NA-151 Multan-IV: By-polls on 19 July 2012

  • 2008 Results:

    Sikandar Hayat Khan Bosan (PML-Q) 45,765

    Syed Ahmed Mujtaba Gillani (IND) 150

    Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani (PPPP) 77,664

    Shahid Parvaiz Dogar Advocate (MQM) 203

    Muhammad Lateef Ansar Sial Professor Lajpal (IND) 636

    Malik Majid Bucha (PML-N) 18,413

    Sikandar Bosan has gone to PTI so I'm not sure whether he will contest the by-polls. PML-N looks weak on this side of Multan so it looks like that the PPP has the best change to win this seat comfortably with Gillani's son being reported to be the party's candidate.

  • expected Candidates In NA 151..

    Abdul Qadir Gilani or Fiza Gilani or Fauzia Gilani... PPP

    Ishaq bucha( 3 time formar MPA ) .................... PMLN

    Sikandar Hyat Bosan............. PTI or IND. or PMLN...

    I m frm Multan and Ya Gillani is Fav... But if Bosan and Ishaq joins hands then there wud upset....

  • It will be Bosan and Gillani in collaboration and bunny winning easily... :) democracy is best revenge and PTI will help PPP in revenge like they did on the day when Gilani was punished the court. They collaborated with PPP and they were able to say that people have decided against SC. So chill and enjoy... Don't waste energies. iK is collaborating outside and others within the assembly... So PMLN is against rest of the world eleven..and as per new standards of our society they are idiots, egoistic, stubborn and don't know how to play politics. They should have calculators in their hands like all others and negotiate with zardari like all others to prove their political worthiness....pity the nation..

  • @ Achota Bhai..

    I agree 100%

  • YRG was a corrupt PM but establishment, primarily Judiciary, made him hero. Gilanis will double their margin.

  • I would love to see the reaction of PTI supporters if the PPP candidate defeats PML-N by a comprehensive margin especially if the PPP starts saying that the people of Multan have supported democracy and have given their verdict against conspirators. If still PTI supporters rejoice just because a PML-N candidate was comprehensively defeated, then this will be a good manifestation of their mentality.

  • @Achoota

    The more PTI clandestinely supports the PPP, there could well be a time that the anti-PPP media will understand what's going on and realize their blunder in excessively promoting Imran Khan and could well go out of the way to bring him down with facts and evidence. Listening to Imran Khan's latest interview with Talat, I think a paradigm shift is occurring within the media with regards to their attitude with Imran Khan.

  • I havealready said that if PPP , PTI make an alleince against PMLN in Punjab ... Than PMLN got lose atleast 50 potential NA seats....

  • @chaudary801

    If PTI do make such an alliance, many of their anti-PPP voters can easily leave them as they will feel betrayed and deceived by PTI and might even vote PML-N instead.

    By the way back to the original topic, why do you think that PML-N is not as strong in the Cantonment area of Multan as opposed to the androon e shehr area?

  • Conflicting news are coming out about either Sikander Bosan or his brother running the election against Jr Gillani either as independent of on PMLN Ticket. PMLN are reluctant to give another PTI lota ticket in Multan, as they lost their last home seat by giving a PTI lota ticket. Lets see by tomorrow decision will come

  • Shirazi

    YRG was a corrupt PM but establishment, primarily Judiciary, made him hero.



    کوڑھیوں کے ہیں ہیرو کیسے کیسے؟

    کل اندھوں کا کانا راجہ بھی کوڑھیوں کا ہیرو ہوگا

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  • @ Sharp Saw Bhai

    PMLN traditionally wins in cantt area but Cantt area isnt more than 5% of Total halqa.... almost 75% area of that Halqa is Rural... while 25% is Urban .... Now if PTI contest then PMLN and PTI will share the urabn vote... and if PTI boycotts then PTI's Urban vote go to PPP as was Happend in bye election of PP 194... But it is not importnt.... Important thing is that 75% halqa is Rural and Gillani has done lots of Devolopement work here... Yes he done massive Corruption in Multan works as weel and Quality of work is way below ... But still people of Rural multan likes him.... if Sikandar Bosan contests on PMLN ticket then we might see a competetion bcoz he also holds his personal vote of 30 to 40K in Rural areas plus Party votes of PMLN in urban area makes him a strng canidate ....but Gillani is fav. in any case sue to following resons...

    1.... Gillani has done Lots of devolpment work...

    2... He is Gaddi nasheen

    3... PPP has some votes in Rural area

    4... In Boycots case PTI,s Votes wll go to PPP.

    5.... PPP is master of Rigging while Shabaz will not send Govt Machinary in elections as we all know that waht PPP done in Na 148 and got 93000 while PMLN in na 149 on hashmi seat didnt do that and PMLN candidate just got 38000 votes.. and also PMLN lost bye election of PP 194...

    6... Mega deveolment projects will be annaoced frm PPP and I guess PM Raja rental will also visit this halqa....

    so my guess is easy PPP win if Sikandar and Bucha dont unite.......

  • @chaudary801

    So you're basically saying that PML-N is very weak and on the verge of being almost finished in Multan and that the PTI factor has definitely helped the PPP in reducing its opponents votes.

  • no not at all... PMLN is still strng , My guess is that PMLN will win 4 NA seats in next gebral elections as compare to 2008 where they only won 2 NA seats.... I m saying that if PTI contests then they will get fresh votesr plus majority of PPP votes atleast in Multan.... Yes they will damange PMLN as well but they will damage ppp more than PMLN in urban areas...

    and If PTI boycotts then their Vote will go to PPP... becoz they hate PMLN. while this election is Rural election and Landlords will go for PPP this time ... In Genral elections I m seeing a much more contest rather than a bye elctions... Plus Sikandar bosan is important ... if he joins PMLN then PMln will compete...

    By the way PMLN will win the urabn seats of Mulatn like Na 149 and NA 150 in 3 way fight ... but will lost one of them atleast in 2 way fight

  • آئندہ آنے والے دنوں میں اسکندر بوسن تحریک انصاف چھوڑ سکتے ہیں اور اس حلقے سے ضمنی انتخاب لڑ سکتے ہیں، ذرائع لچ تل پارٹی

  • and BRO i again say that PTI has damaged PPP most.... and in 3 wat contest PMLN wil end 1st , PTI wil end 2nd and PPP will finish 3rd in Urban seats .... na 149 and 150....

  • Not only NA 151, in coming general elections, Yousaf Raza Gilani will be leading election campaign for PPP as hero, warrior in all over the Pakistan. peoples of Pakistan will welcome this hero like Z.A Bhutto and Benazir, for his principle stand to protect constitution and stand tall against this politicized pco chief justice .

    Chief justice, Noon league conspiracy against PPP will going to backfire. peoples of Pakistan will destroy these conspiracies.

  • msyedh Bhai....

    Welcome back dear... Where U have been ? .... I hope All was well..

    Bye the way U Shud first appreciate my comment as I Worte Gillani as fav. in NA 151 even i m PMLN fan( Lol)

  • and if CJ is PCO than why PPP supported Abdul hammed dogar as he was Double PCO judge ??? mean CJ ifikhar only 2002 took oath on PCO while This Swoooor Dogar Took oath on PCO two times .. one in 2002 and 2nd in 2007... Plz tell why U PPP guys nevor spoke aginst Him????

  • chaudary801@

    Thanx you brother for asking, I was away for short time, from my home. Plus, i am not full time participant. Whenever i have time, i log in, to enjoy and learn from these discussions.