Imran khan koun say halqay say election laray gay? aur un ki safe seat kounsi ha

  • imran khan ki tehreek e insaf aglay election k baad imran khan ko primeminister dekh rahee hai. lacon kuch logon ka nazdik khud imran khan ka assembly pounchna mashkook hai. kio abhi tak un ka pass koi safe halqa nahee hai.

    kia KPK main imran khan ka pass koi safe halqa hai?

  • ji han ha


  • Anywhere just name it:) and even bogus votes will not help u:)

  • Imran Khan's constituency = www.facebook. com

  • Imran khan will contest from NA1 PESHAWAR against ANP ghulam ahmed blour..then in lahore may be from modal town or defance areas..still in lhr he cant win against pmln good candidate..he will contest 4rm his home seat MIANWALI NA71 jahan se wo pehlay he out ha..he will contest from fata too..imran khan kpk k elawa her jagah se har jaey ga..but in kpk wo kisi bhe seat se jeet sakta ha except sawat and banu..

  • IK will try to contest from a dozen constituencies, that is from KPK, from FATA, from Lahore, from Mianwala, from Multan, from Quetta and from Karachi and any where else were his political ally PPPP asks him to contest.... as we all know he did that in 1996-97 elections... at that time he lost miserably in all the seats because of no ground work.... this time he have done some jalsas here and there... so he and his party thinks that he is already a PM

  • Our great leader will contest from every constituency which exists on planet earth, even if that constituency happens to be NA-123 in Lahore. His past electoral success which is etched in the length and breadth of this country, would put all his detractors to shame:

    Kindly hit "Cntrl+F", search our great leaders name and see for yourself how he lifted the whole of Pakistan off his feet in 2002 elections:

  • @sid

    Will Imran Khan and his party will contest elections? that is big question mark because thanks to JUI-F, Fazul-ur-Rehman, PPP may bring in a biased election commissioner, now that can have some effect on the out come of the election results...

    Now we all know that PTI aka IK have always said that they will not contest elections if they are not going to be free and fair... so, with PPP's election commissioner in charge, will PTI as a party and IK as an individual will contest elections or they will prefer boy-cot ?

  • Well at the moment IK is concentrating on party and party elections so the general elections are not being considered

    Party elections are more important particularly that Hashmi has joined PTI as he could be an aspirant of party chairman too with his baghi baghi attitude and can give IK a tough fight

    although more dangerous is SMQ as he has lots of mureeds and to counter Hashmi he can get all his mureeds to register for PTI voting and become party Chairman

  • @1lhr

    What about others?

    Khakwani etc? are they going to contest this intra party elections???

    and when you say that mureeds (read: zombies) of Qureshi have joined PTI to cast their votes in favor of Qureshi, do you think Hashmi have done nothing to counter it??? and what are IK's tactics to retain to the seat of Chairman???

  • @khanamer

    pl dont underestimate the importance of independent CEC...If CEC is appointed without consultation of PTI the largest party per yougov poll conducted on internet by a UK based agency than the elections will be unconstitutional and PTI will not participate like in 2008

    .....Surely IK will not take NS instructions this time to boycott and it is yet to be determined whose advice will be followed for boycott

    CJP must appoint Hamid Khan as CEC as he has extyensive experience of carrying out free and fair elections for PTI UK recently

  • @khanamer,

    Just so that you need some enlightening as to how "we" the honest and dedicated workers of PTI elect our leaders internally. We have claimed that each and every office bearer of our party will be elected through an intra party election, an announcement in this regard was made on 13th March and on 19th March our great Chairman after sensing that the Baaghi in Javed Hashmi and SMQ were planning to jump ship, he immediately gave them a lollypop of President and Senior Vice President whereby their exodus was prevented for the time being. This is called political acumen and shrewedness of our great leader and speaks volumes of his political equanimity.

    Please note that every living soul in our Tehreek is subject to contest the elections even its for the Janitor at Insaf House in Islamabad for which Khaqwani is a strong candidate along with Ghulam Sarwar. As for IK's tactics to retain the seat of Chairman, he will boycott the elections and hence "Na rahay gi bans na bajay gee bansari." Again, you would have to commend the political inginuity of our leader Imran Khan.

  • @khanamer

    Yes but Hashmi's mureeds are limited as compared to SMQ's, may be due to his past association with Nooners

    Not sure if IK will stand in elections as he always promised to pass the party leadesrhip to someone younger at the right time and Hashmi is a good candidate

  • @LHR,

    I endorse your view point, brother. IK's CEC was actually lobbying for the Chairmanship to go to Abrar-Ul-Haq but instead, Imran Khan out his weight in favour of Javed Hashmi who is a much younger and energetic candidate than Abrar-ul-Haq.

  • @1lhr

    So you are saying that there are bright chances that IK can boy-cot elections, man if he does that, then to me he will be man of his words, i mean, he knows he can win/sweep elections and yet he boy-cot elections just because the Election Commission is not free and independent!!! that will be some move i say

  • @Sid

    is there any internal election commission kind of thing in PTI? i mean if every one can or will contest elections then who is going to to vote who and who is going to count the votes and who is going to announce the results?

  • IK will fight frm Mianwali and Swat.

  • @fanthoori

    provided there is free election commission and elections commissioner is not biased, otherwise as IK have said and done before, he may boy-cot election process all together and his party members just support any party, may it be JUI, PPP or PML-Q's candidate at their will!!!

    To me, PTI contesting elections means there is free and independent election commission and PTI aka IK believes that the Chief Election Commissioner is not biased and is a fair person with the ability to conduct such exercise!! what do you have on this? do you agree ?

  • Malak waris and Farhan@

    ap dhono meri tarah mianwali k ho .ap ye thu kehtay ho k IK k NA71 sai jeetnay k kohi chance ye thu batao k Ubaid ullah khan or Malak Hammad ka aisa kon sa karnama hai k ap ko lag rha hay k wo IK ko aram sai hara dein gai.

    Any Briliannt project of both .........plz tell me

    Or Any better political movement of both in mianwali.....

    plz plz bata dho ta k mjay b mianwali k in 2 azeem leadero k kam ka pata chal jahay

  • @khanamer,

    This is where the politics of Imran Khan beats the rest of his opponents lock, stock and barrel. The intra-party elections are announced, the Zombies, sorry..the dedicated supporters of Deen-e-Insaf are going door-to-door to induct new members, the euphoria has reached a crescendo and right at the zenith of this campaign....Imran "Moses" Khan would boycott the elections on grounds of undertaking a world tour to solicit donations for his SKMH and NUML.

    The PTI supporters at first would be hugely disappointed but Abrar-ul-Haq has been tasked with organizing a huge musical show on the grounds of Hazoori Bagh and treat the Insafis to world class music and naach gana of Attaullah Khan Isakhelwi, Veena Malik, Strings, Shahzad Roy and Shazia Kushk. This eye wash us expected to dissipate the disappointment of Insafians and knowing them, it would be an exercise in triumph.