Imran Khan demanded more than he was entitled to: Mush

  • Latest by Mushraaf Chivas Regal-Abadi on Kamran Shahid's show:

    • Imran Khan demanded seats in PA and NA on a ratio of 1:10

    • He wasn't all that big of a political leader that I would have given in to such demands

    • I flatly denied him such electoral desires

    • Imran Khan is lying when he implies that he ceased his support of me on grounds of any principle

    More to follow...........

  • Since Musharaf is so honest I'm sure you believe his hijacking story as well!

  • I think IK should take him to court NS took him to court on hijacking case

  • ^^^^ That case has already been disposed off by none other than the SC...hence, NS stands vindicated. Will Imran Khan sue Mushrraf for defamation?

  • ACtually IK himself said that Musharraf wanted him to become a PM. IK then inquired about the team which was later revealed as Q-League.

    This tells me IK did agree in principal to work under Musharraf but IK wanted to bring his own men.

    Anyways, IK has now apologised for his mistake to support Musharraf and has promised he will never support jurnails in the future. We should accept his conviction for now.

  • IK wanted to bring his own Kasoori, Mehmood Rashid, Khokhar etc

  • @BS,

    Musharraf has flatly denied that he ever wanted IK to be his PM (he said this with a smirk on his face).

    Name me one person besides IK in PTI back in 2002?

  • Waow welcome back Siddiqi bhai, aatay saath hi bhongian shuru. If one is to believe everything sharababadi says than all his accusation on the Nawaz are also correct.

  • or probably he wanted IK to join him team with some level of autonomy.

    Jurnails aisay hee haddiaa phanktay hein hurr kisi ko

  • This is very unfair of Mush to critisize his old pal IK....

    Look at the Gracious Khan he has never critisized Mush ....and infact always critisizes his bitter opponent NS for old time sake

  • Just look at the system . Our election results are decided at Army House Rawalpindi .

  • waisay tou Musharraf Chotay Shareef kee bhi tareef karta thaa

  • Chaloo..atleast IK did not cut a deal with him..laikin Shareefs????

    *Nahi nahi hum ne koi deal nahi kee

    *Deal sirf 7 saal kee thee

    *Actually 5 saal kee


  • Chotay shareef ke tareef to PPP wale bhi karte hain

  • اوے چچا مشرف کوئی کوئی کچھ نہی کہے، نہی تو عتیقہ اڈو ناراض ہوجاۓ گی

  • @Qaisar Bhai,

    Since you are talking about "toys" with so much authority and eminence, will it be possible that Ustad Sharabadi made you the custodian of these toys in his absence. I trust you are using them after a thorough sterilization ;)

    Speaking of Bongis, here is one which you might want to relate to someone in front of whose life size poster you carry out the ritual of Pooja Paat and Bhagwan ka Prasad charana:

  • Pmln & Pervaiz Musharraf wow both are honest.... Iss ko kete hein matlab ke time per ghadey ko............. Log sahi kete hein Munafiq league.

  • @siddiqui73

    In my opinion, for whatever it is worth, both Gen(r). Pervez Musharraf and Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi cannot be trusted.

    If its conceivable that the PPP and the PML-N can engage in n@#$% kushti, why not the two of them?

    But frankly, let me be honest, whether Pervez is lying or not, I hope that it is not n@#$% kushti.

  • Citizens of countries like Pakistan, always focus on arguments about personalities... so their country remains like Today's Pakistan...

    throwing garbage on each other...

    abusing and using rough language...

    Well done brothers... keep it up