Any comments from PMLN Bloggers! (Last Part)

  • This is a short version of the post, the detailed version is in next comment.

    I expect these 5 priorities of pak govt.

    1. Rule of Law

    2. Local Govt. System

    3. One Education System

    4. FREE NAB/Reduce Corruption

    5. Revenue Collection

    BUT, PMLN track record shows that its a complete failure, even they have not shown any intention to implement these things. SO, why should i support PMLN?

  • Its a detailed version of the above post.

    There are 5 major things, which i think should be the priority of any govt. in Pakistan. I'm sure you guys will also agree with me, if not then urs views will be appreciated.

    1. Rule of Law

    2. Local Govt. System

    3. One Education System

    4. FREE NAB/Reduce Corruption

    5. Revenue Collection

    Now, my question to PMLN bloggers is, do u see any efforts or even intentions of PMLN to implement these 5 things?

    These are the reasons why i think, PMLN has no intentions to do these five things:-

    1. Rule of Law:-We need Independent Judiciary/Prosecution/Investigation(Police/FBI/FIA etc), BUT we see PMLN has bad track record (attacked SC, Wikileaks exposed PMLN views on this judiciary). And they never tried to make prosecution/investigation independent, and I have not seen a single statement from PMLN leadership that they have plans to do that.

    2. Local Govt. System:-This is the basic democracy, where genuine leadership is groomed, poor ppl are empowered, they have sense of participation and ownership. BUT, again we see a total failure of PMLN here.

    3. One Education System:-We all know its importance, BUT again a total failure, and have not seen any intentions/efforts, not even a single statement from PMLN on this issue.

    4. FREE NAB/Reduce Corruption:-We all know, how imp it is to reduce corruption in pakistan, BUT we have seen what they did with NAB, so a total failure.

    5. Revenue Collection:-Again, we all know, how imp it is for any country esp pakistan in this condition, BUT during their previous govts. they could never increase tax to gdp ratio from 10-12%. I believe u can't increase it, if u have 800-1000 elite commandos for one family, 5 cm houses and so many other stupid things going one. So, a BIG failure.

    Now, please guide me why should i support PMLN?

  • @abdulhameed

    I am asking you as an unaffiliated Pakistani, can you strengthen your arguments, why you think any other party will be successful in these areas? Please give supporting reasons with evidence.

  • @sipahi

    I can give u supporting arguments on all the above points. BUT, for the time being I would just say that

    (i) I have not heard anything from PPPP/PMLN on these issues.

    (i)PMLN/PPPP had 4-5 chances to implement their policies, but they never tried to focus on these issues(proven failures).

    So, these both are out of equation for me, i'm left with one option i.e. PTI, who is claiming to tackle these issues.

  • @sipahi

    Its my last question to PMLN bloggers, if you are wondering if i asked any questions to PMLN bloggers before, then, yes i asked them this question at

    BUT, unfortunately, I did not get any proper answer to that question.

  • @abdulhameed

    "i'm left with one option i.e. PTI, who is claiming to tackle these issues."

    If you have already gotten answers from PTI to these questions, can you share them. I would like to assess them.

  • @sipahi

    I'm sorry if I cud not explain it properly, my question to PMLN bloggers is that y shud I support PMLN if its not going to address my top 5 priorities?

  • rule of law....long march for free judiciary and getting resignations from accused parliamentarians speaks of their positive approach. NS apologized to SC at that time and even now they never boast this act. Even today we can see punjab to be better in terms of rule of law though not even near to ideal, but there are many factors behind this like closing of industry creating unemployment.

    local bodies.... I agree with you on its importance and govt failure to implement this in this tenure but they never denied its importance. We have seen in the past that in both tenures pmln govt conducted local bodies election and they have this in their manifesto.

    accountability.... Pmln was the first govt to constitute an accountability bureau under mr saif ur rehman. Though that was made controversial by successive govt and saif ur rehman was accussed of filing politically biased cases but still we see that zardari's swiss bank cases were investigated and filed by saif ur rahman which have been proved true now. So we see a good will here as well. Also transparency international declared punjab govt to be free of high level corruption in its 2010/11 report.

    one educational system..... Sir with all due respect to everyone's views, is it practically possible to intriduce such system in pakistan. I ask you o e question, will you introduce beaconhouse/roots syllabus to govt high school or govt high school syllabus to beacon house/roots?? Will you introduce o/a levels to govt schools or matric/fsc to beacon house/roots?? Sir till the time you have social class differences in your society you can't have single education system.

    economy/taxes.... Pmln has its past record of good economical growth in pakistan. Pakistan GDP was growing faster than india in thier regime. Motorways, industry, infrastructure all were thriving. No load shedding of electricity and gas. And in whole history of pakistan, pmln govt achieved tax to GDP ratio of around 13 which has fallen to below ten now.

    had pmln got full y years tenure that too without estab conspiracies, the things would have been more prosperous.

  • @Z

    rule of law....Long March.....

    Bro if u check wikileaks, SS was agree to get rid of CJ on these points,(1) restoration of the electoral eligibility of both Sharif brothers; (2) restoration of Shahbaz Sharif’s government in the Punjab; (3) some sort of face-saving restoration of former Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry; and (4) agreement on transfers of powers between the President and the Prime Minister in accordance with the Charter of Democracy.

    local bodies.... Do u know this case is in SC, and according to SC the docs which were presented by punjb govt, local bodies elections will not be possible by 2013.

    accountability.... PMLN was not first govt. to make NAB, i think it was Farooq Laghari who started it. My point was to have free NAB, if u think Saif's was NAB was independent, then i can feel sorry for u.

    one educational system..... Social class difference is bcoz of education system. bring one syllabus and raise the standard of govt schools so that majority does not have to go to pvt schools, i.e. why PTI is asking for education emergency. u need to think abt the kids who study in madrasas, govt school, pvt schools and high standard schools, u will see this makes 4 types of totally different society.

    full tenure, pmln got 4 years in punjab what progress do u see in these five areas. why police is under a politician? why they could not increase tax to gdp ratio?

  • This is difference b/w a real Leader and tissue paper lion leader

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  • please do not quote wikileaks because that itself has gone controversial....

    pmln joined long march first, his govt was removed a few days later as a consequence. And pmln resigned from ministries before going to long march.

    agreed on local bodies, its negligence

    saif ur rehman came in 90-93 tenure, farooq leghari came after that in ppp's second tenure,93-97. Yes he was not 100% unbiased but that's reality. Do we see any party level accountability of land grabbers and bank defaulters who are holding offices in PTI while IK criticise others so openly and non-stop??? NO we don't see anything. Its natural.

    I think its other way. Class difference gives rise to different education systems. And then they protect these systems to cater their needs. Even then we see more universities, IT centers in punjab than anywhere else in pakistan. Can you raise level of govt school to the level of beacon house/roots/grammar schools, what to talk of raising madrassa level to aitchison and other baboo producing institutions. Will your baboo lot let you do that ?? Lets refrain from discussing danish schools and laptops ;-)

    yes you can see the difference in punjab. Much much better infra structure, roads etc. See their work in flood rehabilitation. Despite flood punjab has bumper cotton yield whereas sind performed pathetic.They had even planned their own electricity but alas the machinery is rusting at karachi port and not being cleared.

  • @zsd

    please do not quote wikileaks because that itself has gone controversial....

    who made them controversial, the guy responsible is behind the bar.

    u need to check saad rafiq speech pmln website that pmln knew before long march that ppp can get rid of them, so they were preparing keeping that in mind as well.

    If there r criminals in any party, then whose job is to take action against them, GOVT. So, if govt is not doing anything, then its criminal negligence. As far as ptis internal accountability, there will be elections, so pti members can reject corrupt ppl and also anyone can become a party member, but if he needs clearance to get party ticket from scrutiny committee.

    no, bhai its edu system which is part of this problem, to divide society, as a kid going to madrasa can never become a doctor, a majority of kids going to govt schools can't compete the kids from pvt schools. There are pvt schools in uk as well, but the level of their govt schools high so the difference b/w pvt & govt school is very low. U mentioned danish school, why u dont try to make every school danish, instead of making just few. Laptops, we all know its a political stint, how can u use primary education funds to do these stints.

    I am not talking abt projects, i m talking abt systems, bcoz there is a lot corruption involved in projects, but no corruption in developing a system but only progress. If u wanna compare punjab then u need to compare it with pervaz ellahi regime, there were more development during that time.

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  • what made him controversial is that he was influenced by some people to release certain things and hide certain others.

    you are furthering my point here, that shahbaz govt was dismissed as a consequence/revenge and not before the long march stirring pmln leadership to do long march, though this consequence/revenge was already in pmln leaders' mind. You can call this as their right perception or reading the consequence. That's called good vision.

    And please keep in mind that pmln resigned from ministries before starting long march

    its govt responsibility but such actions are labelled as political pressurrising so govt don't file cases against opponents unless necessary. Party elections are not the way out. If leadership knows worker's character and leadership praises their own accountability day and night, then they should shun such elements out of the party rather than giving them high offices.

    we have different perceptions regarding education. So lets agree to disagree ;-)

    pkease enlist some major system changes that pervaiz elahi brought?? And also tell a few of their main projects as well. Keep in view that at their time pmlq was running the fed govt as well.

  • <what made him controversial is that he was influenced by some people to release certain things and hide certain others.>

    @ZSD bro...

    Can you please clarify a bit more? Which people and what did they not want released? Is this your opinion or do you have any links, etc?



    take help of google for more stories ......

  • ZSD bro..

    that link you posted actually refutes your arguement :)

    I could use google, but since you have expressed an opinion, I would like to know what you based it on....some facts or wishful thinking?