MQM To Present Shadow Budget 2012

  • Where Is PML-N,

    The Opposition ????????

    Where Is PTI ???????

    Where Is The Shadow Cabinet Of PTI ?????????

    MQM To Present Shadow Budget 2012;

    Economic Vision Of MQM Quaid Altaf Hussain

  • A'nt they the clever ones! they take a lead in every thing

    one technical problem though.....they are in wont be doing shadow budget but the actual budget!

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    Shadow budget means one who can't officially present.

  • How much bhatta revenue shall be collected from the streets of Karachi as per this shadow budget 2012-13?

    How many "khaals" or animal hides would be snatched from poor Karachites in this shadowy budget?

    How many mobiles will be snatched from street goers in Karachi in this shadowy budget?

    Any real figures disclosed for these micro-economic-indicators of MQM economy or just blowing hot air only?

  • Lol....seems more like a shadowy and satanic list of how much moola they wish to collect from Zardari.

  • Just forgot to mention another important indicator for the financial year 2012-13. Although its more of a socio-political indicator of MQM economy than an economic.

    How many innocent Karachites will lose their lives to the gun-wielding-pillion-riding terrorists of MQM in the financial year 2012-13?

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    @karim, @siddiqi73

    You two badly need a cold glass of water.

  • Here's my two cents!!!

    How many NATO containers full of arms and amunition will be made disappeared.

  • ^^^ That's a whole dollar ssmpk! :D

    Here's my two cents:

    How many millions of "Parchis" are supposed to be slipped under the doors.

  • It was alleged that MQM was involved in the looting of many of those containers that contained some hi-tech lethal arms and ammunications on the behest of Babar the ports and ships minister.

    M Qaumi Movement now has the most advanced fire power than anyone else in pakistan and I wont be surprised if pak army and rangers are now afraid of doing any operation in karachi. If any such thing ever happens I am dead sure Altaf from London will declare azadi tahts why no one dares to talk about it anymore.

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    Not just NATO containers, but all the imported containers handed over to IMPORTERS. Before, it goes from the port.

    No issue of NATO containers before this govt.

    Your MASIHA Zulfiqar Mirza was also very frustrated by virtue of MQM just like you. That's why he just shot in the dark like you. But, he didn't gave conclusive evidence against MQM.

    But, he confessed that he gave 300,000 weapons license and used BENAZIR's name to get loans from BANK to establish his sugar mill, MIRZA SUGHAR MILL BADIN.