Why Our leaders say something else and do something else???

  • In the recent days I have seen that Our People have become more and more hypocritical and so do our leaders. We lie, cheat and we do every bad thing imaginable and the worst part is that we are hypocrites. From Imran Khan to all Other parties of Pakistan I have to say all are same in this regard.

    Yesterday I saw an address of Shahbaz Sharif for Laptop distribution. The problem with it is that Shahbaz Sharif announced that PUNJAB GOV WILL NEVER DO FUNCTIONS AT NIGHT TO SAVE ELECTRICITY AND THE NEXT WEEK THEY DID THIS FUNCTION.

    1. The worst part is that it was arranged in a Cricket Stadium where it was Estimated 500 Flood Lights and each Flood light is more than 80 Watts and this means 40,000 Watts of Electricity Approximately. SO WHERE IS AUSTERITY and Saving of Electricity now????

    2. Secondly more than 5000 seats were arranged and now Pakistani Tax Payer will borne this price as well.

    Why this is so???. Why Our leaders lie?. Our people and leaders are all same.

    Take a look at these pictures.




  • This is why he known as Showbaz Sharif. He did Protest against electricity shortage last week. Such a shameless hypocrite.

  • The Second Example is Hypocricy of Imran Khan::

    Imran Khan in his adress in October in Lahore announced that they will do civil Disobedience against Politicians who will not bring their money back and will not declare assest and also will declare assests of their own party workers as well. Now PTI is silent on Mr Zardari issue of 60 Million Dollars in Swiss banks and what about bringing money back now??????

    1. No Asset declaration have been made of PTI workers and there have been more than 6 months????

    2. No Civil Disobedience move have been launched and even PTI never asked Politicians do declare these assests.Also PTI top notch members have not declared their assets and this includes Shah Mahmoud Qureshi and Javaid Hashmi as well.

    3. Thirdly Mr Imran Khan said that none of his Party members will sit in Assembly in current FAKE SYSTEM. But a senior member of PTI is Awais Leghari and he is a Member of National Assembly at present and Imran Khan never asked for his resignation at all.

    4. Imran Khan declared that MQM is responsible for peace hampering in Karachi and he visited London for that purpose and launched a Case against MQM in London and now Imran Khan backed out because of Back door diplomacy. Where is case against Altaf sahib now???

    In his speech Imran Khan said that at 41:30 Minutes and now we are watching something else.

    Here is the address to refresh the memories.


  • The third Example is BHUTTO:

    Bhutto before his death announced that PPP is established to represent the poor.

    What he announced actually

    1. The land of the Sindh and the Punjab will be distributed among the poor::

    It was done as an election stunt but was never done in actual and that is why we see Wadairas right now.

    1. Nobody could have the landholding of more than 10 acres::

    This never materialized and even Benazir Bhutto failed in implementing it.

    1. Poor will be given tickets for the Party elections:

    Bhutto announced that since PPP is the part for the poor so there will be poor representatives and in the end what he did that he selected all Non Poor Wadairas and Peers for elections and never give Tickets to Poor people and as a result we can see that PPP Is the second name of Wadaira Shahi in Sindh. Every member of PPP Sindh is now a Wadaira or a Peer.

  • @pakopro2

    From Imran Khan to all Other parties of Pakistan I have to say all are same in this regard."

    I am sure you will "Walk The Talk" by writing about Other recent and current leaders.

  • @Sipahi Well then I want hundreds of Pages as there are countless examples but you can add here as well. All people in pakistan including our Politicians can never do " WALK THE TALK" and they are all HYPOCRITES.

    You are welcome to add more examples. As far as Nawaz is concerned i did not mention him as i dont consider him worthy enough to use the word Leader with his name as he is an opportunist with no Brain. In my view Shahbaz could be viewed as the only one stand out in PMLN and that is why i mentioned his name in the example.

  • @pakopro

    You are doing a good job and it would be better that analysis is done by same person.

    You don't need to do hundreds, just a representative sample of about a dozen would do. You can take time - week or so.

    For example, Altaf, Asif Zardari, Chaudhary Brothers, Fazlul Rahman, Musharraf, ANP Leadership, YRG, JI Leadership, et. al.

    By not doing main players of other parties, people might consider you to be biased.

  • @Sipahi Well first of all i dont care what people say as i cannot force them to shut up. Secondly the idea of the forum is to open up a discussion so that more people participate. So if you want to make it unbiased then do contribute here and to enrich us with their thoughts. I am damn busy now. May be in coming weeks i will add more posts here.

  • @Sipahi these topics dont need any research of any Sort. Please stop this Pakistani thinking that you are ready to bash everyone rather doing something on your own. Pakistanis are ready to criticize anyone rather than contributing and all are same in pointing fingers on others and you are doing the same here.