Imran's beloved private plane owner Jahangir Tareen biggest beneficiary of USAID

  • Imran's beloved transport of choice, private plane's owner Jahangir Tareen is one of the biggest beneficiary of USAID.

  • @doctor

    Please try to understand... In the world of mathematics its called Pasha Theory ..that is... ISI aid + US aid + Burgers + Lotay = Inqalaab = Tsunami

  • This guy was Minister for Industries during ex dictator Mush's tenure. Most of foreign aid that came,including USaid,he diverted it to his own private projects..

  • @doctor

    Why don't you's Pasha Theory ..that is... ISI aid + US aid + Burgers + Lotay = Inqalaab = Tsunami

    It will solve all the problems...let me tell you how..

    Like rahay ga hongay problems...

  • I understood JT comes from a big industrialist family background and he has successfully expanded the inherited industry by modernising it.

    Is this correct?

  • At what cost though?

  • @1lhr

    no that is incorrect

    he built it up from more or less scratch

    his first foray into commerce was a pepsi bottling company with his cousin humayun akhtar presumably with help from his family

    after that everything else, the sugar mills the dairy farm etc he has built up himself and with the help of his brother in law ahmad mahmood of jdw.

    none of it was inherited

  • I think now he owns coca cola (naubahar bottlers) .... Pepsi is owned by humayun akhtar and his brother (though they too own 3 sugar and 1 textile mill other than pepsi) ..... Big tycoons

  • @gv

    where did he get the capital to start such a massive business venture? pepsi bottling company is not something you start from loans from chach taya?

  • One should also try to analyze as to what his worth was pre-1999 and post 2007 after continously holding the coattail of another revolutionary; Ustad Musharraf Chivas Regalabadi for 7 consecutive years.