January 2011: imran"s daughter & Jemima Tweeted

  • Jemima Khan sparks controversy after ‘stepdaughter’ tweet

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    London, Jan 12 : Twitter is in a frenzy after Jemima Khan tweeted about her ‘stepdaughter’ on the micro blogging website.

    Her mother, Lady Annabel Goldsmith said that her daughter’s comments on Twitter, the social-networking website, have left her bemused.

    “She hasn’t got married. I don’t know who she’s referring to because he [Janklow] doesn’t have a daughter, as far as I know. It’s a complete mystery,” the Telegraph quoted her as saying.

    Her boyfriend Janklow, 42, who works for the literary agency, Janklow and Nesbit, co-founded by his father, Mort, in New York, is believed only to have a son by his former wife, Julie.

    “Jemima has never been happier,” said a chum of the socialite, 36, who has two sons by her former husband, Imran Khan. (ANI)


  • There's no doubt about this as to whom she's talking about, she is the one and the only sister of Ilzami kids aka Aapi Tyrian. Even I read this in another british daily yesterday and was thinking as to why Jemima tweeted this.

  • Be careful . There may be two or three step brothers of Tyrian . They will become angry .

  • This post is deleted!

  • well such things do happen to children....when one parent passes away and the other is not willing or capable to look after the girl child. Very unfortunate


  • Maryam nawaz din mein dopata Islam ka pachar rat ko baap ke chookidar ke sath rangrallian. These are filthy dual face hypocrite and so called thekedaar of Islam. Look at sharif family are they true Muslim is this is Islam. Give us n islam a break and don't try to sell religion at least. What about tahira syed what about dilshad begum what about Kim barker what about expilicite toys and triple x movies in sharif family possession. 900 chuey kha ker billi haj ko chali we all knw how brutal and greedy this sharif family is they are blood sucking bugs of Pakistan.

  • استغفراللہ استغفراللہ - کسی کو کوئی شرم حیا ہی نہیں ہے

    ایسی تصویریں صرف لچ تلنے والوں کا ایمان خراب کرنے کے لیے لگائی جا رہی ہیں

    ہم اس سازش کو خوب سمجھتے ہیں

    :) :)

  • I thought jemima had only two sons and no other child from any other relationship

  • But here is what IK's former wife and bringing up IK's children 2 boys and an unacclaimed girl asked on her twitter....she needs help from Ilzamees


  • Hahahahahahaha....I'd go with Chardonay :D how winely the name sounds ;)

  • @ Razzian Bahi

    Atleast in Maryam's Case we cud see a Nikkah ........ I s there any Nikah In Seeta Issue ?????

  • @IP,

    Tryian Khan is the daughter of Sita White, the mother of all PMLN!

    Remember, NS beseeched his sister Sita White to come to Pakistan and give statements against IK, but Sita White spitted on the bald crook's face just like Kim Barkar did much latter!

    As such, since Sita White is the mother of all PMLNers, Tryian happens to be their sister, for which they show so much concern!

    BTW, their other sister is Maryam Nawaz, via whom they share a special relation with Capt Safdar, the Wardaati!

  • @Ch,

    How did "Nikah" occured? There's a whole story behind it, for which you are appropriately referred to Rana Sanaullah who will tell you about the dude Capt Safdar and his "shock and awe" in the Palace of Raiwind!


  • @ Abdul hammed

    Waht evor U say Buddy in frustartion but the fact is that There is Nikaah ... But Can U show A nikah in Seeta and Galeez Kahn case ??????

  • @Ch,

    So much concern for Sita White, after all she is the mother of PMLN!

    BTW, if I commit Zinnah with a girl, and then latter marry her, did I not commit a crime?

    Secondly, NS was trying to commit Zinnah with Kim Barkar, or at least he was trying to be her p!mp, but she refused. This does not mean NS is a good person.

    If he doesn't get the opportunity because he is bald, fat and has non-charismatic dumb personality, it does not mean he is a pious person.

    However, there are stories about him which are quite authentic that he tried it on Tahira Sayed, etc.

    Also, how the Paleed Sharif family treats women is revealed by their conduct with Aisha Ahad.

    And then, what about dirty toys recovered from Shahbaz Sharif when ISI raided his bedroom?

    All in all, Sharifs are corrupt to the core, both morally and financially. You better not go down this road.

    We will strip PMLN naked!

  • @ Abdul Hameed Bhai

    do u four Gawah abt Ziinah in Maryam issue ?? or some one b/W Maryam or Safdar blame taht zinnnah accours ???? While in Seeta case We dint have Four Gawah but Seeta has Blamed Gaalez khan of Zinnah...... ABt Kim barker .... Did she said taht Nawaz has sex with me or did she use the words that Nawaz offer her a Sex ???? No bro she didnt say taht .... She said that Nawaz offered her a friendship..... secndly she didnt said abt frndship in Court while Sheeta accused Gaaaleez khan of Zinnah in court and This Gallez khan proves guilty in court and declared as Zaaaannni ... So he has now declared a Official Zaaanii ... Waht is Punishment abt Ziinah in islam... I know that we cud not Implement "Hadd" On this Galeez Khan becoz he is proven guilty in court but Four Gawah R missing But "Taazeer" Cud be Implemented......

  • @ Abdul haammed

    By teh way what happend to ur old Id ?

  • Most kinky two times prime minister of Pakistan NAWAZ SHAIRF exposed


  • now what has this with pakistan politics to do?

    Again my request to admin: take action to close this thread instead of deleting my comment!!


    اڈمین جی ۔ اس تھرڈ کو یا اس قسم کی دوسری تھرڈز کو اگر اپ بند نہیں کریں گیں تو اس میں جو بے ہودہ اور بے بنیاد الزامات لگا کر مسلمان گناہ پر گناہ کما رہا ہے اپ بھی اس میں حصہ دار ہونگے ۔ اگر ایسی تھرڈز جو بے بنیاد الزام تراشی پر مبنی ہیں اور جن کا پاکستانی سیاست سے دور تک کوئی تعلق نہیں اگر شروع میں ہی بند کر دی جائیں تو بات اتنی اگے نہ بڑھے ۔