PMlN gained Papularity in 4.5 Years.......???

  • Acocrding to Latest IRI survey which is not made Public so far .... But PTI kids continoustly saying that such survey has been conducted... But Even in that survy if there is any PMLN gaind papularity as campare to 2008 IRI survey .... here is the Cpmparision of Both surveys....

    2008 IRI survey results for PMLN which held in january 2008...

    Over all PMLN was at 22%

    In Punjab PMLN was 1t 32%

    IN Sindh PMLN was 4%

    In Balochistan PMLN was at 6%

    In KP PMLN was at @ 18%

    Now according to 2012 IRI survey PMLN results

    Over all PMLN is @ 27% ... hence increse of 5 points

    In Punjab PMLN @ 41% hence increse of 9 points

    In sindh PMLN @ 6% ... hence increse of 2 points

    In Balochistan @ 11% hence increse of 5 points

    In KP @ 8% ... Only here pmln decreses by 10 points

    Now just see that PMLN has gained over all and 3 provinces especillay In Punjab where they R in power... So PMLN is in good position .... One more thing that PMLN enjoys support of mostly of milddle class and poors who we all know know will poll votes and PTI enjoys support of Burgers who r not confrim to poll their votes ......

  • A Survey is also Of Lahore Conducted by RTI .... which says that PMLN is leadiing in Lahore with 47% while before elections PMLN was @ 53% . So PMLN just decresed only by 6 points ... PTI is 2nd with 23% ... Now we all know that IK has been Challnging PMLN leadorship for Lahore results for Almost 1 year now .... So IK didnt get any thing in lahore....

  • The only thing P0nka Khan will ever get from Lahore and the rest of Pakistan will be Ufone's GHANTA package.

  • @ Siddii Bahi..

    hahhahahaha He even not can get that package as well .....

  • BTW, The Shirazis of Thatta have formally joined today.

  • nai ... Who says ???

  • MM.

  • They popularity would have increased immensely if they had resigned from the national assembly by listening to their sleeping zameer. And an increase by 5 points (percent) in four years isnt really nothing huge. They would have gained more popularity if they had controlled the law and order situation in punjab by giving free hand to comprehensive police officers like Zulfiqar Cheema. And by not transfering them on political pressure. And give police jobs on marrit something punjab governement hasnt done.

    Mian nawaz shareef has underestimated the pakistani awam by not trusting on them. He has trusted more on usa and cia, this is the main difference between nawaz shareef and imran khan. ImRAN khan trusts on the pakistani people and backs the people by raising up their issues. Not just highlighting the issues but also try to fix them is keen. And by the way imran khan isnt a representative of the statusque something everybody knows.

    On the otehr hand nawaz shareef wants the old type of iqtadar where you can plant your own putwari's, police officers, generals and justices etc and crown yourself a king of riwind.

    The dumbest thing nawaz shareef has done or his done on purpose, was to name NWFP AS KAHYBER PAKHTUN KHWA, he could have named it hazara pakhtun khwa, saraiki hazara pakhtub khway etc. lekin apne pao pe kulhara marna koi is se sikhe. Na ghar ke rahe na kaj ke. Pakhtun people in the province dont like him and his party because they dont have a bold policy on drone attacks, america, taliban and terrorism etc. And now hazara people dont like them either because they've been unfair to them and betrayed them. Saraiki people dont like them (in kp and punjab) because mian shahbaz hasnt done any development in their area (the southern punjab).And sindhi dont like them because they see pmln as an establishment party or part of the statusque, and they are still the statusque (following the agencies). And they cant even go to baluchistan because, they're too afraid (nawaz shareef can get hurt). So this is the situation accourding to my opinion. I was nawaz shareef supporter for ca 2 years ago. But now I support the antistatusque parties who wants change in pakistan. I support pakistan tehreeke insaaf, jamate ismali, and all the other parties which didnt participate the 2008 NRO elections. THIS NATIONAL RECONSLIATION HAS BEEN NOTHING BUT SHAME FOR THIS COUNTRY.

  • @Sikander Raza Bhai,

    As usual, typical Ilzami BS devoid of logic and intellect. I really don't understand that even though you take quiet a long R&R from pkpolitics most frequently but you still come back and repeat the same stuff.



    Truth never descends.

    Truth never compromises.

    Truth is satisfied only when

    It sees everything and everyone

    At its own Himalayan height.


  • After spending billions in jalsas,paid tv programs, advertisement even then P0nka Khan is on 23%, whereas PMLN did not even start their election campain and they are at 47%.

  • @IP,

    Where have you been dude? You forgot...trailblazing in Jehangir Tareen's private jets, secret meetings with ISI chief and US Ambassador, using his ex-wife as an intermediary between himself and Julian Assange etc. etc. etc.

  • which chief new one Zaheer? How he used his ex wife, i thought she was still with Hugh Grant. Oh God not again

  • سکندر بھائی چھوڑیں اپ رہنے دیں ۔

    صدیقی بھائی نے سچ کو فیس نہ کرنے کی قسم کھائی ہے ۔

    اگر انقلابی دن کو دن اور رات کو رات کہیں گیں تب بھی یہ اس کو نہیں مانے گیں کیونکہ ایک انقلابی یہ کہہ رہا ہے اور دن کو رات اور رات کو دن کہنا شروع کر دیں گیں ۔ لیکن ان کے کہنے سے کچھ نہیں ہوتا ۔ دن دن ہی رہتا ہے اور رات رات ہی ۔

  • LOL

    Chaudary sahib….so many comments to make on your post, where to start :)

    Firstly, last week you said you believed me that the IRI survey is real, now you are doubting it. Like I said last week, Rasheed bhai has also seen the survey, you can confirm with him. IRI site has also stated the methodology for the survey, why would they state that if they had not conducted the survey? Also, I spoke to someone who was there at the (separate) presentations given to PMLN and PTI…according to them PMLN were “quite rattled by the results”.

    Secondly, don’t get so worked up about it….it’s just a survey, not the election results :) Apparently, the IRI survey was quite close to the actual results in 2008 (although I don't recall reading that in 2008 or whenever), at the end of the day it is still a survey….and should be taken in that spirit. I.e. it identifies strengths and weaknesses, and hopefully gives the participants some idea where to focus on. But if any party chooses to bury their head in the sand and ignore the results, it will only be detrimental to themselves.

    Thirdly, the results themselves…..

    Yes, you are right, comparing the Jan 2008 and Feb 2012 results does show that PMLN is improving. However (hehe), you have played fast and loose with the results. I not only provided you these two results, but also results in 2009 and 2010…..if you add them to the equation, you could easily map that PMLN trajectory is heading downwards in all provinces since 2009.

    I provided you all the info, but I guess you choose to ignore the facts…..if anyone wants to refer to the figures and make up thier own minds , they are in this thread…

    And again, I’m not saying that the IRI survey results are the be all and end all, and I know PTI are not being overconfident on the back of these results….,

    .....but if you are going to use them to make a point, at least provide the full picture.

    Oh..., also according to IRI...PTI is well ahead in % of voters polled across all income ranges except up to 10,000 rupees, where PMLN is only 1% ahead, so your assumption that PMLN mostly enjoys support of lower and middle class is also not backed up by this survey.

    And finally, also according to this survey, Punjab govt approval rating is 21% and Sindh govt is the claim that Punjab is much better off then Sindh is also not backed by this survey...

  • IP,

    Na man, Pasha of course...we are recapping on multiple efforts which have been put in place to pump in hot air into this balloon called P(o)TI since the last one year. Unfortunately, with the demise of Pasha; this castle built in a fantasy land has come crashing down.

  • asif sahib

    مجھے کوئی فرق نہیں پڑتا اگر سددقے بھی میری بات نہیں مانتے - کیو کے سراپکستان اس بات کو سمجھتا ہے-

    مے تو بس یہ سمجھا رہا ہو کے جب وقت مو پر تماچہ مارتا ہی تب بوہوت در ہو جاتی ہے - اس لیے مے سمجھا رہا ہو اس سے پہلے کے در ہوجاۓ سمجھ لو -

  • @ sand Bahi

    I beliving the Survey thats why i make that post .... I just mean that U guys actully have belived Us that this survey is correct and if that is teh case then U have to admit that PMLN has actually invcresd its rating as cpmpare to last time ... Thansk Bahi for Ur comments though

  • ^bro....Please read my post again to work out if PMLN have increased thier ratings or not (please read up on meaning of trajectory as well). ....also, what is "last time"?

  • Was it on purpose or a deliberate? To hide the fact from the IRI results you are whowing that PTI is leadin with 31% support all over Paksitan, and the party that was leadin in 2008 survey is now trailing behind with 4 points? So it is deliberate or sharing the parts that suits you is what you do on forums?