Most worst hypocrisy ever

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    تو آپ اوپر منہ کرکے مجھے دیکھ رہے ہیں؟؟؟؟

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  • Why you missed out so many proven cases of hypocracy??… What about SIKANDER HAYAT BOSAN (Federal Minister for Minfal in Musharraf’s government). His role in the wheat scandal (of September2007 is known to everyone when he exported wheat at US$200 per ton and after the hue & cry of acute wheat shortage, the same wheat was imported at the cost of $415 per ton?

    What about sugar-don JAHANGIR KHAN TAREEN, (Federal Minister of Industries under General Musharraf) who minted $$ Millions during the sugar scandal of 2006?

    What about AZAM SWATI, of timber mafia and bribed many people during the by-election in NA-21 Mansehra?

    What about ZAFFAR IQBAL WARRAICH the former State Minister for Interior during General Musharraf's regime when Lal Masjid was bombarded with phosphorous bombs?

    What about AJMAL CHEEMA who was involved in the misappropriation of funds in PSIC. His son, Bilal Cheema, is a proclaimed offender in the murder of three eunuchs in Sialkot?

    What about the gambling den owner IJAZ JAZI and bogus degreeholder FAIZ TAMMAN. Do you want to give them a “chance”?

    Rule should be applied to ALL and no one should be exonerated just because they had a "holy bath" or have joined so-called "Tsunami".


    Another hypocracy is the default story of

    Nawabzada Mansoor Ahmed Khan (CNIC number 35202-6830317-9) son of Nawabzada Nasarullah Khan.

    According to the annual report of Habib Bank Limited (page-148; serial 19)

    the founders of PDP (Pakistan Democratic Party, now merged with PTI) have defaulted on loan obligation of Rupees 67 lakhs. But hypocrat & blind Imranis cannot see the Nadani that these sons of Nawabzada are all bank defaulters, duly reported as DEFAULTERS in the annual report.

    Similarly, Abrar-ul-Haq, a singer who has been inducted in PTI is also a defaulter of an NGO in Sialkot.

    On one hand Kaptaan Imran Khan Niazi has been sloganeering against defaulters and on the other hand he has merged them in his party. What a height of hypocracy!!


    All Pakistanis remember Imran Khan's comments on 12th May 2007

    when he said MQM is different because they first attack and then project themselves as aggrieved.

    He blamed MQM for terrorizing Edhi’s son:

    he promised that no “reconciliation” will be done until justice is done with the blood of 50 people killed by MQM on 12th May 2007.

    On 27th May 2007 Imran Khan said that MQM is a mafia, whose “don” is Altaf Hussain sitting in London. They rely on blackmailing and harassment. They are extortionists.

    Similarly, Imran Khan was also thrashed by MQM:

    But these hypocrats have started playing a new game when Altaf Hussain sought help from Imran in Punjab:

    Every word written in this news item, written more than a year ago, seems very true!

    Burying the hatchet:

    Either the Imranis are suffering from MEMORY LOSS or are unable to speak up due to HYPOCRACY.

  • More on these Lotas Cheemas who are now P(o)TI's office bearer out of Sialkot and how their Scion first molested and then killed a Eunuch......

    SIALKOT, Feb 3: District Police Officer (DPO) Muhammad Ameen has declared district nazim’s nephew and former Punjab industries minister’s son Muhammad Bilal Cheema a prime suspect in the murder of three eunuchs.

    Bilal along with two accomplices had allegedly murdered the eunuchs after molesting them in Adalatgarha near Uggoki locality on Nov 5, 2008.

    Bilal is the son of former industries minister Ajmal Cheema and the nephew of District Nazim Muhammad Akmal Cheema.

    “No one is above the law,” the DPO said while talking to reporters at his office here on Tuesday.

    The DPO said earlier they deliberately kept all the evidence against the suspect secret, but it had become an open secret by now. However, the DPO assured transparent investigation of the case, saying nobody involved in the case was being subjected to political victimisation.

    He said his investigators had seized Bilal’s cellular phone set from the crime scene. He said the scanning of phone set’s data revealed the filming of several clips showing Bilal molesting the eunuchs before they were murdered.

    The police had all the evidence available in this phone set which was required to connect Bilal with the commission of the offence, he said and added that the phone set data had also revealed Bilal’s other sexual activities.

    There were several nude and obscene movies of Bilal in the seized phone set and even a lot more information about his family’s sexual obsessions, details of which I felt ashamed to dilate upon, he said.

    On the basis of this evidence, the DPO said, the police had declared Bilal a prime suspect in the triple-murder of eunuchs.

    He said another eunuch, who was injured in the grotesque episode but survived in the end, had already recorded his statement before a local court. The victim had stated that Bilal and two companions molested them and later killed three of them by firing bullets to conceal their crime. The victim had also said that Bilal lost his phone set while fleeing from the scene hurriedly after fulfilling his lust.

    The DPO said porn movies stored in the set memory had established the fact that Bilal was present on the spot, both technologically and biologically.

    He said DNA test of semen traces of which were collected from the bodies of the victims indicated that they all belonged to one and the same person, leading the police to infer that Bilal was present on the crime scene.

    “However, a few millilitres of Bilal’s blood was yet required to confirm that he was present on the crime scene biologically,” the DPO said. He said the police were trying to match the DNA of semen traces with that of Bilal’s blood samples or of any other member of his family, including his father Ajmal Cheema or his uncle Akmal Cheema.

    He said if Bilal did not make himself available for the DNA test, the police would be compelled to get the blood samples of his father or uncle tested for matching the semen’s DNA within a week.

    “We invite the members of Cheema family to produce the prime suspect before the police for further interrogation. We will provide them every opportunity to prove their innocence. If they succeeded in proving their innocence, they will be exonerated, otherwise they will have to face the long arm of the law,” he said.

    “There is an open offer for them to get the investigation of this case conducted at any desired place, even in any mosque, to show their scion is not guilty,” the DPO reiterated.

    He said he and other senior investigators held four separate meetings with Ajmal Cheema and Akmal Cheema during the last two weeks and showed them all the evidence against Bilal available with the police.

    But, the DPO said, it was unfortunate that instead of producing the prime suspect before the police, the Cheemas helped their scion flee from Pakistan by deceiving the police. He said they had come to know that Bilal fled to the United States on a Qatar Airline flight on Jan 24.

    “Now, we are contacting the Interpol for the arrest of Bilal from the United States,” the DPO added.

    Investigations SP Rao Muneer Zia told reporters that they would soon present all the evidence collected so far before the local court to get the suspect’s arrest warrants issued and subsequently we would arrest Bilal with the help of the Interpol.The DPO said they sent Bilal’s summons to his family, but they did not receive, nor did they produce him before the police.

    He admitted that when service of summons through ordinary means failed, the police raided the Cheemas’ Model Town residence to arrest the suspect a few days ago.

    The DPO categorically refuted Akmal Cheema’s claims that he was being subjected to political victimisation by the police, and stressed that it was a normal course of investigation of a horrendous crime which had not originated from any sort of political vendetta.

  • Siddiqi Bhai,

    Nooners getting their undies in a bunch over Cheemas of Sialkot is understandable since they are allegedly involved in the murder of noons biggest support base aka eunuchs.


  • On one hand Kaptaan Imran Khan Niazi has been sloganeering against defaulters and on the other hand he has merged them in his party. What a height of hypocracy!!



    کوئی منافقت سی منافقت ہے



    ایک چہرے پر کئی چہرے سجا لیتے ہیں لوگ



  • @Qaisar,

    Than why is it so that "One of the Eunuchs" is still loitering around pkpolitics?


  • @Siddiqi Pakistani xphat : Musharraf ki govt mein me flaan ke chacha ki phosphi ne Car park ka ticket pay nein Kia tha. NGO ka defaulterhai Lolzzz noon league Nowaaz ki bongiyun ko defend tuo kere.