Poor A.Rehman Malik snubbed by SSP FIA

  • Poor rehman mailk snubbed By SSP FIA ... Rehman Malik ordered a case to register against Sharifs of Atack on Supre court but SSP told Rehman that this case was erlier decided in Musharf eara and Sharifs Were not found guilty and IF this case will be reopen again then Sharifs wil get political benefit bcoz Court will dispose off that case on 1st Hearing and that case was erlier decided and People involved in that case had peneaized.... So Poor Rehman Malik and IK will plan new startagy ...


  • Hehehehehehehe......Hajjam ki bisti

  • ahahahahahahahahah well said

  • Chaudary Bhai,

    What about the other case?

  • I have no link regarding that ... But so far NAB cases hasnt reopened and I hope that Inn Sha Allah these will also reopened and Inn Sha Will ... Rehman and IK will Weep togethor In Prisidant house in presence of Chaudahraies Of Gujrat............. like that... ohn...onhahao hum nia boltay Courts Biq gayi hain... ohn....onhoonnn

  • @siddiqi bhai

    This is highly objectionable.....

    RM should not have shaved off his half brother IK's head like this......just before he was off to UK to trap rich jewish birds in the night clubs of London

    Ik must complain to the new dady Zaradri on RM's behaviour.....after all he has contributed more to strengthen Zaradri than RM

  • The SC should take up all of these cases immediately and give a merit based verdict. We know that all these charges are crap and politically motivated. Most importantly, had these accusations encapsulate even a shred of truth; Ustad Tabla Master would surely have asked the PCO judiciary in the past to proceed with these cases since Musharraf was being encouraged by Changez Khan to slap both NS and BB with cooked up charges, have them convicted so that he can artificially fill this vaccum.

  • @LHR,

    hahahahahahahaha......I'm sure Rehman Hajjam is feeling pretty unprofessional of himself for dereliction of duty because he always took himself for a renowned stylist working for Tony & Guy...alas, the most recent job he undertook ended up with his esteemed client looking like this:

  • @ Siddiqi Bhai

    U right but Will Poonka Khan accept the decision if Court dispose off these cases ??????? By the way do u know these all cases R of Money landring or High Loan and Low shurity.. and none of these Cases r of corruption means earning through Illegal sources.... Money landring means to transfer of legal money to abroad through illegal ways..... Yani Every Govt accept taht the earning of Sharif family is legal .... And U know no case of Illegal earning regidterd so far against Sharifs......

  • Sid bhai and LHR bahi

    by the way I also shaved my head today ..... So i m in Inqlabi group now......

  • @chaudary bhai

    now you have to find a rich friend who can give you a hitch on his private jet to London.....but considering you are a normal guy ....please dont join IK visiting night clubs by night and collecting chnada by day while in UK

  • @Chaudary Bhai,

    You can shave your head as well as other parts of your body but the gospel fact is that you cannot become an Ilzami unless your head is devoid of a mass called "brain."

  • @siddiqi bhai jaan

    with the last picture sports ministry will be asking too much ....but surely he can claim ministry of culture under Zardari's next govt (whenever that may be) in return for his services and can no doubt bring CHANGE in that ministry atleast

  • @chaudary bro

    i apologise but siddiqi bhai is right....unfortunatley having a brain and able to think logically means you will not qualify to be inqalabi even if you have shaved your head

  • @LHR,

    With his demeanour and tenor, he can surely be the man to head the Ministry of Inter-Sexual Harmony and bring Almas Bobby and Co. back into the social fabric of our society through CHANGE.

  • @ Sidiqi Bhai and 1lhr bhai.

    Ohhoo my all hardWork has gone in vain... I cant be an inqlaabi or ilzaami .... i m on verge of crying now...

  • Rehman Malik, after 2013 Elections!!!

    Will he be staying in Pakistan or will he run away to UK?

  • Personally, I would like this traitor to be caught and hung upside down for having a hand in BB's assasination. But we all know how well connected he is and would most definitely be skimmed out of Pakistan.

  • This poor and illiterate person can not read Holy Quran:


    But the poorer fact is that Karachi University has awarded him PhD on the recommendation of its Chancellor-Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ibad.