Punjab : Health dept falls short of proper den-gue preventive measures

  • The efficiency of the NS1 test as the criterion to confirm den-gue in a patient is still being debated upon when the Punjab Health Department in a novel attempt at evading criticism and hiding facts about a probable dengue outbreak in the coming months, have not even provided the district hospitals across Punjab the kits required for conducting the prescribed NS1 test, putting the lives of an entire population at risk, Pakistan Today has learnt.

    According to details, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif formed a dengue control group with several eminent professors on board. The board, under the chairmanship of Services Institute of Medical Sciences (SIMS) Principal Professor Faisal Masud was charged with handling the epidemic and to propose recommendations for better management of the disease and its patients. The professors recommended that the NS1 test should be the criterion to confirm the presence of the dengue virus in a patient, instead of the traditionally used Eliza-based IgM and IgG tests. Moreover, the entire district and provincial bureaucracy was motivated to act to cope with the unprecedented dengue epidemic last year.

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  • They have eradicated D E N G U E from this forum.. Pity Tehreek's Aedes aegyptis were wrecking havoc here so admins must have carried out fumigation. You should congratulate them..Slowly and gradually we'll get rid of Pity's Aedes aegyptis from entire country.. until then,bear with us..

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  • So what measures people have taken to kill the larva of this mosquito? are they spraying regularly? are they keeping their area clean and tidy? are they following the instructions to avoid d e n g u e?

  • does this mean SS has killed off the Leading den-gue virus which propped up last year in Punjab only....or just moved it to London...while the young den-gue viruses are hiding of fear of SS?

  • Srilankan are still fighting since 25 years but with the great efforts of SS, Punjab is getting rid of dengue.

    Very good effort from Punjab govt.

    Meray PTI aur PPP kay doosto. Just praise SS for this step only. Jo ucha kaam ho aap ko praise bhi kurnii chahiyay.

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