PTI makes inroads into Chaudhrys’ den


    By: Jawad R Awan | May 17, 2012

    LAHORE - The PTI successfully making inroads in the ‘House of Chaudhrys of Gujrat’ has taken into its folds Chaudhry Mubashar Hussain, a close relative of Chaudhrys, besides former PML-Q MPA from Depalpur, Malik Nazar Fareed Khokhar along with several former nazims and local leaders.

    The fresh joining in PTI took place at the residence of party Chief Imran Khan on Wednesday, while the baptism of the newcomers was performed by PTI Chief with a welcome note.

    Chaudhry Mubashar Hussain, who was a former MNA joined the PTI after parting ways with PML-N, however political factor of Mubashar’s blood relation PML-Q Chief Chaudhary Shujaat Hussain and senior leader Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi was more important than his former political affiliation with the ruling party of Punjab.

    The joining of Chaudhry Mubashar is being seen in the political circles of Gujrat with serious blow to the traditional grip of Chaudhrys of PML-Q on Gujrat.

    The inclusion of Nazar Fareed Khokhar along with several former nazims into PTI from Depalpur depicts the picture of shaking base of the PML-Q.

    The others who joined the PTI include Chaudhry Asad Nawaz Khan, Malik Mobeen Khokar, Malik Azhar Hussain Khokar, Haji Sardar Majeed Dogar, Chaudhry Ahmed Nawaz, Muhammad Iqbal Mahar, Chaudhry Tariq Irshad Ali Khan, Rao Zaeem Haider, Imran Chaudhry, Malik Aftab Aslam, Mian Muhammad Akram, Sardar Faiz Ahmed, Muhammad Ahmed and a prominent businessman Nayyar Hussain.

    Imran Khan speaking on this occasion said that Parliament’s resolutions were being blatantly ignored to reopen Nato Supply routes. He warned the ruling coalition of public wrath if any decision in contradiction to the sentiments and aspirations of the people of Pakistan was taken.

    He while claiming that it has become clear that the Nato supply routes were not closed on principles alleged that rulers closed down the supply routes to bargain a high price for cutting the supply line.

    Imran claimed that both federal and provincial governments were spending public funds on their own luxuries, while the people were dejected in face of unprecedented price hikes, unemployment and load shedding. Imran said that that people have lost all hope in PML-N and parties of PPP-led coalition and were joining PTI, as it would bring a real change if voted to power, adding that PTI would get a sizeable number of seats in the Parliament and provincial assemblies if the next polls would be held in a transparent manner.

  • What? A guy left PML N and Joined PTI?

    What? No one is talking about role of ISI and establishment in this joinning yet?

    What? What? What?

  • Kitni besharmi ki Baat hai! Yeh sab general Zaheer ul Islam Kerwa raha hai, shahrukh khan ka chacha. And we all know Imran is an indian agent.

  • Gen Pasha used to lure in sitting MNAs ans senators while zaheer is relying on former MPA and former nazims and naib nazims. is gen Zaheer's standard low or PTI's ?????

  • @ PMLN, angoor khatay hain...........

  • @ZSD, ahhh, you must share your evenning Tea with ISI Generals, as you know things in details.. So what about Mumtaz Bhutto joinning PML N? Please shed some light

    And please tell me that Javed hashmi was lured in by ISI? The same agency responsible for torturing him in cell? Amazing stuff, logical and rational...

  • Poor Ilzami Kiddos, getting their nappies wet out of sheer excitement on yet another speck of scum joining their Tabla Party.

    Garbage in...Garbage out.

  • While the kachra of Q-League and used tumblers of Musharraf are being inducted after a lot of promises and cajoling, here is something which ought to put a decent and sane Ilzami to shame:

  • siddiqi bhai kia aap ilzami bhaion ko sharminda karnay kee kosish to naeen kar rahay ???

  • @ZSD Bhai,

    Aap ko jaan kar hairani ho gee kay yeh news mein nay ilzamioon ki apni website say cull ki

  • main samjha kay shayed aap inhain sharminda karna chah rahay hain magar ye to ghaliban aik doosray ko sharminda karnah per tulay howay hain

  • Ji ji bayshak......yeh ilzamioon ka apna rona gaana aur seena peetna dekh lain:

  • Can someone please share any information on what is the political impact of these additions.

  • 0+0=LOSER

  • Ok thanks for that brilliant response now you can go back to working on ur next photoshop.

  • imlact to hai bhai... PTI will win 272/272 seats in gen elections

  • @ZSD Bhai,

    Yaar aik aik seat PML-N and PPP kay liyeh tu chor do :D

  • Ok still waiting for a half decent response, Chaudhary where u at!

  • mushkil hai bhai ... Meree excel sheet per to wo naeen jeet saktay , haan on ground jeetnay ka kuch naeen keh sakta;-)

  • Ch mubshir dsnt have any constituency caz his safe na104 is taken over by ch wajahat and no chance or he will never contest against them that's for sure.

    In Gujrat pti dsnt have any winning candidates at all it's will be fair to say in gujrat u got ch bros and kairas who win one na and one mpa rest is all pmlq.