An advice to fellow PML-N supporters

  • I've been observing on Facebook pages and elsewhere that in order to counter Imran Khan, PML-N supporters are quoting their enemy in chief Gen(r) Pervez Musharraf as exposing Imran Khan lying about the Prime Ministership offer for the 2002 elections.

    Please lets not let our sentiments about Imran Khan and his party get so much on our head that we start endorsing the viewpoint of one of Pakistan's worst dictators just to counter PTI and Imran Khan even if he is speaking the truth.

    This could all be a topi drama by both of them to trap us into giving legitimacy to Pervez's opinion.

    Please, I exhort us all to be very careful and circumspect as they might use our own arguments against us in future.

  • @sharpsaw,

    I ain't too much concerned about what PML-N supporters perceive regarding this off again/on again love affair between Mushraf Chivas Regal-Abadi and P0nka Khan. It is an established truth that both of them have been the best of bed buddies for a number of years now. The gifting of Sheroo, having mutual friends like Humayun Gohar, Mubashir Lickman, MQM and taking the worst of Musharaf era's scum in the rank of Deen-e-Imrani, reeks of an unwritten agreement between the two stooges.

  • The deal was struck between Mush and IK brokered by Pasha for a future alliance and IK and Atiqa Odho appeared together in Dr Danish prepaid show and topic under discussion was why cant these 2 like minded parties join hands, but it all faded when PPP refused to accept Mush back as it would put undue pressure on them to take action. So Pasha stopped Mush from coming back and Mush's members like Fawad Chaudary and etc started searching refuge in other parties.

  • Then there were rumours of IK meeting Mush in US as well to chalk out the deal