Shahbaz sharing names a park and residential area after himself.

  • People honor dead, retired or their seniors by naming places, buildings and roads after them. But Shabaz Sharif likes to name parks built by public money after himself. Clearly shameless.

    FAISALABAD:  “Earlier, Faisalabad was known for its roads, now it will be known for its parks,” Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif said on Wednesday as he inaugurated the Shahbaz Sharif Park in Ghulam Muhammadabad area. He said he felt proud to inaugurate a “grand” recreational park in one of the most congested areas of the city. The chief minister said that the project had been proposed in 1998, but was shelved when the PML-N government was removed in 1999. The successor government never took up the project, he said. He said the Parks and Horticulture Authority and the Faisalabad Development Authority had to remove stagnant water from the grounds before the park could be developed. He said that the people living around this park were being shifted to Shahbaz Nagar, where the government was building model houses. He said while the land for the houses had been provided by the provincial government, local philanthropists were helping with the construction of houses.

  • Its ironic that this topic is started by MQM apologist where its quite common to name projects after their absconding leader's kiths and kins..

  • I dont support MQM but if you had to compare, as I wrote you name them after seniors, retired dead etc but not yourself. Nawaz ke he naam par rakh leta, apni taareef kerna shodabaazi hoti hai.

    Mustafa Kamal the mayor didt name anything after himself and could you name a road or a major park named after Altaf Hussain?

  • Recently built SITE flyover,opposite SITE's office and PEPSI factory. Ask some Karachiite whom its named after..

  • passimist mind like hassan nisar; always har baat main keeray nikalna; jal jal ke apna hi bura hal karo ge

  • @Doc,

    Correct me if I'm wrong, isn't the SITE Flyover named after the daughter of an absconder from justice currently residing in a rat hole in Edgware and calls himself Altaf Bobby? ;)

  • What if the Faisalabad Development Authority named the park after Shahbaz Sharif and not the man himself?

  • Nothing wrong in that

    Even it happens in Western countries

  • All parks should be named after chota sher!