What if Nawaz Family donate all their $3billion wealth to Pakistan?

  • What do you think, is it possible? Will the other leaders of PML-N, PPP, ANP, PTI & MQM will follow Nawaz?

    Share your thoughts and ideas.


  • And I'm willing to bet my bottom dollar that your next wish would be that NS donates all this wealth to SKMH foundation, say it ain't so?

    Furthermore, what are your thoughts on Imran Khan bringing his children back to Pakistan and compel the likes of Bilawal, Bakhtawar, Asifa and Altaf Bobby to follow suit?

  • @Siddiq73, I don;t think that Imran Khan has any plan to transfer leadership of his political party to his children, so irrelevant, as children have a right to live with their mother, irrelevant, irrelevant, irrevelant, as always.

    And good advice, donate to SKMH. I don;t understand one thing though, when every one knows this fact that NS also has many outside the country and runs business outside, how can he shout on Zardari to bring his wealth back to the country in Jalsas? WHY?

  • Forget about donations, why not invest it in developmental projects like motorways, thermal power plants, hydro plants, canals, wind farms which will create jobs and provide tractors to farmers and will solve many of our problems. Also it can be used to pay of a little bit of the debt of the Punjab government.

    This donation mentality is really not going to get us anywhere, unless people just want money in their pockets which they didn't earn.

  • @iftikharalam

    runs business outside

    Running business outside is illegal? What would you say to all those textile tycoons who are shifting their industries to Bangladesh coz of power/gas load-shedding and unfavorable export tarrif rates?

  • I just want to know as to when Jehangir Tareen is planning to sell the sugar stocks out of his sugar mills at a subsidized rate of Rs. 10/kilo and Khurshid Kasuri announcing to the whole wide world that Beacon House School System would not impart free education to all Pakistanis.

  • @Iftikharalam,

    how can he shout on Zardari to bring his wealth back to the country in Jalsas? WHY <<<

    P0nka-e-Azam Hazrat Imran Khan Banigala Walay also yaps the same from his backside more often than not. Is he also planning to bring back his wealth attained through gambling?

  • @doctor, Our leaders should lead with examples. Doing business in your own country means that you are craeting more job opportunities for your fellow Pakistanis.

  • ^^^^ Please preach this poetic prophecy to your leader who should in turn ask Aunty Fauzia Pasoori to not only bring her wealth back from abroad but also renounce her other citizenship.

  • @siddiqi73, Take a bow!!

  • @iftikharalam

    Shareefs are doing business in Pakistan too and expanding and diversifying into new venture as well. After that unfortunate coup in 1999 when all their assets were frozen,obviously they had to do something. They were businessmen so they started business,can't really blame them.

    You didn't really expected them to resort to Bhatha(extortion) being sent to them from Pakistan like criminal gang MQM funds its jobless/unemployed absconding leader Altaf..

  • @Iftikharalam,

    Buddy, I have been taking bows for the last 2 years on this forum, ask any Ilzami. Its about time that your started taking one yourself.

  • Rehman Malik is in a fix,SC has asked him to submit a certificate from UK govt after he boasted in SC dual nationality case that he had renounced his british nationality when he was inducted as minister..

  • The Sialkoti Nai was jumping up and down a lot in the past few days. He seems to be neutered now.

  • @ Siddiqi73.

    mere bhai Nawaz Uncle jab jumaa kia hua maal, chaacha Zaradri ke saath Switzerland aur Uk se aap k , mere mulak mein liaan gay tou faida, aap ki bi ho aur mera bi aur eis mulak ka bi.

    Lkin ye naik fristay eaisa kabi nien krein gay kyon k aun ko yaqeen hai k aunhon ne kabi marna nien hai.. Loug bhooukay maar rhay hain aur ye loug kursi kursi khail rhay hain pichat 30 saalon se.

  • @iftikharalam

    Or you expected them(Shareefs) to resort to gambling to pay off their bills just like Imran Khan who gambled to pay off his debts when going got tough for him.. haram/halal doesn't mean much to him,he can bend rules wherever it suits him..


  • haram/halal doesn't mean much to him,he can bend rules wherever it suits him <<<

    And the sad part is that Ilzami Sheep Herd and followers of the Branch Ilzami Sect would still consider P0nka Khan the reincarnation of Lord Krishna.

  • Siddique is an indian,

    PLz do watch his IP adderss.

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