ISI matab kee Inqalaabi Chooran...not in demand any more..Why?

  • ISI matab kee Inqalaabi Chooran...not in demand any more..Why?


    Pasha Dawa Khana has closed down...what a pitty.

    The only way for IK to increase sales is to shoot down some drones...using his Imrones that he produces after eating few cartons of Inqalaabi Chooran.

  • @Durrani Bro,

    Word has it that Naswar Khan has been covertly visiting the ma'tab of Hakeem Zardari a.k.a Bambino Cinema's black ticketer and begging him to produce a potion of that legendary "Chooran" mixed with manure to offset the closure of Pasha Dawa-Khan.

  • Shoebaz of raiwaaand snatches Punjab govt's employee' wife and runway towards hidden hills of no ra league. Big bro fat cat moan Nawaz sharif reported from phaja paya shop Lahore.

  • ^^^ Razia Appa, are you sure that you are not mixing SS with Jemima and Hugh Grant?

    Try to deviate off the topic by exerting the vocal cords of your backside too much and you would literally learn a new meaning of the word "Razzian Phas gai Ghundoon mein."

  • How about the experiences & witnessing under the dark shadows of siri paya sharif vs Kim barker and dilshad sharif begum

  • I'm sure that Siri Paya Sharif vs Kim Barker would pale in comparison to P0nka Khan vs Sita and Tyrian White.

  • And don't forget tahira syed Nawaz sharif rang ralliyan. Nora sharif ditched her just like he betrayed nation again and again and Naheem bukhari's house robbed just like Pakistan looted.

  • ^^^ You shouldn't be concerned about Tahira Syed unless of course you are Naeem Bukhari. In the event you are, I would certainly pity you and have serious doubts on your manhood.

  • Every thieve have that fears we can understand that as sharif some time see naheem bukhari's reflection in every living moving thing he some time see bukhari in ch. Nisar some times in hanif abbasi. Leaguies beaware sharif bros are not trustable as they robbed two of their known families in past. No wonder they can put hands on any of their worker's wife as they have proven history of deception.