A Nuclear State!

  • We constantly boast of our nuclear status but what is more important for a state

    Having a nuclear arsenal or providing citizens with clean drinking water ?

    Having a nuclear arsenal or providing citizens with a basic level of security so they can send their children to school without fear

    Having a nuclear arsenal or providing citizens with a basic standard of education ?

    Having a nuclear arsenal or providing an economic safety net to protect the poorest in our society?

    Having a nuclear arsenal or providing basic public transport to citizens

    What is the point of this nuclear status if we are unable to provide basic facilities to our citizenry??

  • i think there are two different states within the state of pakistan. first state encompasses army and the other covers the civilians or bloody civilians. army only take cares of their own; they dont give a damn about how public are suffering in the hands of fraudulent politicians, load shedding, corruption or you name it.

    defense society aur akhtar colony ka comparison daikhiye

    askari flats aur dosray ghareeb colony ka comparison daikahin.

  • What is the point of opening colleges and universities when many children do not have access to primary education?

    What is the point of building state of the art hospitals when many people do not have access to basic health units?

    What is the point of building airports when many people do not even own bikes?

  • Adonis

    Very irrelvant comparisons.

    College/unis at the end of day serve masses desipte the fact that there is lack of primary education. I have myself been a beneficiary

    Big / 'state of art' hospitals at the end of day serve masses. Again , i have myself been beneficicary.

    And both these items constitute the necessities.

    On airports i would agree. Like Lahore aiirport has been a big wastage. Its open for 9 years and no flight load to justify it. Similarly , Islamabad new airport is going to be total wastage but again its being used by masses.

    But whats the use of NUCLEAR weapons. Annually we are spending 3B $ for what ???

  • Why countries spend money on arms?

    To secure their geographical and economic interests.

    Spending on arms is ultimately a means to safeguard the economic interests of the masses. No country can sustain economic growth without having the ability to safeguard its interests.

  • Adonis jee,

    Other counties migh have been doing so but unfortunately we have been doing so to kill our own masses.

    Start from 50's /60's and just tabulate how many we have killed :)

  • @adonis

    you're living in the middle ages my friend. (let me guess you're north of 50 and a product of the cold war? )

    we are actually supporting our nuclear programme at the expense of our economic development.

    wake up and smell the coffee.

  • @ sharif aadmi

    What has our nuclear program to do with 50s/60s and how has it killed anybody?

  • Adonis bahi,

    Who is running the nuclear and who is beneficiary of all this ???

    And who has been killing the masses ??? do i need to name the one and only 'BAHDUR FAUJ' ???

  • @ gv

    I may well be living in middle ages as well as being north to north west of 85 and a product of 1st world war. But that does not change the fact that your argument has been debunked since the stone ages and has since then been a hollow slogan and nothing else.

    If human history has told us anything it is that pleas of peaceful co-existence fail miserably against blade of sword. A nation that can not defend itself, is damned.

  • @ sharif aadmi

    But the nuclear weapons program started only in 1970s. Have you forgotten Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto's famous speech of "ہم گھاس کھا لیں گے لیکن ایٹم بم ضرور بنایں گے "

    He was a civilian, not a general.

    Our army can be accused of many things but nuclear program is not something imposed by army on this country. It always had overwhelming public support.

  • Sharif aamdi is opposing Pakistan's nuclear program as Hindus are opposing.. He wants to oppose Pakistan neculear program as it is only threat in the way of hindus... The same is everyone who opposes Pakistan necular program... They are faithful to hindus... They want to be ruled by hindus.. That's why they alway praise hindus and oppose Pakistan's advancement..

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  • The proposal of nuclear development of Pakistan was submitted by Professor Raziuddin Siddiqui to President Ayub Khan in early 60's. Ayub having no wide vision, ignored Dr.Sahab's proposal. Dr. Siddiqui was one of the ex-students of Albert Eienstein. He had good knowledge of nuclear development. After the fall of Dhaka in 1971, the need of nuclear development was realized. Had Ayub Khan accepted Dr.Siddiqui's proposal, East Pakistan would have not been lost. However, Bhutto had a vision to realize the need of nuclear technology.

    As a matter of fact, an army general ignored the importance of nuclear technology and a civilian P.M. realized its importance.

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  • Had Ayub Khan accepted Dr.Siddiqui's proposal, East Pakistan would have not been lost.

    اگر ہمارے پاس ایٹم بم ہوتا تو بنگلہ دیش نہ بنتا۔۔۔۔۔۔

    پتا نہیں آپ لوگ آخر کس دنیا میں رہ رہے ہیں۔۔۔۔۔۔ بنگالی ہمارے ساتھ رہنا نہیں چاہ رہے تھے اور ہم انہیں ایٹم بم دکھا کر اپنے ساتھ رہنے پر مجبور کرتے۔۔۔۔۔۔

    ہمیں بھارت نے نہیں توڑا۔۔۔۔۔۔ ہم نے خود اپنے آپ کو توڑا تھا۔۔۔۔۔۔ چالیس سالوں میں بھی ہمارے بزرجمہروں کے دماغوں میں یہ بات سمجھ نہیں آسکی۔۔۔۔۔۔

    کیا سوویت یونین کے ایٹم بموں کے وسیع ذخیرے نے اس کو ٹکڑے ٹکڑے ہونے سے روک لیا۔۔۔۔۔۔

  • @adonis

    Thats rubbish and you konw it.

    1. We have a more than reasonably funded conventional defence force

    2)Our state is unable to cater to the basic needs of the general public but is willing to spend billions on a nuclear deterrence programme?

    what about the following non-nuclear countries who seem to be doing quite well:

    1. Malaysia

    2. Indonesia

    3. Singapore

    4. Japan

    5. UAE, (all the GCC states)

    we seem to suffer from a national insecurity complex which is due to cold war dinosaurs who cant get out of the mindset that big bad india is going to swallow us whole

  • HF,

    When USSR broke , it had something like 50000 atomic arsnel.

    Adonis ,

    Yes bhutto was a civlian and he paid the price for it as well.

    But , u know it very much that how much civlians have a say in these affairs

  • جی وی اور شریف آدمی صاحب۔۔۔۔۔۔

    میرے خیال میں اب صرف فوج کی طرف سیکیورٹی اسٹیٹ کا تصور ہی پاکستان کی ترقی کی راہ میں رکاوٹ نہیں بلکہ یہ مائنڈ سیٹ بھی ہے جس نے ہمارے لوگوں کے ذہنوں کو سیکیورٹی اسٹیٹ کے شکنجے میں جڑ لیا ہے۔۔۔۔۔۔

    فوج کی اتنے سالوں کی محنت ہے۔۔۔۔۔۔ آخر رنگ تو لائے گی۔۔۔۔۔۔

  • @ gv

    Do you have any figures about the annual budget of our nuclear arms program?