So what if PPP PML N PML Qs are back?

  • Just thought, what if PPP PML N Qs are back in power in next elections.... same faces same "Go Zardari Go baba.. yeah choor woh choor"

    .. asking for Army to take over is use less..they have done nothing in past and will do nothing in next 40 years.

    so what are other options?

  • ^^^^ Rest assured that MQM would still very much be in the picture with their fiefdom in Karachi and a couple of ministries in Federal Government even if the federal government is jointly run by Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot and Kim Il Sung.

  • just think if pti comes to power, any new face expected? Same qasoori, quredhi, hashmi, leghari, khakwani, bosan, tamman, ghulam sarwar, jadoon, swati, raesani ..... Oh I forgot some new faces , mehmood rasheed loan defaulter, cheema land grabber, abdul aleem land grabber, jazzi khan liquor supplier, .... All hail the change ;-)

  • Abdul aleem khan is an old horse....he was minster and is a famous land Grabber.....if one travel to Na-126, his stories of Land Grabbing are famous....

  • Well i am thinking to support Red - Mao or Green-Tablian type people who will bring some kind of Revolution to this country...

    For me best would be dead haning bodies of sharifs and choudraies and rest of Bhuttoas and Zardaris some where in Lalokheet/liberty chowak

  • Expakistani- Dont be so optimistic, the only think ur going to see is a family reunion of the Goldsmiths with Mr Revolutionary

  • @ expakistani,

    You don't mean the kind of revolution which would be led by a British National a.k.a. Altaf Bobby wearing a khakrob, sorry Khakee uniform?

  • Please dont talk Altaf Bhigora's return to Pakistan

    He develops urinary incontinence on such news