NATO Supply, PM Disqualification & PML-N

  • What do you think about PML-N stance on these issues?

    Do the PML-N have a clear stance?

  • PML-N is the only political party in Pakistan with a very clear stance on these issues.

    NATO Supplies: Pakistan should not be used for war transportation. There should be an end to Afghanistan conflict and our soil should not be allowed by combatants.

    PM Disqualification: Yousaf Raza Gillani has been convicted by the Supreme Court and consequently PML-N does not recognize him as legitimate PM of the country. He must resign immediately. That is the reason the PM boycotts every session in which Gillani participates as a PM.

    On the other hand, various inqilaabis are now burrying their heads in sand with Inqilab Khan running away to London to seek guidance from his masters.

  • Lol.....Ilzami Kidcos wondering about a "Clear Stance" of PML-N on different issues when their own Naswari leader is not sure if Zac Goldsmith is still his Brother-in-Law or not :D:D