N League Protest Rally In Multan!!!

  • PTI Kids jo ke burger families aor unn ke bachay hain jo pakistani society mai apnay aap ko misfit mehsoos kartay hai,

    jo west mai reh reh kar pakistani values,culture of society ko bhool gaey hain,

    unn per modernisim aor western lives ka bhoot sawaar hai ,

    jo pakistan ke socity ko western society ke tarha daikhna chahtay hai,

    unho ne yai ummeedain baandh rakhee thee ke imran aaey ga aor udher be aisa hee culture introduce kar de ga,

    aray bahi pakistan ko aisa culture nahi chayyai jo aik biwi ko uss ke husband ke muqablay mai khara kar de,

    jahah per aik baap ko apnee olaad ka hosh na ho,

    jahah per gher mai bachonh ke bajaey kuttay khail rahay hon,

    jahah per namaz ke bajaey musiq aor sharaab ke mehfal sajj rahee ho,

    abb unn mummy dady kids ke ummedain dam tortee ja rahee hain.

  • Isn't it the same city where PML N lost a provincial seat that was under their control from decades against PPP. Ahhhh. Got it!!

    And Universal007, not thank you for blah blah blah blah.. Keep crapping this forum with more crap.

  • @iftikharalam...where do you buy your daily dose of Inqalaabi Chooran.

  • @Wdurrani, Not from tne shop where you take sessions for your psychological problems. I knew, the growing popularity of IK had severe effects on your already limited mental capabilities.

  • correction iftikhar bhai ... Seat was not under PMLN for decades. Same person, moin riaz, won it in 2002 on ppp ticket. Then in 2008 shahid mehmood won it on PMLN ticket. And now PMLN candidate lost and PPP candidate won by margin of less than 500 votes.….

    No need to apologize for giving wrong info, just correct your record ;-)

  • check more older records.

  • but you are wrong in saying that PMLN held this seat for decades ... Admit it or not ;-)

  • for older record, can you please tell me the present and previous number of this constituency ??

  • @iftikharalam

    Growing popularity of IK? What a big fart is that from you...Please use some Tsunami Kushtay to treat your hallucinations.....

  • i think burger poti **** and apna ghar ka hilat these are not good word we are educated class we should respect each other........ Brother 1 have to admit that Politics is for Power no rule exit old faces with new make up.......That all about politics of Pakistan......

    IK and pppp nexis may gave IK few seats....

  • is there any reason to show these pictures, it is embarrassing, but what can u expect from nooners if there are 10 they see 100, however in pti jalsa if there are 100 they see 10.

    from first glance this patwari jalsa seems a failure, look forward to seeing some more pictures to further make my decision.

    as of now nothing to scream about.

  • When someone abuse supporters it means he is insulting those ordinary peoples who are in search of peace for country, for their life.

    We can't see each other here and our words are only scale of judgement.Please show respect for our own countrymen.If you are that depressed then visit yahoo news and comment those who keep abusing us on second basis.Go fight with them if you guyz want to be keyboard warriors.

    Those who keep doing this are mentally sick and need treatment.I strongly protest and recommend Admin and Mods to take action against those who keep doing this practice.

  • finding peace in the hands of the ones who have played a vital role in putting this country into the mess it is.


    apart from that all i said cannot see what the big who ha is concerning the jalsa.

  • YoooooooooooooooHoooooooooooooooooo

    According to the news reports, In Today's rally, personal guards with big guns of PML N waderas and sardars out numbereed the participating people.

    Ahhhhh, the Long march but again, when party has only 6% support than you have to rely on your personal guards.

  • In Quetta!!