Dr.Samar Mubarik on Solar Energy

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    Watch from 12 min to 15 min where Dr.Samar Mubarik says taht solar energy is only for daylight.

    Any expert oponion.

    In my humble oponion , Dr.Sahib is either ignorant or intellectullay dishonest. Please correct me if wrong.

  • SA

    I have been involved in few solar project by myself, these projects had to be installed on the Mediterranean side of Europe, i cannot disclose all the information but some information which have been already released by the project owners is as follows: ( this information was released during the talk shows, advertisements for fund raising etc)

    1. Solar Energy/Power is the fastest when it comes to installation, that is six months and the plant is ready to deliver, no doubt about it...

    2. The plant is extremely fragile in nature, the cell/plate can be damaged and only solution is the replace the plate...hence the maintenance is high compared to other Alternate energy plants

    3. In Euro-Zone, the govts are subsidizing the tariff, that is it is not possible to provide cheap electricity from the solar there are many reasons for it, the cost of plates, the maintenance of the plant and efficiency of the plant it self, which at best is around 60%

    4. Solar Panel is at best when used at individual level, just like in US, where people have installed them on their roof tops, generate electricity for their consumptions, because it is easy to maintain a small set of plates/panels/cells!

    5. Instead of looking into Wind and Solar as our base for energy, we should concentrate of small hydel and large coal based projects, Pakistan's Gilgit Baltistan region alone have a capacity to Generate 10-20 Thousand RUN-OF-RIVER Power Generating projects, which if started today would be ready to deliver in 3-5 years time and that is a cheap and reliable source of electricity.

    6. We can go for Wind, Solar and Wave projects, but that is when we run out of the options for going for Hydel and Coal...

  • Thx amer for your expert oponion.

    Can you please comment that is solar energy is only for daytime ???

  • SA,

    That depend on the kind of storage device (inverter) one may install along with the panel to consume this kind of energy, same goes with wind and wave energy...

    Like some UPS with the right kind of inverter and battery lasts for 3 hours when there is no electricity, and then there are few which last few minutes only!!!

    Dr. Sahib have just got bit emotional on this i guess!!!

  • thx amer.

    I would say that he is intelluctual dishonest.

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  • SA

    Though it is common impression that in US, it is available to everyone and a common option, the cost feasibility limits it. For an average individual consumer household, the costs of installation and maintenance takes 15+ years to break-even.

  • I think for Pakistan, Hydel is the best option. Punjab is in dire need of electricity and it is the powerhouse of Pakistan's economy.

    Alternate energy is not reliable and it is not sufficient enough to make an impact on industry.


    I heard a rumor that you can install a roof mounted solar panel at your house for mere Rs 150,000.00, is that true?

    Is solar panel technology available in Pakistan?

  • RQ & QN

    Here in australia , Solar energy is very common and govt gives rebates to convert to solar as well. almost All the new homes also solar eneragy installed .

    Solar is qutie expensive and its capital investment is quite huge . Quite agreed to that.

    Would u guys mind commenting on Dr.Samar's comment that solar is a daytime option onlY ? I think its a big booongi'

  • Sure I will but in the meantime I would like to give something else for you to chew on: geo-thermal energy. I still have to do further research but it may be relatively cheap and low maintenance compared to other sources.

  • SA,

    Though I am not an expert at power generation butit seems like a Bhongi to me in fact everything coming out of his mouth is a Bongi. I read somewhere that Thar coal, or any coal extracted in Pakistan is not of high quality, its very low quality coal which can't be used to generate power.

  • QN


    Punjab is in dire need of electricity and it is the powerhouse of Pakistan's economy.


    Rest of country is littering with electricity ??? And since when punjab has become the powerhouse of pakistan's economy. Look at the population of punjab and then its productivity.

  • http://www.lincenergy.com/underground_coal_gasification.php

    Dr.Samar has cliamed that there are projects with UGC (underground gasification of coal) producing 80000 MW electricity. Aboe link clearly contradicst that.

    Dr. Samar , after copying North Korean/Chienese misslies , probably considers him a 'great' scientists. i always doubted his intellectual capacity but to me he is totally exposed now.

  • Here in Ontario-Canada solar energy farming is booming rapidly. Not only that, government is also providing incentives to the common people who are willing to install the solar panels at their property. Government buy the energy from the individual consumers and supply this back into the system. Not sure from where Dr. Samar getting his facts.

    On a side note, I am getting tiered of our nuke scientists... why they think they are master of all??

  • Dusky

    These r 2 number scientist. Atomic program ,they used the dutch technology and for missiles they copied chinese/north korean technolgoy.

    I was just reading that here in australia there are only 3 pilot projects for UGC and out of those 2 have already been shut down.

  • SA,

    I had a first hand experience of that. Faisalabad, Gujranwala and Sialkot triangle of Punjab has suffered the most. Last year when I was in Pakistan, we had load shedding but it wasn't as bad as it was reported in Punjab. Actually, since Punjab has the biggest urban population in Pakistan, it is bound be the most effected area.

    Plus the 18th amendment didn't help Punjab much either.

  • یہ سائنس دان نہیں بلکہ ٹوپی باز ہیں ، پاکستان ایٹومک کمیشن کے ایک اور سائنس دان بشیر الدین نے کہا تھا کہ ہم جنات کو استمعال کرکہ بجلی پیدا کر سکتے ہیں ، یہ منصورہ سے نکلے ہوے نظریاتی سائنس دان ہیں جنہوں میں مادہ پر ریسرچ نہیں بلکہ الہامی کتابوں پر کی ہے

  • QN,

    Do u know how much electricity punjab generates and how much it consumes ?

    Do u know whats happening in Karachi or Balochistan ? Balochistan which has been feeding the natural gas for last 60 yeards doesn't consume even 3% of total.

    But lets not get into that debate, thats altogher a different topic.

    If punjab is getting more hit , its pretty natural because it doesn't have that much resources.

  • SA,

    I just stated a fact and you cannot deny that Punjab suffers the most, rest is just political BS.

    Do you know Punjab has the lowest rate of electricity theft and unpaid bills compared to all other provinces. I know places outside of Punjab where they don't even have the concept of power bills.

  • ذلان، یہ ممکن نہی ہے کے وہ منصورہ کے نکلے ہووے نظریاتی ہوں اور "مادہ" پر ریسرچ نہ کی ہو.