Approval rattings of Nawaz and Noon before he was ousted in 1999

  • I wasn't following Pak politics in 1999 when Musharraf climbed up the "gates" and threw Nawaz Sharif into Fort Attock. That lead to Mian Sahib's famous deal to end up in Jeddah.

    Can anyone tell how popular Mian Sahib and his government was at that time? Don't tell me they did not have ways to gauge the public sentiments in 1999.

  • Thanks to his governor raj he was not welcome in Sindh infact September 1999 was plagued by strikes against the federal government in which rural and urban areas of Sindh protest hand in hand against the federal government and imposition of governor raj.

    Result: PMLN has failed to win any seat in Sindh for past two consecutive elections and not a single notable person has joined it from Sindh during past four years.

  • People in Sindh purely vote along their tribal lines. When Muhajirs start voting for Non-Muhajir Parties PMLN will start winning from Karachi, Same for sindhis.

  • And by this logic Imran is not very popular in youth.

  • Actually Sindhis vote for people like Asif dacoit and Altaf bhatta khor

    Hopefully after next governor rule there will be a thorough operation clean up against such rascals

    As far as popularity of Nawaz in 1999 is concerned he was the most popular leader not only in Pakistan but also in the Muslim world due to the Nuclear tests

    And that was the case with PML-N

  • People in Sindh vote purely along tribal lines but still

    PML F (Pir Pagaro's party) couldnt win a National Assembly seat from Sanghar

    Shirazi lost their ancestoral seats of Thatta to PPP in last elections

    Jatois of Dadu do lose their seats quite regularly

    Shahs of Nawabshah are also regular losers infact people vote for Zardaris considered a zaat of a very lesser order than Shahs just because Zardari's often have a PPP ticket.

    Sindhis are not some dumb puppets people of urban Pakistan particularly central Punjab think they are. Yes the voting system on caste lines is pretty strong but upsets are a regular feature. Arbab Rahim indulges in regular rigging to win elections; last time 200 polling agents were kidnapped.

  • To cap it all could you tell me how many seats does Mumtaz Bhutto win from Rato Dero or Larkano?

  • PPP, a sindh based, is 2nd largest party in punjab. Tell me when last time a punjab based party became 2nd largest in Sindh free of any coercion by agencies.

  • I said sindhis vote for sindhi party only and Muhajirs vote for muhajir, I did not mean any sub-tribal lineages of sindhis.

  • Due know what happened during Nawaz Sharif's first tenure? Or the slogans that were used during the election campaigns of 1988? The standard of speeches in PML-N rallies declaring Shaheed BB and Nusrat Bhutto as prostitutes and alot of thing or the doctored pictures of them in swimsuits that were thrown over the PML-N rallies in Rawalpindi? The choking ie a complete cut off of funds of Sindh government during Nawaz Sharif's second tenure! These are realities people faced during Nawaz rule.

    When Nawaz tells us that what did PPP do for them, there can be long list but the bottomline is that atleast people get their salaries on time as well as their promotions are not taken up by hirings from Central Punjab.

    After that you think people would vote for him! I don't like Imran Khan but to be fair a lot of people in Karachi will vote for him since he does not have a racist past. He cannot win because Muhajir nationalist sentiment is still high and because shias are avoiding his party after regular attendance of SSP in his rallies.

  • Lagey Raho Munnaaa Bhai with this Punjabi taking everything........ My Prayers are with yu.

  • I just talked about Nawaz's unpopularity bro. Truth hurts so sorry if you cant bear it but most of above are outright facts you really cant argue with.

  • This topic is not about the cricket legend. But it seems that N u r a league is obsessed with him and brings him in every thread. So Nooners should admit that Insaf Wala is a real threat to their ruler-ship. I disagree with the above comments about the education of certain group. Please delete that line.

    The tribal/ clan/ brathry base politics is prevalent in Punjab also.

    Can anyone tell how popular was Nawaz Sharif in Punjab before his rein was snatched from him?

  • @Khan

    Not a single mention of a cricket legend on this thread before this and you're talking about the obsession of N@#$ league supporters.

    PTI supporters never cease to amaze me.

  • How many people showed up on street after and years after NS's removal.

    even in Punjab people were distributing methai

  • @sharpsaw تیکھی آری

    See the fourth post by zufi in this thread:

    "And by this logic Imran is not very popular in youth."

    Lets end this here.

  • The only approval ratings sheep herd and mureeds of Deen-e-Ilzam would consider authentic are the ones formulated by IRI after a survey of 5,000 people across Pakistan. Interestingly, not only IRI not reveal the results of such a survey but conversely Pakistan Turncoat Itehad manipulated the data and ended up releasing the report based on fudged and cooked up figures.

  • "How many people showed up on street after and years after NS's removal.

    even in Punjab people were distributing methai"

    How many people came out on the streets of Karachi when the Don a.k.a. Altaf Bobby slipped out of Pakistan in the middle of the night and very conveniently ended up pledging allegiance to the Queen

  • @Khan,

    From the sounds of it, you are not following Pakistani politics in 2012 either and you merely seem like a fan of Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

  • @Khan

    Okay, I admit it you got me there. I take my words back.