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  • Many of the Fellow bloggers recently raised questions about the Funds collected and thier utilization by IKF for the Help, support and rehabilitation of recent Flood affectees.

    Fact of the matter is IKF has made the Audit Report Public in an event held earlier this month; Copies of the Audited reports were provided to Journalists/Media.

    Following is a Summary of funds collected and the Projects carried out by IKF.

    IKF Board Makes Public Declaration

    10 May, 2012

    The Pukar Campaign, launched after the 2010 floods has positively impacted the lives of over 2 million of Pakistan’s neediest and most underprivileged citizens. Touching over 40 districts of Pakistan, from Gilgit-Baltistan to Sindh, Pukar has established a truly national footprint. Details of the program were released at a press briefing held on May 8th at the Avari Hotel in Lahore. In his remarks Pukar’s principal flag bearer, Imran Khan emphasized the need for transparency and accountability in any organization that deals with public funds. He also presented to members of the press in attendance copies of audited reports compiled by an internationally reputable firm that verified the Imran Khan Foundation’s compliance with existing accounting standards in Pakistan. The IKF CEO Naseem ur-Rehman then made a presentation in which the utilization of funds were declared. In the area of Relief work, the campaign spent Rs. 9 CRORE on essential food items, medicines, temporary shelters and safe drinking water. The largest ever Seed Distribution Program by an NGO, worth 54 CRORE, rehabilitated the lives of over 140,000 farmers, touched the lives of a million people and restored 250,000 acres of farmland. The flagship program, that of Village Development and Reconstruction has, at a cost of Rs. 83 CRORE ensured that over 3500 homes in 14 districts are rebuilt to withstand floods. Along with the homes, village infrastructure (sewerage, drainage, street pavements, solar lighting, biogas, schools) is being developed as well to ensure that the lives of those who lost their homes are not just restored but transformed for the better. So far 1100 homes have been delivered and it is anticipated that by the August 2012 all the homes and their villages infrastructure projects will be complete. He also stated that in addition to the cash donations of Rs. 163 CRORE, donations in kind (shelters, food hampers, homes) conservatively worth Rs. 27 CRORE had been distributed as well. Once the Village Development Program is complete on August 31st 2012 it is anticipated that the Pukar Campaign will reach its conclusion.

  • On the Following link you can find the 'Action Map' of IKF's different relief work

  • Model Villages in Swat

    Village Reconstruction nears completion in Swat

    09 Feb, 2012

    A fundamental part of Imran Khan’s vision for the long term rehabilitation of Pakistan’s rural population is village development. It is envisioned that approximately 40 flood affected village communities all over Pakistan will be reconstructed using a participatory approach to social development; through the combined efforts of the IKF and the local communities. While there are considerable challenges that stand in the way of success of such an ambitious program, the IKF is proud to report that it is well on its way to success in Damana, Qandeel and Ariana villages of District Swat where just over 1000 residents are set to move into the 145 newly constructed homes that they themselves have built in collaboration with the IKF and its implementing partner Sarhad Rural Support Program (SRSP).

    These communities, were utterly destroyed back in July 2010, following the flood waters as they passed through KPK. Since then the residents have been living in transitional shelters, sharing homes with their relatives with some even living in tents. As it stands now, even the land that that they used to farm on has been washed away. The local communities however, have not been deterred and when the IKF arrived on the scene to socially mobilize the residents we found a most willing volunteer corps ready to work with us. The Community Elders Network (CEN) helped the IKF to chose its Young Village Volunteers (YVV) without whose hard work this reconstruction project might not have been possible. While it is expected that the reconstruction portion of the work will be complete sometime in April 2012, this is only the beginning. The IKF’s integrated approach to village development will require their consistent input and ability to do the heavy lifting in order to ensure an educational facility, a basic health unit and a community/skill development center and/or mosque can be constructed as well.

    For now though, please take comfort in the fact that thanks to your support, the IKF has been able to give hope to at least 1000 residents of Swat that their better days may yet be ahead of them.

  • So as after collecting Rs 2 Billion, all they did is seed distribution? ( as per the action map)

  • Model Village Dera Ghazi Khan

    Village Development takes off in Dera Ghazi Khan

    11 Apr, 2012

    On the east bank of the Indus River, some 30 plus kilometres from the city of Dera Ghazi Khan there is a cluster of Bastis, about 10 in total, where some of the neediest and most ignored farmers reside. These farmers, from the Kishani, Pitafi and Sikhani clans had borne the brunt of the 2010 flood. At that time, IKF Relief Trucks had provided essential relief items to those farmers and their families.

    More recently, the IKF has returned to the area, this time to offer a new hope of a brighter future to the residents of those Bastis. Over 300 flood proof homes have been approved for construction. Work is underway with the first 100 homes having reached the DPC Level. A total of up to 350 homes have been sanctioned by the IKF Board with an anticipated completion date of June 30th 2012.

    Once construction work is completed the IKF will begin socially mobilizing the population to prepare for interventions in the areas of education, agriculture and health care. In keeping with the IKF philosophy of transforming lives, our real work begins after construction. Stay tuned for further updates as the IKF has now expanded its Village Development Program to Sindh as well.

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  • Model Village - Dera Ismail Khan

    Village Development begins in Dera Ismail Khan

    19 Mar, 2012

    The IKF has expanded its Village Development Program in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to include the Union Council of Malana in the tehsil of Prova of District Dera Ismail Khan. Here, three villages have been selected for reconstruction and rehabilitation; Jhok Essar, Jhok Qureshi and Jhok Tirali. The project’s scope calls for a total of 185 homes to be built along with basic village infrastructure, including sewage, drainage, village streets, lighting etc. Once complete, it is anticipated that over 1600 villagers will benefit from the project.

    This is yet another example of the commitment the IKF has made towards the uplift of Pakistan’s flood affected people. In the coming weeks we will continue to update you on the progress in DI Khan, as well as other locations in Baluchistan, Sindh & Punjab, where an additional 1000+ homes in 20 villages are also underway.

  • Ghizer’s Farmers Offer Feedback on Potato Seed

    Ghizer’s Farmers Offer Feedback on Potato Seed

    21 May, 2012

    A small group of 25 jubilant farmers met with an IKF team in Yasin Valley to express their views on the impact of the IKF’s potato seed distribution program in Gilgit-Baltistan. The initiative worth Rs. 13 Million, spanned all 7 districts of the province and catered to 3000 of the neediest farmers in Diamer, Gilgit, Skardu, Ghanche, Hunza-Nagar, Astore and Ghizer. It was initiated after positive feedback was received from beneficiaries of last year’s program, whereby certified wheat seed was offered as an input to those who had lost their seed stores and standing crops due to heavy rainfall and landsliding.

    At that time, the IKF’s primary concern was food security. This year, taking into account, the advice of our partners and the beneficiaries, potato seed was offered as an input to the poor farmers, so as to provide not just food security but economic security as well. Potato seed is the foremost cash crop in all of Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) and is relied upon as a consistent source of income. However, due to the fact that farmers in GB tend to be poor, the repeated use of poor quality potato seed has served only to reduce the fertility of the soil along with its productivity.

    To combat these negative trends, the IKF, based on advice it received from the Federal Seed Certification Dept and with logistical assistance from the Gilgit-Baltistan Dept. of Agriculture acquired 5000 bags of Kuroda, Asterix & Santee varieties of high quality potato seed. In fact, it is asserted by the Agricultural experts there that the sowing of high quality potato seed will not just increase output, it will repair the soil from the damage that has been caused by years of single cropping with poor quality seed. Despite delays caused by the prevailing law and order situation in the Northern Areas, the seed made it to their respective destinations in all 7 Districts of GB in time for sowing.

    As soon as the law and order situation permitted, a two person monitoring and evaluation team traveled to Gilgit-Baltistan on May 15th 2012. The two team members, Naseem ur-Rehman and Isfundiar Kasuri met with 25 farmers in the Union Council of Taus, which is located in the scenic Yasin Valley. Gumburi Khan, one of the farmers we met with informed us that the community had banded together to raise the funds required to transport the seed from Gilgit to Taus. They have also vowed to share the seed they collect, after harvesting, with their fellow farmers who could not benefit directly from the IKF potato seed distribution this year. In this way, the IKF hopes that the participatory approach that is key to its own strategies for social development, may enable the subsistence farmers of Gilgit-Baltistan to not just help themselves but to lift up their communities with them.

    It is anticipated that potatoes will be harvested starting the end of July. Stay tuned for a more comprehensive report on the success of the program after the harvest is complete in August.

  • High Quality Potato Seed Arrives in Gilgit-Baltistan

    High Quality Potato Seed Arrives in Gilgit-Baltistan

    06 Apr, 2012

    Despite the prevailing security situation in Gilgit, the 2012 IKF’ Seed Program is underway. In 2011, over 3500 farmers benefited from the distribution of certified wheat seed. Given the better than expected results and overwhelmingly positive response from the Department of Agriculture and the beneficiaries, this year’s potato seed distribution, will positively impact 5000 of the neediest and most underprivileged farmers in the province. In keeping with the IKF’s principle of providing life sustaining inputs to the rural poor, high quality varieties of disease free potato seed, including Kuroda, Asterix and Santee are being offered to the farmers, who are spread over all 7 districts of Gilgit-Baltistan. So far, 500 farmers in the vicinity of Gilgit have received seed.

    It is important to note that in addition to the obvious economic benefit of cultivating potato ( a premier cash crop in GB) to the farmer the IKF has anticipated numerous other development needs will be met as well. For one, the provision of free seed to the farmers results in a 40% drop in their expenses related to cultivation. Secondly, the climate and terrain are ideal for potato cultivation. As such, there will be a substantial multiplier effect in the long term whereby Gilgit-Baltistan may experience a noticeable increase in the production of high quality potatoes. Lastly, and perhaps most important, the IKF’s goal of giving its most underprivileged the ability to take ownership of their lives cannot be understated. We will keep you abreast of any further developments in this regard.

    Stay tuned for information regarding the upcoming seed distribution in 4 districts of Sindh.

  • IKF Villages emerge in Southern Punjab

    **IKF Villages emerge in Southern Punjab


    09 Feb, 2012

    In District Rajanpur, the IKF has taken upon itself to rebuild 18 village communities in the Union Council of SonMiani. Not only will 2800 flood affectees benefit from having their homes rebuilt, a complete upgrade of infrastructure that includes the construction of 3 new schools, a basic health unit and a community/skill development center.

    Of the 309 homes planned in the 18 villages of UC SonMiani, 100 have already been delivered to residents whilst the rest are at different stages in the construction process. It is anticipated that the construction of homes will conclude in April 2012. Given the integrated approach to village rehabilitation that the IKF has embarked upon, infrastructure will be developed as well, including street lighting, paved footpaths, cove

    In keeping with the IKF’s emphasis on community participation, social mobilization efforts are underway and Village Level Operation & Maintenance (VLOM) training is to be provided to the corps of Young Village Volunteers selected from within their communities. Worht a mention, the owners of the homes are directly involved in the their construction. In this way, the IKF hopes to instill a sense of ownership that is vital to the growth of any community anywhere in the developing world, including Pakistan. Stay tuned for further sewage and effective drainage systems in all the villages.

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  • IKF CEO Naseem-Ur-Rehman Making a thourough declaration of the Pukar Campaign's Use of Public Money

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