PMLN dont need any enemies as it is an enemy of itself

  • Well many People are arguing that PMLN is being targetted by PTI followers and by others to defame them but in my view PMLN is the enemy of their own.

    A recent example is the inclusion of Mushahid Ullah Khan in every Interview. He is the most rude guy one can every see and he abuses on Public channels that now many Anchors dont run his interviews live as he is Known as the Biggest Abuser on the Television channels. So PMLN selected Mushahid Ullah as his Media representative in recent times and when they have people like these in their ranks then they dont need enemies as PMLN is enough to destroy itself with these members....



    A few examples are .

  • And what would you say about the closeted Deen-e-Ilzami media representative in Hassan Nissar. Mushahidullah Khan is candor and does not take crap off of no one. PML-N will consider taking action if P(o)TI would also look into the conduct of Imran Ismail.

  • A true face of PMLN exposed... This is why we call it political mafia gangs ppp Pmln both are same no difference well done Dr. Alvi Sb we respect you for showing great spirit and decency to expose this thug.

  • @siddiqi73 Brother I was not expecting such a disgusting language by you. I am ashamed to see the people like you who not only proudly defend PMLN but used Below moral language for one name of PTI. This synonymous of PTI you have used is shameful and disgusting and you should SAY SORRY FOR DISGUSTING LANGUAGE.

  • @ siddiqi73... brother it is not a dignified manner.

    I hope u will consider it. regards

  • @pakopro,

    You would fit in rather nicely on the discussion boards of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I don't know why you are getting so riled up my friend. If you are a supporter of PTI and follower of the Sheep Herd, just say and I might cut you some slack hitherto.

  • Watch from 12:30 onwards....PTI is an SMS party:

  • @siddiqui73

    The more you post these videos the more I cannot resist the temptation on commenting on them.

    Watch from 13:00 onwards regarding the bias of the media and Kamran Shahid did a great job of admitting how much of a role the media played in promoting Imran Khan during the past four years. Maybe they have now realized that they made a blunder.

    I cannot forget the massive amount of coverage given to the Karachi jalsa by all the big TV channels. It was insane.

    Anyway, I've got to watch the entire show. This is getting hilarious.

  • بھائی siddiqi

    کن لوگوں کے ساتھ سر کھپا رہے ھیں اپ

    ان لوگوں کا اپنا دین ایمان کا پیمانہ ھے اور اپنا تمیز کا

    ان کے اپنے لیڈر کو تو بولنے کی تمیز ہے نہیں مگر جب کوئی دوسرا

    ان کو ان کی زبان مے جواب دے کو برا منا جاتے ہیں

  • کامی بھائی

    اینہ دکھانا پھر بھی بوہت ضروری ہے میرے دوست

  • @Sharpsaw,

    Totally agreed on the media part. Just watch how in the coming days those mental and straitjacketed m0rons in Mubashir Lickman and Chacha Lassan Nissar would realize the same blunder and the Ilzami Posse would be showering them with brickbats.

  • I saw the whole program yesterday night and was really impressed by the arguments of these girls. Show was really interesting. Lets have a sincere poll, which party was able to convince much better. I think girls do a better job than us boys probably

  • یہ انتہائی افسوس کا مقام ہے کہ الزامی بچے مسلم لیگ نون پر غلیظ اور گندی زبان استعمال کرنے کا الزام لگا رہے ہیں حالانکہ ان لوگوں نے کبھی اپنے گریبان میں جھانک کر نہیں دیکھا کہ خود کس قدر گندی زبان استعمال کرتے ہیں. یہ لوگ اپنے ہر کمنٹ میں میاں صاحب کو گنجا، خبیث، ٹیکس چور، ٹکلا، لوہا چور، بےغیرت، نورا اور نہ جانے کیا کیا گالیاں دیتے ہیں . کیوں صدیقی بھائی ٹھیک کہا نا میں نے ؟


  • The best part was when the PML-N gal called an Ilzami her "Bhai" and implored to listen and Kamran Shahid, "Ab tu Bhai bol diya, yeh kahan aap ki baat sunay gain." hahahahahahahaha

    Full Tapori style


  • @siddiqi73 Brother sorry to say you again never say sorry. If your name correspond to your age as well like 73 then i am a more than 15 years younger than you but i know what is meant by the moral language and what is not. If the seniors like you will use such a language then what we can expect from Juniors???.

    Tell me the word you associated with the PTI in the first comment which is Surprisingly not censored suits you or not.

    It seems PMLN followers are still following the old tradition of PMLN where they used to assassinate the character of Benazir Bhutto and used to photoshop her photos and use to call her whore. Sorry to say but MrSiddiq you are an Other addition to the Mushahid Ullah Khan group who feel proud in Abusing and using language of Below Moral Standards and then try to defend your party..

    I AM EQUALLY CRITICAL ABOUT PTI AS WELL but this post was Initiated by me and used the Below moral Language so I am asking you are the one who started this discussion and then invite others to join the bandwagon.

  • @Allama Bhai,

    Am I day dreaming? Should I literally pinch on my feeling the pain for us and castigating the mureeds of Deen-e-Ilzami.

    Jee Aaya Nu....welcome to our fold home boy ;)

  • @pakopro,

    Na buddy, 73 does not represent my birth year. Its a bit after that but it ain't important. As for abusive language, expletive and verbal abuse....we have learnt all of this colourful verbage from the sheep herd and now it just aches when what goes around comes around.

  • Siddiq sahab again Blaming others for your own wrong doings. You know I was given the opportunity of become the part of PMLN media group as a volunteer recently but then i was shocked when I was told that my task will include Photoshopping of Imran Khan's pictures and I would bring fake scandals and would character assassinate many people. There is one Guy known as Fawad Khalid who is now heading this group.

    But Thanks to Allah I am not following any Party. My Family always voted for PPP but I am not going to vote anybody as PTI and PMLN are the two faces of the same coin and both parties are parties of below moral standard.

    If you are a PMLN jiala brother then contact him as he is a senior PMLN media guy who is responsible for Propagating Fake scandals. He really need the people like you. Also he is the one who made the Shahbaz Sharif page but now their duties include character assasinations as well from decent talk.

  • MK is a great person

    He can handle all the bakwasis and marasis like Hassan Nasar and other P(o)TI representatives very well

    Anyhow nice to see itching of P(o)TI spitters(not supporters)