Hussain Haqqani and Pakistan

  • Here is the link of article written by Hussain Haqqani, which reflects his state of mind. Before saying anything please read this article.

  • Well it seems clear he has no intentions of coming to Pakistan and face the courts....

  • Haqqani knows Pakistani society and Amreekan society deep inside. He is also very ambitious and selfish in a sense.

    Many things he said in the article are true. Some of them are indeed exaggerated.

    Yes, and I agree. Does not look like he is going to come back.

    Pasha's goal was to remove him from the post which he achieved. Jurnails dont have much business with court's proceeding and hence he was given a green signal for free movement.

  • Well he is opportunist at his best, selfish to the core and can go to any length to protect his interest. No wonder he succeeded that far with his lower middle class background.

    But on issue he touched in his article, I will be living in lala land if I don’t agree in essence.

    And why would he come back? He knows he will be toasted with biases if he choose too. Also, he get out of Pakistan with the will of Pak army, he was in bed with them for so long and know so much that they also don’t want to proceed with court hearings, they don’t want to public their combine dirty laundry.