Shahbaz Sharif pays his foreign Trips from his pocket!!!












  • Can someone tell us as to how Naswar Khan pays for his foreign jaunts:

    a) Through SKMH

    B) Through money donated to PTI by overseas based Ilzami Mummy Daddy kiddos

    c) Jehangir Tareen

    D) Goldsmith Family

    E) None of the above

  • Tu Ku thaak ra hai Bahi...

  • ^^^ Quit being an uneducated slouch and just pick the right answer please. I know that Dr. Samar Mubarakmund has a better chance to produce power through coal than to get a logical answer from an least give it a shot.

  • I am not doing a paid job like most nooner are hired by Punjab Govt. for dhengy bros propaganda. On issue above Every thing been answerd at another thread but it's quite evident that most nooner are as thick headed as fat bald Nawaz is. Nooners are dumb deaf & blind no matter even if you repeat same thing 100 times you always find them breaking same old rotten eggs.

  • ^^^^ Concur 100%, in order to be employed/paid; one actually needs a fleshy mass perched in an upper deck of a homo sapien. In case of the Ilzami Chooran Brigade, the upper deck is not only empty but overwhelmed by cobweb.

  • Entire Pakistan knows that lasi brand & Siri paya vision with zero wisdom

    Looks like leagy sundi attack is on full swing. only treatment sona urea fertilizer.

  • ^^^^ Hutto Bacho little kiddie before you are zapped.

  • **

    Versus Imran U Turn Khan of PITY(Lota Tehreek) who loves using private planes of biggest USAid beneficiary Jehangir Khan Tareen.


  • And loves spending quality time free of cost at Kiddington Hall, Oxfordshire ;)

  • Leagy Sundies of raiwaaand are getting angry here.

  • Hehehehehehe....the way things are rapidly unfolding, the 60 year old youth of Banigala urgently needs a hair re-transplant and administer a barrel load of Botox :D

  • Paid propaganda machines of shoebaz sharif and lasi paya nawaz sharif are working in double shifts to meet the target before budget.

  • @ storm_shadow

    Bhai U r waisting Ur time .. No PTI fan cud nevor think gainst IK. yaar They havnt said any thing To IK when Ik was Chewing a Gum in Prayer.... Just look their LOve To IK .... their Love to IK is more than thier Love To Allah aad Quran ....... now U tell Can a True Muslim can spprt a person Who Used to Chew a Gum During namaz ???? OR how can a Muslim vote for A person who had been involved in Zinnah .... Or tell Me can any Muslim vote for a person who's Kids R Living with a Yahodi family as U all know that on childs above 7 years fathers's right is more than mother ??? they cannt even ask Ik that why Ur childs R living with Yahodies... Can any muslim vote for Yahodi khan???

  • This post is deleted!

  • abb iss munafiq ke tu thuss ho gaee election se pehlay hee.

    Mian sahib ke saath bohat logonh ke doain hai

    unho ne aisay aisay ghareebonh ke khidmat ke jin ke zindagee ka maqsad abb sirf unn ko doa daina hai.

    unho ne kabhi b apnay flahee kamonh ko cash nahi karwaya balkay chupa ke rakha,chahey wo sharif hospital ho,ya ittefaaq hospital aor bohat se aisay projects jin ko wo apnee pocket se pay kartay hain.

  • @ storm_shadow

    I can sworn Tht IK is Yahodi .. He is no more Muslim ... I agree that we can do mistakes in namaz But yaar one cant do mistakes daily during namaz and he is also not a Kid . So I guess Allah wants this Yahdi to be exposed To world ... Plus U know that No muslim want that their Kids Remain with Yahodi family But his Kids R living with them . Thats bcoz He himself has cahnged his relign .... Just Look where he is tieing his hands ...... Just Loook ..... Allah is exposing a Munfiq .... AllahOakbar...

  • Use Google transliteration to type in urdu font.

  • @ Razzian bahi

    then waht U say abt Ur leador Chewing a Gum during Namaz ??? Why he was saying his Namaz in Sitting Position ? was he ILL or waht ? plus waht do U say abt pic in which he was satnding in Namaz but he tied his hands in Wrong position??? He is not Kid . That Allah wants this man expose to Us.. plus plz tell me Why his son is living With Yahodi family as he is now above 7. and u knw that legally its father right that son live fathor. Why ??????

  • @ Razzian Bahi ..

    as well as U talk abt Munafqat then Who else is Bigger Munafiq than IK... examples of Yahodi khan's Munfaqat

    1. He said he hates NRO but he nevor challnaged NRO in court bcoz He nevor wanted NRO to be Declared Null and Void bcoz NRO was issued By IK 2nd Political dad Gen Musharf.

    2 . He said that He will participate in Long march But he didnt come Out on long march day as he was Licking the toes of his 3rd and 4th Political father Kiyani and Pasha in GHQ.

    3. He said He hate USA But met secratly with USA and Israeli Officilas in Dubai alng with His 4th Dad Pasha ..

    4 . He said in Lahore jalsa that He will gve proofs of Sharif assests to media in 30 days but nevor spoke on this issue again

    5. He annaoced that He will nevor accept Corrupt and old faces in his party But why he allow corrpt people like Zaheer abbas khokhar, Aleem kahn, sarwar khan, kichi brothers, Laghari brotehrs and many more ....

    6. He said he will control army when he comes in power But this yahodi khan nevor said a word against Army on abootabad issue . Munafqat ki intihaa

    there r many more Examples of His lies and Munfqat but will mention some other day..... I nevor seen much bigger lier than him ... Only pakistani Genrals R bigger lier tahn him.