Another scandal of CM Punjab........Looting poor people from Metro Bus Scam

  • This could be the mother of all scandals and bring catastrophe to the lives of poor who were so used to travelling on busses and will now have to get used to of travelling on this Metro-Bus service....Who knows what a metro bus is!

    • "32 kilometer long metro bus service project" this is going to connect Raiwind to the main city centre for personal benefit of NS and family!

    • "level boarding would be arranged for the disabled and old age passengers" making their life a called Khadim-e-Ala has no sympathy for even the disabled and old age people.

    • "hot weather of Punjab was not less than a blessing for citizens"....coming up with a comment like this makes me wonder the state of mind of this SS

    • "due to the high standard of metro bus service, the people belonging to elite segment will also prefer to travel with common man"......yeah right

    • "...will give an eye-catching look naturally"....Frau-e-Ala is now even claiming credit for natural beauty as well!

    No doubt he has picked this idea from the masterplan prepared by J Tareen .... but incompetent CM couldnt even copy it properly!

  • Last point should say Fraud-e-Ala (not Frau-e-Ala)

  • @ Ilhr Bahi

    Supreme Court and High courts shud Take SueMoto Notice on that "Mega Corruption" and I suggest IK to annonce a Long march against this corrupt-e-aalaa

  • @chaudary

    bhai this is a serious matter....SS as CM should take the initiative and file a case against Punjab govt?

  • @ G yes right ... I guess we shud start protesting in front of our respectice Press clubs to provke the autherities..

  • I have heard of Metro and have heard of a Bus

    But what is Metro-Bus? Anyone??

  • yeh machar lickman ko batao

  • This is copied from PTI's manshoor which is yet to be prepared and published..

  • @LHR,

    But what is Metro-Bus? Anyone??<<<<<

    Just so that your are not educated in Mass Transit, Metro-Bus is a service which starts from Zaman Park and travels non-stop to its final destination in Banigala, Islamabad. If it deviates from this set path, like from instance starting from Lahore Cantt Station and going to Raiwind; it will be considered a failed scheme and not worthy of appreciation.

  • Hahah 1LHR are you in senses....have you seen the route..its kalma Chowk to Chungi..(Not Raiwind)

    Metro Bus is a tram like service.

    Level boarding means comfort not misery.

    Are you sure you have all screws in copied half sentence to fool people. The sentence was

    "He said that the air-conditioned bus service in the hot weather of Punjab was not less than a blessing for citizens."

    and you copied

    "hot weather of Punjab was not less than a blessing for citizens"

    This is worst than a Jahil a remote area..with no aqal and who lives like an animal...and uses half sentences to preach wrong things.

    I am sorry but dishonesty of this level is not expected on this forum.

  • @Achoota,

    are you sure no roads between Kalma Chowk (whatever is left of it) and Chungi goes to Raiwind?

  • Khanamr, This is Ferozepure road connecting Lahore-Kasur.....and if you see its a straight path where they are building tram route in the middle of road with no can only serve public transport as there is a huge inlfux of low cost workers from Qianchi, Youhanabad etc to city.

  • @khanamer,

    Kindly note that there are roads leading from Chungi to Raiwind but they are only accessible to the voters, supporters and leaders of PML-N only. Anyone else besides the aforementioned people are actually stopped at Kalma Chowk Flyover and are asked to establish their PML-N affiliated bona fides before allowed to proceed further. I was in Lahore about 10 days ago and this is how I protested at such discrimination:

  • @ Achoota,

    I knew it, see, this road have access to the canal of lahore, and that goes directly to the Raiwind Palace, i am sure SS have some personal interest in having this route, otherwise why would he do it!!!

    And have Govt of PUnjab announced any tender for it??? i heard some company from some country was ready to provide this service for Rs.0.25 per person per trip!!! whatever happened to that, i believe there is some high level corruption involved in it.... that is why that company ( Muhashar Luqman will soon find out the name of the company and country of its origin, so hold you horses on that)was not given the contract...

  • @Sid,

    i am sure you Ghairat Mand Leader, and Baghi and Queshi will never use this fly-over!!!

  • @khanamer,

    No self respecting individual would use these routes. As for my leader, SMQ and Daaghi...sorry, Baaghi, they have a dedicated worker in the form of Jehangir "Trump" Tareen who loans his private jets and helicopters for personal transport.

  • That is a blunder.Is the whole Punjab centered in Lahore?

    Building Roads and Paving the streets is one thing,but covering a whole canal in Lahore with safe guards and walls,while majority of population of Punjab lacks drinking water and then starting a metro service in Lahore while there are no rads at all in most of our rural areas is another thing.

    PMLN is acting like a child who tires to prove his worth by showing of his knowledge and intellect in front of the elders.Sometimes it is really enjoyable and even the elders laugh to encourage.But in doing so,sometimes the child also commit some big blunders and the elders then have to slap him to show his value and worth.

  • @sid

    That is some ghairtmand leadership, but what if they use it?


    SS is dumbass, he didn't knew that such projects which is starting first time in Pakistan should be started from Rajanpur or Ghotki and not from any Urban that the private investors just stay away from the projects like these!!!

    and that is even true to the other countries where cities like Mumbai and Newyork have all kind of facilities but Mallegaon and Alaska have close to nothing when we compare the both... some racists i must say!!!

  • @Achoota

    • "Hahah 1LHR are you in senses"

    You can laugh as much as you want but its tax payers money like IK's and JT's which is being wasted on poor people

    • "have you seen the route..its kalma Chowk to Chungi"

    No I have not seen the route but i have always been told that NS/SS will not do anything that does not benefit them personally

    • "Metro Bus is a tram like service."

    What do you mean "tram like"....either it should be tram or Bus? Or was it attempt of copying the CHANGE slogan from IK and putting in practice?

    • "Level boarding means comfort not misery".

    You Nooners can coin own meaning of words to benefit NS/SS..... I know this already

    • "Are you sure you have all screws in copied half sentence to fool people".

    Make sure the screwed up CM has got all the screws in place for this "tram like" service otherwise alongwith poor people Sharifs can encounter accident when travelling on this "luxury service"

    • "This is worst than a Jahil a remote area..with no aqal and who lives like an animal...and uses half sentences to preach wrong things"

    But they do have a right to vote...isnt it...who will they vote for?

    • "I am sorry but dishonesty of this level is not expected on this forum"

    Now Sharifs will dictate the meanings of honesty and dishonesty.....

    Go and read the article again without blinkers!!!

  • @ Sid Bhai And khanamer Bhai

    I have said erlier That Supreme Court shud take notice of that on At least 2 grounds against SS............................. frist is" Mega corruption" and 2nd is No one except PMLN worker is allowd to sit in the Bus..... In My opinion SS Shud hanged....