Long March ?

  • When is Long March starting?

    I already bought new running shoes....but waiting for the call of Sher-e-Punjab...

  • Sher-e-punjab never dare to do that they have proved time and again they are only show piece lion... Long march they did last time becuz they were kicked out from punjab Govt.

  • Was it Imran Khan or Nawaz Sharif who went hiding during Long March?

  • For correction of records, governor rule was imposed only after Long March date and schedule was announced by Nawaz Sharif.

  • @runaway

    Be fair brother, the long march has already been done, have u forgotten the Go Zardar Go movement.

  • @respect,

    You forgot 3 months asset investigation and civil disobedience movement promised on 30th October 2011?

  • @rasheed

    I thought this was to do with the Long march concerning NS and his gang of looters.

  • @Runaway from issues,

    Did you buy a canister of four liter gasoline? Not to be used in an internal combustion engine!

    That is the only solution.

  • لکھ دی لعنت - شرم تم کو مگر نہیں آتی




    پنجاب کے جتنے مرضی صوبے بنا دئیے جائیں لیکن سندھ تقسیم نہیں ہونا چاہئے، نواز شریف




    ماما سندھ دا

  • @Respect,

    Civil disobedience movement was announced before Long March and as claimed by PTI, they are the most popular party in Pakistan. If PTI is really interested in removing this government, what are they waiting for?

    Where are the findings of PTI investigate team?

  • long march hahah .. PMLN can't do short march with the bunch of pahlawan they have... It was street power of PTI and JI which made long march successful..

    PTI has the ability to topple punjab and central govt. at any time. The tsunami march will be against both the govts.

  • Bacha Party sucking on Ilzami soother are literally dying of anxiety as to when their own Payjama leader would again get a chance to ride on someone else's shoulder. Little do they realize that Chairman Botox Khan Niazi was given an opportunity on 15th March, 2009 to establish his revolutionary leadership credentials during the long march, but unfortunately the intrinsic qualities of chickening out of key moments (just like when he refused to play cricket in Pakistan due to harsh weather and sub-standard playing fields) compelled him to stay put in one of his toilets at the Goldsmith Mansion in Banigala.

    Before inquiring about the planned Long March, could the erudite band otherwise known as the followers of the personality cult of Imran "David Koresh" Khan care to shed some light on the following:

    • Outcome on Hukumat Hatao aur Mujh ko Hukumat Mein Lao Tehreek

    • Outcome on Sit-ins against Dharna (carried out at the behest of ISI and Pasha)

    • Outcome on the Civil Disobedience if politicians did not disclose their assets

    • Outcome on the assets declared by leaders of P(o)TI which were supposed to be put up on ilzam.pk

  • Welcoem Back Siddiqui sahib.

  • @pakistani47 Bhai,

    Good to be back!


  • @Bawa :

    Nawaz Sharif broke my heart when he said this. Just for the sake of votes, he is dividing Punjab but not Sindh? Just like they surrendered in NFC for good will and got gas load shedding and garbage from other provinces.

    The only reason I would vote of PMLN or any ML is to counter jahil PTI, establishment and to kick PPP out and if we loose, Pakistan is no more. Need to fight for independent Punjab.

  • if pti can topple fed and punjab govt at any time then what are they waiting for ? Any green signal ?

    why don't they just through away the corrupt govts and relieve the poors from agony ?

  • This post is deleted!

  • itna sada aur asan intellectual idea by bonga khan <<<<

    And then he complains that he has only been able to secure just ONE seat in the last 16 years.

  • laikin mango bhai iss saaray plan main soonami march kahan hai ?

  • ZSD bahi

    aap buhat saday aur purani sooch ke admi lagtay hain

    1. agar facebook par ilzam khan clean sweap kar le to actual elections main janay ka kia faida?

    2. Agar hakomat intllectual mashwaray se hi gir jae to zoo-nami march main khajjal honay ka faida?