PKPolitics Discuss is buzzing again..........

  • since @siddiqi73 is restored ....but only after he wakes up!

    no doubt the discussions will be constructive going forward (like before) and thanks to admin for listening to the members

  • کٹے اٹھانے کی ایک بیہودہ اور شرمناک کوشش جس پی کسی نے تھوک بھی پھینکنا مناسب نہیں سمجھا. چلو میں بھیک میں ایک کومنٹ پھینک دیتا ہوں. جا کیا یاد کرے گا نواز کے چپراسی

    پس تحریر: کٹے کو اس سے ملتے جلتے لفظ سے تبدیل کر کے پڑھنے سے اور بھی لطف آ سکتا ہے

    :D :D

  • Yahoooooo.......the big daddy is back in town. Let's get this show on the road, shall we?!

    To all the like-minded posters and especially LHR and Doc:


    The last one week has been the most poignant and sombre moments of my life as I realized the true value of camaraderie after a very long time indeed. Words are not enough for me to spell out as to how grateful I'm for your most prized support and the initiative y'all took for taking up my case with the site administrator.

    Needless to say that y'alls most gracious endeavours would be cherished by me for a very very long time to come. My special thanks to neutrals like Bawa, Easygo and Allama Jahil and posters aligned with different parties like Dusky, Asif65 and Xero for their bipartisan support and lobbying with PML-N supporters to restore my ID. Last but not the least, I'm obliged at the benevolence of the site administrator for doing the needful.

    Warm regards and best wishes,

    Adnan Siddiqi

    P.S. To the brothers of the sheep herd,

    سو دیں سونار کی

    ایک دن لوہار کی

  • siddiqi73...great to see you back...and in action!

    "Allah Karey Zor-e-qalam Aur Ziada"

  • @jaw123,

    Good to be back bro....thanks for the encouraging words and your inquisitive inquiry back in the days of storm_shadow ;)

  • ^^^^^^^^^

    welcome back storm shadow.

    Now start with your baseless rants.

  • ^^^^^ It would be my pleasure. Its highly recommended that you kind folks now make your permanent abode as far as chest thumping is concerned.

  • Welcome back, Siddiqi Bhai

    and Thanks for the kind words,,,

    Hope you enjoyed resting...


  • ^^^ On the contrary, I was mighty restless ;)

    Thanks brother for your love and support!

  • administrators

    To keep the sanity of this forum all useless "Photoshopped" pictures of political leaders will be deleted.


    Just keep a balance between these two points:

    • Abusive language about anyone is not acceptable.

    • A rough treatment of politicians, political parties and the organizations for public good should be tolerated but no room for reproachement on ethnic groups who support them.

    The above text copied from:

  • Siddiqi bhai Adab

    I never had this idea that you are blocked.I thought you mogt be busy or may be out of town that's why not showing in.This is really sad to hear that a member of your stature was blocked.Wooo, that's amazing.By the way was there some specific post which took you down our it was "enough is enough" sort of thing at admin's part.

    Any how its good to see you back.

    Let's go party

  • ^^^^ Chaudhry Mateen's Karhai, perhaps! I think it was "Enough is enough" :D

    Any way, thanks for the kind words brother ajohns.

  • @dadmin

    I fully support everything you said.Sanity must not be left aside.Calling names never did any good to anyone nor any bad.

    BTW, I think its "Admin" not"dadmin"

  • Siddiqi Bhai

    Just tell me any time of your conviniance and be my guest.

  • اجھونس بھائی آداب

    ویسے تو آپ بھی صدیقی بھائی کے ساتھ ہی غائب تھے تو لگتا ہے پارٹی آپ کر چکے ہیں


    ڈسکس ایڈمن لگتا ہے "dadmin"

  • siddiqi bahi lagta ha aap a to gaye hain par aap ke par kat diya gaye hain;

    i dont know how to react to Mr. dadmin comments; My first reaction was "laughing"

    e.g doest it mean tha muhtram janab imran khan sahib ki koi taqreer is forumn par post nahin ho sakti ha

  • btw muhtram janab imran khan sahib; aap samjah to gaye honge

    plz also read the colum "aap samjah to gaye honge"

  • @siddiqi73

    بھائی جی واپسی مبارک ہو

  • administrators

    This post is deleted!

  • @Mango Bhai,

    کوئی مسلہء نہیں. پر آنے جانے والے چیز ہے پھر سے اگ جائیں گئی

    فلحال اندھا کیا چاہےدو نکھیں