3 - Questions from Malik Riaz to CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry

  • Riaz, holding a pocket Holy Quran in one hand, questioned Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry before the media. “I have come here with the Holy Quran, just like the chief justice did. I have three questions for the chief justice.”

    1. Riaz asked the chief justice to tell the nation how many times they had met during the night, and if his son Dr Arsalan Iftikhar did not know him. “Was he not there in the meetings?”

    2. He further asked the chief justice to disclose how many times the prime minister and the CJ met at his partner Ahmed Khalil’s residence.

    3. “Place this Holy Quran in front of you and tell the people: for how long have you not known about this? Why did you not take a suo motu then? Why did you take a suo motu only when the media broke the news?”

  • Yaar..it is clear to me Riaz Malik is under lots of pressure for whatever reason. I dont think he is merely an actor in a conspiracy.

    Is Riaz Malik implying he and CJ have met three times chupkay chupkay?

    CJ is actually a CR (chupa rustam)

  • I think even more important question is whether alleged meetings took place before restoration of the CJ or after.

  • عدلیہ کو خریدنے اور بدنام کرنے کے نتایج تو اب بھگتنا پڑیں گے

    حکومت اور اسٹبلشمنٹ کی دلالی کی ہے تو اب چیخیں کیوں نکل رہی ہیں؟

    اب حکومت اور اسٹبلشمنٹ کو اپنی مدد کے لیے بلاو - یوں پریس کانفرنسیں کرکے رونے دھونے سے کچھ حاصل نہیں ہونے والا

    کوئلوں کی دلالی میں منہ تو کالا ہوتا ہی ہے

  • Now, can someone tell me how Arslan and his family including CR's wife were spending millions in Europe's trips and CR did not know about it??


    CR must resign and he must be called in to submit his statement in the case.

    Ghairat Brigade and CR used to demand resignation on the basis of accusations, now CR is tasting his own medicine.

    Now what kind of a statement is this by a judge? Is judiciary a political party?? These politicised judges are making a mockery of justice and causing irreparable damages to the system.


  • @ bsobaid

    کیا آپ بتا سکتے ہیں کہ ملک ریاض یہ سارا کھیل کیوں کھیل رہا تھا اور کس کس کے کہنے پر کھیل رہا تھا؟

    کیا وہ اس کھیل کے نتایج سے بے خبر تھا؟ اگر بے خبر نہیں تھا تو اب رونا دھونا کس بات کا؟

    اس طرح تو ہوتا ہے اس طرح کے کاموں میں

  • Question) So what kind of Chief Justice meets with property don in hiding to resolve cases of his son??

    Answer) The judge who takes oath on PCO and asks dictators to make him a Prime Minister.

    These are serious allegations and CR have lost his credibility for the post.

  • I dont care about Riaz Malik and his rona dhona. I care about our judicial system and CR's kalay kartoot.

  • @ bsobaid

    خود ہی سوال کرو خود ہی جواب دو

    اب رونا دھونا کس بات کا؟؟؟؟؟

  • کمال ہے

    آپ کو ریاض ملک کے رونے دھونے سے غرض نہیں ہے تو

    یہ دریاں کیوں بچھائی ہوئی ہیں اور مرثیہ خوانی کیوں ہو رہی ہے؟

    فرنٹ فورم سے ذاکر کیوں بلا رکھے ہیں؟

    :) :) :D :D :wink: :wink:

  • There is already another thread active for the same BS

    Anyhow nice to see Malik Riaz crying

    Love to see crying puppies of Zardari

  • since day one, i am telling that this chief justice is dirctly involved in this extortion with his son. That is why, he was trying to use Qruan to protect him and his son.

  • This crook CJ has been badly exposed. it's so enjoyable.

    This hypocrite was the hero of this illeterate awam and that low IQ imran khan. Today, they must be burning. HAHAHA

  • عبید بھائی

    یہ شام غریباں کب تک جاری رہے گی اور دریاں کب تک بچھی رہیں گی؟

    کون کون سے ذاکر تشریف لا رہے ہیں؟

    کیا کوڑھی محلے سے بھی پر سوز ذاکر اور مرثیہ خواں بلا رکھے ہیں؟

    کیا ہر کسی کو شرکت کی اجازت ہے یا یہ محفل صرف کوڑھیوں اور مراسیوں کے لیے مخصوس ہے؟

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  • since day one, i am telling that this chief justice is dirctly involved in this extortion with his son.

    How is CJ directly involved in this case?

    Where is the evidence?

  • @ Zia M

    بس ہے ناں چیف جسٹس اسمیں ملوث. کیا ثبوت دینا ضروری ہے؟

    ملک ریاض نے کہہ دیا، کیا یہ کافی نہیں ہے؟

    افسوس والے گھر میں آ کر سوال نہیں کرتے - بس دریوں پر بیٹھکر شام غریباں سنتے ہیں اور ماتم کرتے ہیں

    ماتم بحریہ ٹاون - ہائے سپریم کورٹ ہائے سپریم کورٹ

    :) :) :D :D

  • Bawa,

    Frankly my friend, I dont understand your logic.

    Why is Malik Riaz rona dhona is so important to you?

    He is making gigantic accusations on CR which is raising a big question mark on the whole institution and awami trust and you are simply not buying this argument because you hate Zardari.

  • @Bawa,

    بس ہے ناں چیف جسٹس اسمیں ملوث. کیا ثبوت دینا ضروری ہے؟

    ملک ریاض نے کہہ دیا، کیا یہ کافی نہیں ہے؟

    Yes, this is exactly what CJ used to say in his rulings.

    Bass hein naa yeh corruption mein mulawwis..Ansar Abbasi ne keh diaa, kia yeh kaafi nahi?

  • @ bsobaid

    کچھ نہ سمجھے خدا کرے کوئی

    چلیں ماتم کریں

    ہائے سپریم کورٹ ہائے سپریم کورٹ

    :) :)

  • As much as I like truth to come out but I am also afraid if CR is implicated I doubt anyone else will ever be able to take up missing persons cases like CR did.

    yehaa hurr doodh mein mengniaa kion nikal aatee hein..