Pics of PMLN Protest Rally in Nawabshah-Zardari City

  • can pti clean sweep .... Please send one worker to my street as well ...for sweeping it clean ;-)

  • Sister Taimy,

    Please look at that picture again through a rather keen and discerning eye and then comment.

  • I am your brother, bro siddiqi73! What is wrong with you? Or have you forgot to take your medicine?

    Anyway, I maintain what I said. Nothing compares to a fake leader getting himself cooled down by using a cooler while his workers are burning in heat in the same jalsa!

    And look how he hides the cooler, thinking no one will see it!

    There is a reason NS is known to be the dumbest politician around!

  • @ZSD,

    PTI will clean sweep - meaning, just like a sweeper sweeps dirt, PTI will sweep bad eggs of Pakistani politics. ;)