The Belief of people here

  • Well, after writing on this forum for few weeks, I am really disappointed with the thinking process of most here..

    For example, the political discussion revolves around the one concept " The people from rural areas will vote for the same landlords, feudal lords, sardars etc, and every discussion revolves around how many sardars and feudal lords are switching sides.

    I believe that we are under estimating people here. I am urdu speaking from Karachi and can see that most people here are from Punjab, but most think that people in Punjab are some sense less people who will always act like robots and will keep voting for sardars and than their sons and on and on.. I believe that things are changing, even people from interior are becoming more and more politically aware, and next elections will prove this.

    Things are changing..

  • times are changing bro. just show us rest of excel sheets so that we know how much change has prevaailed and how much to come

  • I am not working on excel sheets any more, they are taking so much time, I need to work :) and I believe in Pakistani nation.

  • iftikhar sb,

    And if elections results r not as per wishes, then u won't expect them ? right ?

  • Elections results have to be in-line with surveys results of internationally reputed bodies. They are in every democratic country, why not Pakistan?

  • have to be

    Seems like a moral binding and legal obligation:)

  • The issue i am discussing here is the mindset of some people here who think that people of Punjab are not humans but some kind of mind less animals or robots that will keep voting for the same sardars for generations. I believe that things are changed now, but many minds are unable to gauge change happening around. This is why I believe the results will be shock of the life for many here.. I live in Karachi, and every one talks about Imran Khan here.

    You know the city from where Imran Khan is searched most on Google is ??? Multan... Second.. Faisalabad.... Third? Rawalpindi..

    But again, all these stats represent nothing..

    and idots here call these people burgers

  • then y to conduct elections? Aren't surveys enough?

  • @Iftikhar bhai,

    What if same electables are elected in in next election, would you consider people of Punjab same as you mentioned them?

  • same electables say aap kee murad leghari, khakwani, tareen, bosan, tamman, qasooree, asif ahmad, ghulam sarwar, manj, khokar etc etc to naeen ??