Turkish Prime Minister Address

  • It is been announced by media that national assembly session has been summoned on Monday evening, and Turkish prime minister will address the session. But why?. May be you do not agree with me, but this is fact that there are two issues before the government.#1 The current government is trying to get foreign help to make the media and Pakistan nation to accept the decision of reopening the NATO supply. #2 This is also an attempt to convice PML(N) to accept current convicted crime minister as Prime Minister. My claim on this assumption is base on the fact that, when Turkish Prime Minister will come to address the session, definitely criminal Yousaf Raza will be there, and if PML(N) attend that session, it means that the game is over on the side PML(N). last but not least, now the nation has come to that point that they will have to listen foreigners to make their internal decision.

  • Lately there has been softer stance from all diehard opponents of NATO Supply line. Looks like their minds have already been made for them.

    Now who is going to cut the ribbon to inaugurate, that is the real question we should be asking.

  • There is nothing to address. Why is he coming?

    Turkish troops are in killing fileds of Afghnistan helping war criminals in following "operations".

    Killing babies

    Burning Qurans

    Urinating on dead Afghans

    Turkey should immediately withdraw its forces from the unjust war. Turkish PM is just lip service and has no credibility

  • Turkey should immediately withdraw its forces from the unjust war. Turkish PM is just lip service and has no credibility.

    R u serious brother?I am sure u have no clue what u r talking about and don't know the man at all.

    Plz read following carefully copied from wiki.

    Turkey – 1,327 troops. Turkey's responsibilities include providing security in Kabul (it currently leads RC Capital), as well as in Wardak Province, where it leads PRT Maidan Shahr. Turkey was once the third largest contingent within the ISAF. Turkey's troops are not engaged in combat operations and Ankara has long resisted pressure from Washington to offer more combat troops. In December 2009, after the US President Obama announced he would deploy 30,000 more U.S. soldiers, and that Washington wants others to follow suit, the Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, reacted with the message that Turkey would not contribute additional troops to Afghanistan. "Turkey has already done what it can do by boosting its contingent of soldiers there to 1,750 from around 700 without being asked", said Erdogan, who stressed that Turkey would continue its training of Afghan security forces

    He is most popular and credible leader who changes Turkish peoples life and boost their economy.He is the only leader who put army generals in jail on their wrong doings.

    He is not just lip service but our coward politicians are.

  • Plz read this too.


    In 2002, Erdoğan inherited a Turkish economy deep in recession due to the financial crisis during the coalition government under the leadership of Ecevit.[citation needed] Erdoğan supported Finance Minister Ali Babacan in enforcing macro-economic policies. Erdoğan tried to attract more foreign investors to Turkey and lifted most of government regulations, with the average GDP growth rate 7.3% during his premiership as he presided over a record 26 quarters of economic growth.[43]

    Since 1961, Turkey has begun 19 IMF loan accords. Erdoğan's government satisfied the budgetary and market requirements of the two on his watch and received every loan installment, the only time any government has ever done so.[44] Erdoğan inherited a debt of $23.5 billion to the IMF, which has been reduced to $6.1 billion in 2010. He decided not to sign a new deal. Turkey's debt to the IMF will be completely paid off in 2013.[45]

    In 2010, Five-year credit default swaps for Turkey's sovereign debt were trading at a record low of 1.17%, below those of nine EU member countries and Russia. The unemployment rate decreased from 10.3% to 9.7% in 2007. Along with the global economic crisis of 2008, Turkey’s unemployment rate jumped to a record high of 16.1% in the January–March period of 2009. In the April–June period of 2010, the unemployment decreased again to 11.0%, compared to 10.0% in the eurozone.[46]

    In 2002, the Turkish Central Bank had $26.5 billion in reserves. This amount reached $92.2 billion in 2011. In the same period, inflation fell from 34.9% to 5.7%, the lowest in 39 years. [47] The public debt as percentage of annual gross domestic product declined from 74% in 2002 to 39% in 2009.

    The World Bank praised Erdoğan for the courageous reforms and the economic stability in the country


  • The presense of Turkish troops under NATO FLAG is same like helping the occupiers. Every occupier says they are in country to help build schools, roads, etc. That is a big lie. Afghanistan has billions of dollars worth Lithium reserves that will be used for cell phones, battery cars, computers and other high tech gadgets and Afghanistan happens to be next to Central Asia-next El Dorado after MidEast oil.


    Turkish troops are 1000's of miles away helping NATO war criminals but they are not providing any concrete help next door to Syrian Muslims under genocide. They have only been accepting refugess. That's all.

  • For all fellows. Here the topic is not that what Turkey is doing and what he is supposed to do. The question is that why Turkish PM is comming to Pakistan at this point, when there are 101 issues in Pakistan unsolved due to corrouption of highest level. This sudden arrival of Turkish PM reminds me the short and sudden visit by Jordan King Abdullah. He visited Pakistan delivered the message of that time dictator Musharraf. What message was delivered by him to dictator, and who was sender of the message,and why king of Jordan was used as a postman on call basis. And again a new postman hired on call basis? Lets see and wait till the mail is delivered by new postman.

  • He is coming to Pakistan as PPP government made it a point to realign Pakistan with Turkey and UAE and abandon Saudi Arabia. This is not his first address, the Turkish Prime Minister addressed the parliament two years back and the Turkish President also visited the country but Pakistani media barely gives them coverage.

    He would be visiting to dispel the impression of international isolation in Pakistan and might also sign agreements including the code sharing agreement between Turkish airlines and PIA which was previously dissolved due to union strikes and media outrage.

  • Beggars have no choice to select their donnors. There is common saying that " In beggar's pot and prostitute womb noone knows that who owns that". At the moment Pakistan is beggar and its present government is prostitute.decision is yours.