Greece is likely to quit Euro.Will it disintegrate whole europe?

  • salam

    one thing is for sure that vast number of ppl in greece r anti austerity... yet german chancellor backs it, whereas others don't. so, they have divided opinion in G 8 summit.

    if greece quits euro then the wave won't stop there. i think next country to leave euro will be spain then portugal, italy etc.

    frustration and anger in greece and in some parts of europe r on higher side, they want their country to leave euro. in the next election the party that will be anti austerity will have an edge.

    for greece and its masses quiting euro will be a good option as ppl don't want further cuts.. whereas, for other countries germany, france, US, england they want it remain in euro zone as still they have huge investments in euro. although ppl in europe r pulling out their funds in euro from banks.

    May ALLAH bless Pakistan and Pakistanis.