH on foreign tour,,,while prime minister spend 20 BILLION RS for foreign tours.

    shahbaz spend his own money for him and his minister , frd going abroad with him...

  • Brothers all know he is the only leader which are always among the people...very simple and proactive......while few others always says we do not have enough money to go to Sakardo or Siacheen becoz there is no vote there.........even they have the plane of Jangher Taren..........

  • If IK was the CM he would not spend even 20 his party mates have got private jets who will give him a hitch as and when required

  • ACCORDING to news U IK spend 20 million on private jet to visit america,,, Europe.he spend this money not for pocket but he used party fund.....shameeeeeee

    if he is a right leader he must travel in PIA,,, economy class

  • bilal bhai....what news? any link?

  • The most simplest leader is the SS...Even respected By Great AQ khan...

  • IS that the same Great AQ Khan who said recently that Nawaz Sharif should quit politics? :)

    I don't know why you guys keep repeating things to which you already know there is a comeback? :)

  • @ Sandman Bahi

    Do U forgot Umer Cheema,s story published in Todays news.

  • nope, didn't forget it...just didn't read it :)

  • @ SANDMAN Bahi

    then plz read it and I hope U atleast will apreciate Shabaz This Act .

  • I promise I will read it in shortest time possible :)


    yaar I wanna see that U also critisize PTI acts if they have done the same . jokes apart . Just tell me that IK made same promise as well with time frame . i agree that Nisarr shud reply even though in my opnioin time frame given to acatall date is much authentic then sayin that soon . but forgot that what I m saying that If nisaar done wrong then Ik also done wrong. what is ur thoughts abat that. sand bhai plz reply as a neutral .

  • I appreciate that SS did not spend public money on his foreign trips, but why has he allocated 320 million(32 crore) for cm house in last budget, why there r 5 cm houses, why 800-1000 elite forces commandos r there for only sharif family?

  • @ Abdulhameed Bahi

    thanks bro .. for the first time U appriciated any act of SS. Tahnks again. ahving said that Bhai U cud Critisize Him in next comment . Lol . Yaar I dont know abt this matter . I will let U know in 2 days while I m sorry taht I cundnt so far reply ur question abt loan is sood or not . Bro I will give U that answer as well in 2 or 3 days . and if Shabaz is Guilty then i will accept that becoz Im not Abdulhammed or any PTI fan who didnt say anything abt Ik's Blunders . Becoz fOR U Guys IK is Bigger than God and Namaz and Nabi ( NaaoozoBillah) . Becoz No Muslim can support a person who was Chewing Gum during whole Namaz and who Also has been involved in zinnah. Waisy abdul hameed Bahi Ur logic abt Zaradri nawaz noora kushti (U can check it from 3 way atack on PMLN) and vote for workers if PTI isnt there was Just Mind Blowing . I eveon Showed that logic to some of My PTI close frnds who R more diehart workers of PTI then I guess evon U. and they also complemented U with words "AMAZING " and "Mind BLOWING"

  • @ch sub

    Here is PMLNs security details, if u wanna c PPPs qabza group then plz watch the complete programme.

  • @ch sb

    bhai i always praised his hard work, like his work during flood, BUT the issue is the vision. He has not empowered the poor ppl by local bodies, all the punjab resources and decision makings is in his hand, and there are so many things about his vision which I can explain u some other time.

  • @ Abdul hameed

    Why i answer U abt Ur party PPP to whom U said that U will vote for its worker in PP 194 . on the other hand abt security then if U guys have a dare then Ask IK that why His dad Musharf cooprated With USA agaist taalibaan .. or Ask Ik to ask same question To his anaother Dad Pasha as well . Now i GUESS U understand when Miyan sahb was PM then tehre was No such Sui sides attacks were there . and Due to Musharf's Policies that happens and Govt Officials R tehreMain target . tahts why they have to do this . and yaar plz dont drag this issue in this becoz If (Allah na kare) Ik Become PM then what he will Do . meri jaan he has to do teh same . now waht pmln cud do thet They cud afford afaorign tour at thier own expense and they r doing same .


    bro i nvor said that Abdul allem kahn is now a days invilve in Qabza geer . He was king of Qabza Group with Monis Ilaahi in Punjab in Musharf Era .. and No case was registerd in Ur leadors Dad Tenure. and every lahori know taht Abdul allem kkhan was the Biggest Qabza geer of Punjab.

  • @ch sb

    Aray bhai ap majboor kartay ho mujhay asi zuban use karne pe, warna to ap meray saray comments check kar le, mein "mian sb" or "zardari sb" use karta hon.

    Though terrorisom increased after this war on terror, but it started from the days of urs munafiq leaders(mian sb) father gen zia and gen jilani ke zamanay se. And it continued during the regime of urs munafiq leader's(mian sb) other fathers like hameed gul, aslam baig and asad durrani. BUT IK was against it from day one, please check it out!

    I consider myself, pro pakistani, not pro pti, so in case ik made the same mistakes, i will speak against him as i m doing now aginst pmln/ppp.

    Regarding, aleem, if he did that in PMLQ regime, it was their fault. BUT now, when u know that he did land grabbing, if u don't do anything against him, what will be difference b/w PMLN & PMLQ? Both commited crime, as its govt job to protect lives, property etc of gen public.

    Now, please check this one and let me know if u can see any difference b/w (Ik/munafiq mian(mian sb)!

    "US embassy cables: Nawaz Sharif reinforces 'pro-American' position"

    "US embassy cables: Imran Khan criticises 'dangerous' US policy"

  • "US embassy cables: Imran Khan criticises 'dangerous' US policy" AS PER WIKILEAKS!!! And this is due to the following fact: