100 Reasons for PML-N, NOT to resign from assemblies.

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  • The only reason which every one know in pakistan is ,,,Because they can't get these sets back after election.

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  • @eagle_pk,

    Is that the reason Imran Khan did not resign under Musharraf?

  • (1) Budget coming up they will need money for elections.

    (2) If they leave then they cannot have influence on election commission as much as they would like, don't forget bogus votes they want a part of that action as well.

    (3) They do not have man power to do a long march, that is why they are wondering around and asking other parties to join them.

    (4) lastly people cannot be bothered whether they do or not, they claim they respect the CJ, however when they were in power they kicked the back of CJ. Also they suggest they want law and order, have they seen the state of Punjab, and lastly they say we are corruption, if Zardari is N01 corrupt then NS is N02 corrupt in country. The 2 biggest crooks of Pakistan.

    Do they think people are still living in fools paradise?

  • (3) They do not have man power to do a long march, that is why they are wondering around and asking other parties to join them.

    Lol...people tend to have selective dementia on Long March of 2009 when it was purely a PML-N show while the Prince of Kiddington Hall was hiding in the loo of Goldsmith Mansion at Banigala. Speaking of manpower, are we ever going to witness that million men agitation against politicians who are yet to declare their assets despite the lapse of that warning given six months ago?

  • @Respect,

    1- Funny thing is that PTI thinks that opposition will get some "cash" from upcoming budget.

    2- If PMLN leave, then they cannot get neutral caretaker government plus election commissioner, which is what PTI and their partner PPP want.

    3- Yes Long March ... where Imran Khan went into hiding and Nawaz Sharif led it and got the judiciary restored

    4- Lets see who disrespect CJ.

    In 1997, the CJ Sajjad Ali Shah was thrown out of Supreme Court unanimously by Full Bench of Supreme Court, not Nawaz Sharif.

    In 2000 when first PCO was issued by Musharraf and 17 top judges were kicked out including CJ Saeed-uz-zamman Siddiqui, Imran Khan was fully supporting General Musharraf.

  • (In 2000 when first PCO was issued by Musharraf and 17 top judges were kicked out including CJ Saeed-uz-zamman Siddiqui, Imran Khan was fully supporting General Musharraf)

    The irony and perfidy in these actions were that not only was the judiciary kicked out by a dictator but a certain P0nka Khan was very much part and parcel of the military junta, sharing the bed with Musharraf and holding P(o)TI CEC meetings inside the Presidency. Did IK ever protest to the general or raised his voice in favour of Saeed-uz-Zaman Siddiqui?

  • I'll give you one reason for the PML-N to not resign from the assemblies--at least not until the PTI intra-party elections.

    If Imran Khan's reasoning for the PML-N to resign all its MNAs and MPAs from the National and Provincial assemblies is assumed to be true for the sake of argument, then:

    The PML-Ns immediate resignations from the assemblies will enable elections within two months in which case there will be no time or reason for the PTI to conduct its own intra-party elections, continue with its membership drive or prepare for the actual elections.

    The tsunami could easily go bust!

  • Siddiqui bhai, Musharraf ne Nawaz ki mazaay se kafi waat lgi aur Nawaz ko bagnaa praa Pakistan se. Ab ko Nawaz bi bhool chuka hai apni bez-izzati, aaap bi bholl jien.


  • @adnan045,

    Nope, not at all! To us, Ustad Tabla Master is nothing but a relic from an ungrateful past. On the contrary, IK owes everything he got including that precious ONE seat from Mianwali and of course Sheroo to Mushraaf:

  • @Proactive,

    Bro, PML-N resigning from assemblies or when they are actually going to resign from the assemblies is a matter which should not be a cause of any concern to the Sheep Herd or their SMS Party.

    What the people by and large want to know is:

    • Why did Imran Khan become an MNA of a rubber stamp parliament which came into being as a result of bogus, engineered and fraudulent elections held under the supervision of a military junta?

    • Why did Imran Khan continue to receive remuneration, benefits, development funds, perks and free airline tickets from that unconstitutional parliament and was also a member of the Kashmir Committee

    • Why did Imran Khan continued to enjoy his MNAship right up till October/November 2007 and very conveniently resigned right before the elections of 2008, sighting "call of conscious."

    • Lastly, what in the cotton picking world is that Feudal landlord Owais Leghari still doing in the Parliament?

    • Lastly, what in the cotton picking world is that Feudal landlord Owais Leghari still doing in the Parliament?

    Awais Leghari is not resigning because it will make no difference according to Imran Khan (on Capital Talk) whereas the PML-N should resign because it will make a difference. Then again:

    1. Shah Mehmood Qureishi resigned (even though it made no difference).

    2. Javed Hashmi resigned (even though it made no difference)

    3. Sardar Asif Ahmed Ali resigned (even though it made no difference)

    Imran Khan stated in that same edition of Capital Talk that they can ask Awais to resign. Either he hasn't asked him to resign on principal irrespective of the government going down, or Awais is not listening to Imran Khan and is still in the party. This in itself tells us what a hollow tsunami it is.

  • ^^^^ Not only is it hollow but destined to be receded into a sewer.

  • PMLN should not resign or do long march because in democracies 6 months prior to elections you campaign for elections, you don't resign or do long march to have elections couple of months earlier instead.

  • @Proactive,

    First of all, as you say, SMQ resigned, JH resigned, and a whole host of other people who joined PTI resigned from their seats. Many of these leaders are clearly bigger in stature compared to Awais Leghari.

    Then to even think that Awais Leghari could reject the party's demand (if it exists) to resign from his seat is to show stupidity of the highest order.

    The sample fact is, as Imran explained in Capital talk and in other programs, that PTI has no policy of forcing any of its new joinees to resign. The decision has been left to them. Many of them resigned out of their own conscience and viewpoint.

    Awais Leghari is of the opinion - and his case is very strong - that he was elected on an anti-PPP mandate yet it was his party leadership, and not him, who betrayed the party agenda and allied with PPP. So he says he is ethically eligible to maintain that seat since he has not changed his stance and is standing with his people (who gave him anti-PPP mandate).

    As for resignation, it is demanded of PMLN to show their sincerity since PMLN asked PTI for cooperation against government. If they want early elections, their resignations would entail that. Secondly, they can't have one leg in power and one leg in opposition. Awais Legahari's resignation is disconnected from this issue. Only a defensive and low mindset can connect these two.

    As for the substance of Tsunami - as opposed to your "hollowness" argument - check PTI's boycott of fraud and unimportant by-elections. All the big guns and heavy weights who joined PTI had to follow PTI's party policy of boycott, even amidst difference of opinion among some leaders (at least as reported by media).

    Some opportunists even left PTI due to the boycott and joined their old dens - example, Tahir Rasheed from Multan.

    Doesn't this show the substance and direction of Tsunami?

  • Reasons

    1. Upcoming Punjab budget. PMLN needs this budget to fund its election campaign...

    2. Publicity from Punjab treasury, PMLN needs this to increase publicity by schemes such as Laptops.

    3. PMLN needs govt resources to hold public rallies and school teachers, officers in civil uniform and patwaris to attend them.

    4. Election commission (time will tell whether it is mukmukka or not)

    5. PMLN does not trust the awaam. If PMLN resigns from Punjab assemblies and PPPP refuses to call fresh elections... then what PMLN will do? They wont even be able to go to the Awaam for support because the awaam wont support them. This is why they are scared of PPP's dheetness.

    Agar awam ki party hoti tu bolti hum resign de rhe hain agar by elections kiya tu tumhare saath acha nhi hoga q k awam hamare saath hai...