Close relatives of CM Sindh denied by CEC of PTI.....

  • Close relatives of Cm Sindh joins PMLN.. I guess they were denied By CEC of PTI..

  • tsk tsk tsk.....has the Soo-Nami started to recede?

  • siddiqi bhai

    soo-nami nahi ZOO-NAMI

  • what does recede mean? does it mean Zoonami now going in nali and gutter?

  • Sorry Kami Bhai.


    Its surely receding somewhere and with it, P0nka Khan would be receding into the annexe of Lady Annabel's mansion ;)

  • but with receding age of the great Khan......Lady Annabel may even withdraw the offer?

    But have no doubt that Pasoori will offer refuge

  • @ 1Lhr Bhai

    dontU think that " naaliyan and gutter has no Helf respect ?? so that U R throwing Poonakaa + Yahodi khan(almaarof Swoor khan) in them .... I guess U shud say sorry to these "naaliyan and Gutters " . Yaar after all they do have some self respect

  • @ 1lhr Bhai

    and plz dont mix "self respect" with our brother "Respect Bahi" ... almaaroof 45% Bogus votes ....

  • @chaudary bhai

    itna bhee bewaqoof nahi key asal respect ki pehchan na kar sakoon

    IK ke cheley door sey pehchaney jate hain.....otherwise they are caught when they open their mouth or write something!

  • Day before yesterday during NS speech in Shikarpur, Sindh Government took back the jammers and bullet car given to NS, but he still continued the Sindh tour. But I think he should be extra cautious

  • @ IP

    I agree with U ..

  • taking back security from NS .... clearly shows frustration and bokhlahat of Zaradri & Co over the successful tour of Sindh

    I also hope it shuts up the critics who regarded PMLN as a party of Punjab

  • @ 1lhr Bhai

    They will nevor stop calling PMLN as a Punjabi party even if pmln won next elections form other provinces as well.. They will call it due to "Patwaries and teachers"

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  • F@rting session has begun folks cause Razia Appa is around.....take cover, fire in the hole!

  • The people highlighted in the picture have not joined the PML-N.

    The following have formally joined PTI (just to name a few):

    Khursheed Kasuri: Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs PML-Q government.

    Owais Leghari: Federal Minister for Information Techonolory PML-Q government

    Jehangir Khan Tareen: Federal Minister for Industires in the PML-Q government

    Ghulam Sarwar Khan: Federal Minister for Labour and Manpower and Overseas Pakistanis in the PML-Q government

    Sardar Asif Ahmed: Federal Minister for Education in the current PPP government

    Shah Mehmood Qureishi: Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs in the current PPP government

    Faiz Tamman: Former PML-N MNA who was asked to resign from his NA seat as the Supreme Court discovered that he had contested the elections with a fake degree.

    Now, I am not pleased with the Humkhayal thingy as it necessitates compromises and criticism from others, but critics ought to look at their own or other parties as well

  • @sharpsaw

    Bhai G U forgot the fllowing names

    1. Abdul Aleem Khan (Biggest Gabaza Geer of Punjab history in Musharf eara)

    2. Kichi Brothers ( Who benifited from NRO and Loan Writeoffs against them Plus Bdamshs of Vehari

    3..Zafaar Warich... He is My uncle mean Cousion of My Father .. he Is badmash and Qabza geer plus Most corrpt politicain of Rahim yar kahn History.. sorry Uncle zafar if u read that but fact is fact..

    4.Zheer Abbas Khokhar.. who is corrupt plus he was in patriot Group as well ...

    5.. Sikandar Bosan... Ex Fed.minstor from Multan

    6. Miyan Azhar ... Who founded Q league..

    and there R many more names .....

  • Who can forget these assorted cast of characters as well:

    • Mian Mehmood-ur-Rasheed - Kicked out of JI for misappropriation of party funds. Known gangster and Land Encroacher of Lahore. Recently had one of his real estate assets seized on orders of court for defaulting on a Bank Loan

    • Ejaz Chaudhry - Another JI lota who harbours deepest sympathies for extremist and terrorists and is a regular among the regressive Mullahs of DFC

    • Ijaz Khan Jazi - Part of Qabza group of Rawalpindi

    • Zaheer Khokhar - Again a land grabber from Lahore and as big of lota as a lota can be. Contested 2002 elections on PPP ticket, jumped ship, joined patriots, ironed Mushaaraf's uniform for five years, contested 2008 elections on PML-Q and got his behind handed on a platter to him

  • bhaio abhee to razzia nay fart marnay ka irada hee kia tha kay aap nay usay constipation karwa dee ;-) . Inqelabi bhaion ko ye facts na bataya karain kion kay sharam unhain aanee naheen hain aisay hee unhain burnol khareedni parh jati hai ;-)