Double Standards of PMLN Bloggers!

  • Hi, PMLN Bloggers wud u like to comment on biggest "LOTA BAZI" of mian sb? Now he has started taking anyone, like Mumtaz Bhutto sb, Marvi Memon sba, Ameer Muqam sb, Humkhyal Gruoup etc, but instead of opposing it, u guys r appreciating it, DOUBLE STANDARDS, MUNAFIQAT! Infact one of our fellow has changed his user icon pic from a "LOTA" to look a like "MIAN SB".

  • @abdulhameed,

    Its called politics of expediency my dear brother; something your leader was trying to inculcate from Pasha not too long ago.

    Double standards are when a blank cheque is given to Marvi Memon and she still joins PML-N after being supposedly rejected by the secretive and non-existent CEC of Pakistan Turncoat Itehad, hypocricy is when a whole jirga is sent to convince Ameer Muqam to join P(o)TI but he just laughs of such maneuvers' and becomes part of PML-N. Same goes for Mumtaz Bhutto who was literally begged from merging his party with PML-N.

    Hence, Mian Sahab is not around to take part in a congeniality contest and he'll do whatever it takes to stay afloat in politics on the face of multiple hostile entities who also have in their midst a phony agent of change who claims that a Soo-Nami is just around the corner.

  • when we speak of lotas NS is a lota himself to the highest level, NS would even take Musharraf if it were beneficial to him. Yes mush the man he did a deal with and ran away to the arms of arabian kings.

  • At least Nawaz Sharif made deals with Muslims and not infidels and did not leave the arms of catholics (White) for Jews (Goldsmith).

    As Musharraf, remains to be seen whether NS would take him for any sort of benefit. Hitherto, besides a lot of other politician who benefited from Ustad Tabla Master, P0nka Khan also enriched himself by earning a seat from Mianwali and earned a great deal of money, perks and priviliges by staying put as a useless member of a dummy parliament.

  • deals with muslims? the US boot polisher??????

    Ran with his pants on fire and fled to London and little brother followed suit, when they released Raymond Davis.

    NS states he is supporting Chief Justice, however when he was the leader he kicked the back of chief justice in his days. double standards at the highest level

    NS states he is against corruption, who himself is the second most corrupt person in Pakistan after his twin brother zardari.

    NS wants insaf, just need to look into Punjab and u see how far that has gone

    The casanova who was prepared to sell state secrets for the services of Kim Barker, however she declined.

    The twin brother who did a deal with zardari and joined the same parliament as him, despite knowing how corrupt he is, hypocricy at it's best.

  • Yup, the same boot polishers on whose holy land Nazwar Khan did not let go of an opportunity of a photo-op:

    As for Raymond Davis, how much support money was exactly paid by Lota to the next of kins of both guys who were shot.....Rs. 50K, LOL!

  • which lota are u speaking off NS????

    we do not even know where the next of kin went, no-one heard of them since. one of the next of kins took poison and passed away because she knew that she would not get justice, and exactly that is what had happened, these shameless hukumran had no shame what so ever.

    ran to london to meet his slave masters US.

    wonder how much NS got out of it???