Home Schooling: The only Alternate

  • Well, I don't know if it belongs to the political forum but I think it is relevant to political situation in Pakistan.

    I become father recently and my daughter is getting older and older with some good speed :(.... It is time for me to think about her education now. I did some analysis and in the end I decided about home schooling her till 08th Grade.

    The reason is similar, like every other institution and sector in our country, our education system is also becoming worst and worst.

    Even though, public schools have big buildings, space for play ground but no one cas think of sending their children to public schools. Mismanagement destroyed the huge investments on infrastructure and I consider it one of the biggest ZULMS on this nation from the ruling class. Where Speaker of National Assembly ( Former Ch Ammer Hussin ) are owners of City schools and Other Major school chains, how can you expect them to bring public school to the same level to their schools, they will lose business.

    In private sector schools, education become business. They hire untrained teachers for low salaries to save more money, do not have good recreational opportunies for children as they are not situated on huge space where playgrounds are avilable. The combination of untrained teachers + unprofessional management + unappropriate curiculum + enviroment of classrooms = Lost new generation

    On the other hand, I want my daughter to learn Arabic as a language but unfortunately there is no school that teaches arabic along with English and urdu as literature. I went to some religious schools that also offer english education but they said that they will make my daughter a hafiz. I asked them that I want her to learn Arabic as a language, so that she can speak and understand arabic just like urdu and English but they do not teach arabic as literature.

    Third, I live in Karachi where law and order situation is more than worst. So I do not have any choice but to home school my girl. I did some research and is planning to start a blog and homeschholing Pakistan Facebook page to assist more with my experience. Any Suggestions and Advice? Or Questions?

  • @iftikharalam Saab

    First of all congratulations on becoming father.

    Secondly the objections that you raised about deterioration in public school infrastructure and business like nature of private schooling are valid. But I am curious how will they be addressed after 8th standard?

    Why limit this to schooling? In today's world from housing to food, transportation to excursion everything can be categorized as you categorized schooling. Will your answer to every thing 'd be home-grown, home-made and that too in Karachi?

    I suspect your emphasis on Arabic is on religious ground. You may find this link helpful ...


  • @home. Thanks for the link.

    No, not everything but I value the upbringing of my children more than anything now. So I may compromise on any other thing but not on the education. After 08th Grade, I have to decide according to the conditions and the need of that time. For now, I have plans to make her go for private matriculation and o levels at that same time. You can also go for private intermediate and A level simaltaneusly. After that, she or my other children are free to join any University they like.

    And according to my research, home schooled children in United States, United Kingdom, and Canada out performed their peers from public and private schools in Gmat and other such exams. Amazingly, most of the winners of the spelling bee competition on State level are home schooled children.

  • Iftikhar Sahib,

    Your daughter is lucky to have a very concerned father.


    Before giving any other thought, just one small query. From where did you find a chance to study?

  • @EasyGo. Thanks.

    I went to PAF Faisal school in Karachi. (1st to 07th Grade)

    Bahria School in Islamabad for 08th Grade.

    Bahria School, Karachi for 09th -12th.

    Than University!!

  • suggestions???

  • Child's social skills?

  • Yeah, This was my first concern, but to my surprise, according to the research in United states ( more than 2 million children are home schooled in US) , they have better.

    The reasons in the report were

    Home schooled child receive one to one education from parents thus have much better grasp of any subject. On the other hand, children in school receives one to many education in which a number of students miss parts of subject. So home schooled children feel more confidence when they talk about any subject in gathering and they often receives recognition from adults for doing better thus boosting their confidence.

    Second, the children in schools are more comfortable with their same age group but it was found that home schooled children are comfortable in communication with any age group as they do not get education in a group of same age group..

    And there were more pints that I forgot, by the way , the william sisters , (Tennis) are also homeschooled.

  • افتخار بھائی

    معزرت میں بنا علم کے کود پڑا اور پھر مصروف ہوگیا

    مجھے ایک بات کی تھوڑی حیرت ہوگی کہ جس نظام سے آپ خود نکلے ہیں، وہ آپ اپنے بچوں کے لیے کیوں نہیں پسند کریں گے، کیا اسکا بلواسطہ یہ مطلب نہیں نکالا جا سکتا کہ آپ نے جو کچھ تعلیم سے حاصل کیا ہے آپ اس سے بھی مطمئن نہیں ہیں

    میرے خیال میں یہ سوچنے میں آسان اور کرنے میں انتہائی محنت طلب ہوگا، زیادہ بہتر حل یہ ہوسکتا ہے کہ کسی نسبتاً بہتر ادارے میں سکولنگ بھی ہو اور وہاں جو کوتاہیاں آپکو نظر آئیں ان پر آپ خود محنت کر لیں

  • Home schooling is a very tuff job. If somebody has a job it is nearly impossible. On the other side in current system one make many years effort nearly for nothing or I would say just for piece of paper to get a good job for that also there is no guaranty. Now this a system that every one has to go through and aim of nearly all the students, no matter to which nation they belong, is to get a suitable job and to change this system in my eyes at the moment not only difficult but also impossible.

    The dilema is that the whole society needs to be educated. With education I mean not only knowledge but also Character building. In western type schools and even in madrasa students and at the same time teachers has to cover there syllabus. It is another discussion how to do this with ratafication or with logic? The students study Maths, Physics, chemistery, Shahi Bukhari, Shahi Muslim etc. But there is no class how to behave. I think Pakistan needs beside basic education also character building education and with minimum cost. In developed countries not every citizen is able to finish university. Only talented students can achieve this goal but the basic education is compulsory for every citizen.

  • Iftikhar Sahab,

    I wouldn't completely disregard the school system although we are on same page. But in my opinion, you can have a two-pronged approach; send her to school and guide and help her at home. I believe that will make her a better person, confident to deal with world and of course, confident. This will be also a better way to connect with her throughout her life. It is my two cents but you can do whatever you feel better for your kid. Good luck.

  • @EasyGo, The problem with schooling and homeschooling at the same time is the burden it will create for the child. For example, the kid will come from school at 2 30 PM, than I have to allocate sometime for arabic class, some other subjects that I want to include my own curriculum like the potery of Iqbal, Complete Bio graphy of Prophet PBUH ( The recommended book is " When the Moon Split", Own blog and video blog creation on internet ( As a subject but ofcourse for 9-10 years old kid).. So this will create stress for the kid. I want to allocate at least two hours for physical games.. So even though, I thought about it initially but rejected it as it is not practical.

    @asif65, Very true, and the real role in home schooling is of a house wife. I as father can define guide lines, design the curriculum, keep check on progress, and can teach few subjects, but overall control and responsibility is of mother who spend the whole day with kids.

    @Rizwan, I researched about the effects of home schooling on social skills of the kid in detail, and find that there is no effect instead they are more active in society.

    You heared about the stroy of the Pakistani girl who last year made a record of being youngest one who passed O level exams and toped some papers. Parents had to pull her out of school after the complaints of teacher that kid ask too many questions in the class, resulting in parents teaching the girl on their own, and she made a record , hehe..

  • @iftikharalam Saab

    I hope and pray your custom curriculum doesn't lead to another extreme. Moderation is the key brother. Too much religion is as bad as too little religion.

  • @home I know, don't worry, I don't have beared :). It is all about finding a right balance, religion as well as science. You know, one of my major concern is lack of moral lessons in our educational institutes. As asif65 mentioned in his post, that our business oriented private educational institutes are putting no effort in character building os students. Soul less, greedy, materialistic output is coming out of these educational institutes. Our educational institutes failed to enhance creative skills of students, building leadership qualitities. We make them think like follower by telling them that education is important to get good job. This is how our education system is aligned, to educate students to get good jobs, not for making them leaders, better decision makers, good humans.

    This is where carefully selected religious curriculum can play role, to bring in the morality and spirituality.

  • @iftikharalam Saab

    What religious and spiritual education Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Allison, Mark Zuckerberg etc etc had?

    I hope O$ama is not your role model. Remember he had three wives, two of them Phd's, at his disposal to home school 17 kids. Plus he had no 9-5 routine. For him home schooling was the only option. Most of us don't have a same luxury.

  • @Home. Now, this looks so ridiculous that you are calling me extremist and assuming that Osama is my role model JUST BECAUSE I WANT MY KID TO LEARN ARABIC AS LANGUAGE. This shows your narrow minded approach and a fact that you yourself have extreme views and a potential extremist, a secular one though.

    Even though, I clearly mentioned that reason for deciding about home schooling is due to our low standard education system, but you can see religion and extrmism as a prime reason.

    How do you know the above mentioned personalities had no religious or spiritual feelings? How many of them called themselves atheists? And above all, this is ridiculous approach to discuss an issue. What if I provide you a list of porn stars who do not have religious education to validate my point? I can't because it looks stupid generalizing like that...

    As I already mentioned, the key role is of mother, a house wife if you are seriously thinking about home schooling your child.