Use your imagination and suggest a caption related to Pakistan.

  • Use your imagination and suggest a caption in relation to current issues in Pakistan.

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  • my caption would be: Ugli Baari Bhi Zardari...Jeeay Bhutto..loll

  • barey be abro ho ker terey kochey se nekley

  • Can caption be "Pakistanis kicking out corrupt government" or it is just wishful thinking.

  • Kick Zardari/Gilani out from center and Sharif brothers from provincial government, and your dream will come true........lolllzzz...wesse bhi, its only matter of time!!!

  • Only a Chinese style revolution can change the system of Pakistan. Chairman Mao dynamited all the engineers, masons and related people when a bridge collapsed after the revolution. He set such an example of punishment for all wrongdoers and put the country on the track of progress. Today, China is able to force land an American aircraft and demand an apology from the American government. In our case, we are insulted by drone attacks on almost every alternate day.

  • Americans kicking Zardari/Kiyani's butt and making them open NATO supplies..

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