What Our Police Force Really Lack In General And How They Could Be Modernized

  • Pakistani police is considered to be the most non Professional police force of the world. Not only they are most non professional but they lack equipment of any sort.

    So this thread is all about discussing some peculiar things which we really think can improve the performance of our police force. It could be from Equipment to Proper training and we will discuss these issues here.

  • The First thing in my view is the lack of Professional Shooters in Our Police force. So in my view the first topic should be


    here is the info for Snipers. Our Police at present does not have any Capability of Sharp Shooters like Snipers at all. From Commando actions to Patrolling to Anti Terror Operations in Pakistan they could be very vital. Our Police Force at present rely on Age Old Ak-47s that must be replaced with new Precision technology.

    Here is a small info for you.




  • Brother Pakopro,

    The average Pakistani Copper/Tulla has a belly so huge that he would be in a real mess lying prone and aiming for a target through the cross hairs of a Dragunov Sniper rifle. Secondly, the old AK-47's you are talking about are actually Chinese Type 56 rifles which are licensed made copies of the AK-47. Even the Russians and Chinese have now forgotten as to how the old AK-47's and Type 56 rifles look like.

    As for shooter, oh they are shooters alright but rather $hitty shooters at best. If their shooting abilities don't end up with egg on their faces, the reliability of those old clunkers in their hands surely do.

    The whole crux of the matter is that are Police is ineffecient, corrupt to the core, highly unprofessional and politically patronized. In the interim, if our government is ready to pay big bucks; depute half of NYPD, LAPD and London Metropolitan Police.

  • @Siddiq73 Well that is the essence of this Topic that we will discuss all shortcomings of our Police force and how to mitigate them in future. When people will be aware then in the end hopefully the message could be heard in the high ups as well. So give your feedback here and enrich this topic with Solution to the Problem.

  • There is a simple solution

    1. Double the salaries.

    2. Hire only Masters

    3. Start a new unit for investigations against policemen, fire all who have any charges.

    4. Replace them with new blood.

    Problem solved.

  • Iftikhar,

    1. Salaries have already been doubled from a constable all the way up to Inspector General. Heck, even SHO's now drive around in shiny brand new Toyota Corollas

    2. ??

    3. What will be the procedure to hire new men for an Internal Affairs Division?

    4. If it comes to firing them, we would be without a functioning Police force as nearly the whole force would be given the boot

  • Well the Second Topic InLine is


    This is another area unexplored area for Our Police force. In Police units dogs are a vital part but again in our Police there is no canine unit at all.

    One Example is Killer Dog unit "SHABAS" that work in concurrency with Commandos and Police units and help them secure the target.

    Here is the example of SHABAS.


  • Yaar, you can't have USA/UK solutions for pak. Our beloved police force will get the dogs killed off in encounters and ghayb the canine department budget! hehehehe

    Insan kay khayl nehain rakh sakteh kuta kya palay gain!

  • @Joker Brother A Pessimistic person can never progress. An Optimistic always rule. So be an Optimist for the future.

  • Good motto....personally I say "Laughter is the best medicine" :)

  • The next Topic inLine is


    Well The rudeness of Police is another problem and this could be solved and there are reasons for it. First is the stress involved in work and second is lack of proper training. Our Police lack proper training in this field.

    So here is a small Paper from where we can get the initial idea.


  • 1: They are missing Iman / credibility / honesty.

    2: Police wala should be from same area, neighborhood where he is living.

    3: Give them some police specific training, how to decode crime

  • 2: Police wala should be from same area, neighborhood where he is living.

    The above point is key to success if we want to modernize police force with proper training and equipment.

    I want to add this point also.

    From a constable to highest rank officer should serve 8 to 10 hours duty.

    They are human and need to rest,need to spend time with families.

    We have to revise rank system too.They should called "officer" not sipahi,constable,chillar or crap like this.

    FIR system should be computerized first connected with main police computers with proper backup to avoid alteration.

    In Japan we have police box system.There are police boxes called "KOBAN" in every 3km/s area with 4 to 8 officers ready with petrol car,bikes and bicycles.

    Police, Ambulance and fire truck arrives within 3minutes on every 110(Japanese emergency no) call.

    They live in area and knows the peoples,roads,streets.

    How can a policeman from village in vihari serve in Lahore or Islamabad without knowing peoples and surroundings.

    A policeman can serve better in his own community and will think twice or thrice to ask for bribe when people knows each other.

    The other problem is VIP protocol.Stop that with no more delay.VIP who can afford should arrange their private security or to leave politics or what ever they are afraid off.

    I met and saw many times Mr Hashimoto mayor of Osaka near his office all alone or with one security personal.

    check profile and history here of this great man.We need to learn 1000 of things from those visionary peoples.


    Check the height of professionalism.