After Laptop scam...........Now Tractor scam of CM Punjab

  • Following the huge laptop scam involving giving laptops to students a new scam is about to be unearthed regarding tractors given to farmers at discounted rates.

    Who else but only CM Punjab could be behind such ridiculous schemes

    Hakeem Luqman is working on unearthing this scam at PTI HQ, at Internet Cafe, Abpara.

  • Oh no....

    This scam is going to be bigger then the Laptop scam.... farmers and that is small to mid level will be able to ploug their own lands and will have better yield.... now that is wrong... PTI and its allies and MUBASHIR LUCMAN and HASAN NISAR should look into this... this is conspiracy of SS against the poor.... his is taking steps to eliminate poverty unlike others who either eliminate poors or use them to fill their account from donation money

  • My o My......even the Scotland Yard, FBI, FSB and CBI have taken notice of this scam. I'm sure that the likes of Mubashir Lickman, Chacha Tun Nissar and Chacha Tatteri along with Wolf Blitzer, Dan Rather, Diane Sawyer and Barkha Dutt would be conducting marathon programs on how this scam was unearthed.

  • Its a much bigger sazish than previously envisaged..... it is not only to empower the low to mid level farmers but also an opportunity by SS to have a swipe on political rivals

    I reckon it was one of these faulty tractors provided to the future PM to make him look like a the videosخان-صاحب-کی-نکل-گئی-پھوک-ہاہا-جل-گیا-برنال-لگاؤ#post-311185

  • @1lhr

    I reckon these tractors are have wheels... now as we all know, wheel is some 5000+ years old technology.... so here we go.. again old technology is being sold to the poor farmers...

    and there is more to it... these tractors are going to consume diesel.... now that is problem, had SS provided these farmers with OX... this could have been better impact... you see, when OX is old or sick you can sell or eat it... where as when tractor is old... there is nothing you can do to it

    should i talk about the impact this thing is going to have on environment..i.e. pollution

  • @khanamer bhai jee

    It seems like you have copied Liqman & Hassan Nasoor's investigative report on the scam

  • @1lhr,

    maiN he to investigation ker raha hooN.. Licky bhai kuch arsay maiN rabta karaiN gaiY tu unhay yeh report day dooN ga...

  • It has also been unearthed that these tractors actually have a Suzuki FX 800 CC engine retrofitted in them instead of a 3000 CC diesel power package. Furthermore, the competitors who bid for such tractors but ultimately lost out, also promised very attractive options free of cost such as electronic climate control, Cruise Control, 7 speed triptronic automatic transmission, driver and passenger side airbags and free maintenance and oil change for 10 years or 100,000 kilometers, whichever comes first.

    Punjab Government subsequently rejected such attractive bids and went for a traditional tractor whereby causing a loss to the exchequer.

  • @Sid,

    But why on earth a tractor would be needing airbags?

  • @khanamer

    havnt you seen what happened to the shehri babu who was driving tractor in the video...... airbags are therefore strongly recommended incase IK cant find a stuntman to do it for him next time!

  • @1lhr...

    In that case, SID have raised very important point here... a tractor without air bags can kill many...

  • And the manufacturer has also promised to cover the muffler with a fleece in the event a "Hyperactive" driver tries to hold the muffler with his bare hands while performing stunts.

  • @khanamer

    I think has missed one other point......what about if "some" require a chauffer driven one...

  • isi liye kahtay hain "har garam cheez ko hath nahin lagatay" par yeh kon samjhay hamaray .....

  • And do not forget to mention a particular bidder who offered 1st generation of Transformer Tractors, these tractors can transform into Husbands, Oxes and can fly like a plane as well...SS just rejected these all offers and went for simple tractor which perform none of the above

  • itni purani technology?

    yeh us propganda machine kia nam ha us ka lickman ko bata do

  • Transformer Tractors......hahahahahahahahaha Epic!!!! One of the manufacturers also offered Turbo Boost, Super Pursuit Mode and ability to place land mines as well :D

  • Should have called it yellow tractor scheme, not green tractor scheme - everyone knows all sucessful PMLN business ventures are called Yellow

    Can't wait to see Princess Maryam distributing tractors to our poor farmers

    Well done Shahbaz (aka chota sher)!

  • Dhongi bros going mad can't sleep during night time wondering here and there in madness.

    Thanks to IMRAN Khan and PTI These thugs and mafia of corrupt, munafiq-e-Alas finally spending some of public money on people due to PTI fear Fobia. After 4 & half years, suddenly they came to knw students needs laptops and farmers need tractors just when election is on the corner... lollypop bros trying to make people fool for six time.

  • Zaradri mafia going mad with happiness and can't sleep during night time busy counting money from all over.

    Thanks to IMRAN Khan and PTI These thugs and mafia of corrupt, munafiq-e-Alas still not spending any of public money on people due to PTI support on flouting decisions of SC. After 4 & half years, suddenly they came to knw their real power is in IK, MQM and Q League just when election is on the corner... mafia bros trying to make people fool once again.