The Police Continued To Beat Up Common People Infront Of Nawaz Sharif


    Also women are being forced to come to there jalsa's.

    Please sue ARY NEWS if not true

  • These poor women came to jalsa of NS for help and this was a perfect opportunity for a photo shoot session but unfortunately NS was too busy acting like a shahenshah on stage, and speaking from the back as usual.

  • why these needy people came to NS jalsa particularly and not to the jalsaz of other parties hels in recent past ??

    why was NS not interested in photoshoot ?? did he not notice their presence in jalsa or he ignored them ??

  • @ZSD

    (1) these needs people were desparate people and required help, they were majboor it seems u cannot understand this, as for your point why they came to NS jalsa and not others, i do not know either way whether other jalsa's have been done in that area or not, so the point to me is baseless.

    These poor people must have heard him speaking from the back end about poor people, i will do this and that, so they must have come and said here we are DO IT NOW!,

    (2) NS was too busy on stage speaking from the back end, and i am sure he did notice there presence but did not give a damn either way, just the way he has been for the last 20 years, does not care for them, that is why they are in this position.

  • you are right that they are majboor people. does on only NS pledge to help poor(from back side;-))? no other leader do that (either from back side or front) ?? i think you forgot some HUGE jalsa in khoshab a few weeks back

    NS did not see them, then why to blame him ??

    many would have seen them on tv, insted of crying foul on tv and internet why no one goes and help them ??

  • The main job of helping them is for Punjab government, if NS can stand and speak from his back end for poor he should get money out and help them. Where does tax payers money go too, photo shoot sessions, laptops, to the accounts of london.

    I do not hold power too over 60% of country, noon league does, i will help where i can, but the job of punjab hukumat.

    maybe he needs glasses to see what was really happenning. whether people get beaten up in NS jalsa's, it seems NS is always immune to this.

  • Yes I totally agree with the representative of the Branch Imranian Sect. NS should have:

    • Doled out free Pepsi and Burgers to the Jalsa attendees

    • Treated them to the choicest of rock and pop stars Pakistan has to offer with a twist of jhatkas and chanoos of Veena Malik Niazi

    • Instead of driving to the jalsa, NS should have first taken an ariel tour of the jalsa-gah in a private jet of Jehangir Tareen to get first hand account of the plight of the jalsa attendees

    • Instead of delivering a speech from his backside, NS should have yapped MEIN BAAGHI HOON MEIN BAAGHI HOON from his backside

    • And at the end of the jalsa, he should have encouraged the attendees to make a run for it with every chair in sight

  • eventually siddiqi73 u have decide to comment on this page, however what u have stated is not worth replying to. As usual filth and baseless points are being made.

    Nothing has been said of those poor people and the way women were forced to come to jalsa. It seems u cud not give two hoots about poor, but then again what can we expect from blind lovers noon league

  • How silly NS must have felt after this was happenning afront of him, but what can we expect from these shameproof politicians.

  • Wonder how some other shame proof NGO type politicians were feeling when this was taking place:

  • @shadow

    Big difference between the two in one there are people kicking the crap out of one another and acting like animals, the other is taking chairs. Again maybe opportunists sent by noonleague to disrupt jalsa.

    However big difference, both condoned however NS is a complete embarrassment.

  • well u have proved something there, SS police reforms need to take action against this sort of behaviour, and it would be nice if he cud start from home first.

    Condone this kind of behaviour!!!

    BTW one point Nawaz Sharif was present when this kind of animal behaviour was taking place, and IK as far as I am aware was not.

  • They are can't take responsibility even for Punjab couldn't do anything in four and half years. No chance for Dhonghi brothers in future politics.