Why at d end of Every Jalsa of PTI People loots d chairs?? How they can improve

  • what suggestions would one gave to improve this........


  • @ Muazzam Bhai

    Thats bcoz PTI Bring Daily Wages Labour and "Nashai" and Offer them that If u come then U can Take Chair with UR self . Now U Know that a Chair is not less than 1000 I guess so thats why thats Happening . I nevor heard this IN PMLN jalsa even bfeore their Govt has come . Remember 2007 and 2009 when PMLN was in In power In punjab but stiil massive Jalsas and No such act happend Like Chair lifting ....

  • Poor folks are addicted to "Inqalaabi Chooran" and want make some quick cash by selling chairs and buy "Inqalaabi Chooran"....otherwise P(o)TI no good without "Inqalaabi Chooran".

  • i think burger poti **** and apna ghar ka hilat these are not good word we are educated class we should respect each other........ Brother 1 have to admit that Politics is for Power no rule exit old faces with new make up.......That all about politics of Pakistan......

  • woh bhee kya din thay jab Pasha Uncle zinda thay....kisee kee kya majaal thee kursiyon kou haath bhee lagaay...hai burgeron hai...Pasha Uncle kya ga'ay concerts kee ronaqin bhee saath lay ga'ay.

  • Not surprising

    After all its Pakistan Tehreek e Immatures

    Thanks God

    People did not throw chairs at the stage

  • P T I = Pakistan Tor(break) Inqalaab.

  • are u lot sure they are pti chairs, cud be noon league goons sent there to disrupt.

  • N league is a twister league.... every one in jalsa wanted to meet KHAN SB. no one taking chairs away.

    Where in taxila NO'RA Sharif(mota Aloo) if stays five mints more on stage only Chughdi Nisar will be left there. No one want to see this drum (mota dhool) thats why patwaris run away in taxila..

    funny bits... during bholo sharif speach few said they are going to wee... some said can't take bullsh...anymore.... due to this our b.p is going low.

  • @razzian

    And the "mooli" faced IK is looking very basi basi since Pasha passed away.

  • @Wdurrani Well done dear good job keep it up. you guys are really hard worker from Govt. of punjab... Good team work with Showbaz sharif, i wish if N league learn something from few of you guys like chowodhry ect atleast you guys doing something. Now i got to know how showbaz spend 16 hours a day. heye bechara poolice wala....

  • PTI = Pasha Tatoori Inquilab

  • Leaki league leaking all over places.

  • Why at d end of Every Jalsa of PTI People loots d chairs?? How they can improve?

    Answer: They are not improving because they are still under a government which have the same habbits.They will change,,,,,,,,,when the PTI bring the change!,,,,,The only hope in pakistan for a change,,,,is PTI.

  • <<<Why at d end of Every Jalsa of PTI People loots d chairs??

    Its bcoz all of our leaders have looted us, and now the result is more than 40% of or ppl are living below poverty line.

    <<<How they can improve?

    Get rid of this corrupt mafia, and bring them to justice. Get the real freedom, by forcing the ruling elite to empower the poor ppl by giving control over all of their rights/resources through local govt at the village level.

  • Q1. Why at d end of Every Jalsa of PTI People loots d chairs?

    could it be because they think by getting more chairs they get more assembley seats

    Q2. How they can improve?

    By converting SKMH into a mental hospital and carrying out brain surgery of all ptians ...starting with Chairman

  • Q2. Surgery is often undertaken on something which already exists. In case of Chairman Joseph "Imran Khan" Stalin, a whole new brain would have to be retrofitted and I doubted if any sane person would be willing to donate his ;)

  • Veena has already made the offer....and its been accepted

  • infact CEC has also given consent.

  • pti needs stronger security, so that they can make sure that noon league goons do not come and steal the chairs.