NA-151 Multan-IV: By-polls on 19 July 2012

  • Gillani won by about 4k votes.

    Now Bossan will join PMLN.

    Most of Pak politicains want to become MNA no matter from which party they contest.

    I want to highlight PTI politics in PUNJAB.

    PTI can win seats in Punjab if they somehow (by any means) show that PMLN is not popular and strong. So PTI leaders say they are going to bycott the election..... but internally they are supporting anti PMLN candidates. This strategy will work in two ways(according to PTI leaders)

    1. It shows PTI is against this gov

    2. PMLN is not popular in Punjab now

    This plan worked successfully in PP-194 (where shahid mehmood supported PPP candidate Bhatti).

    But here in NA-151 PMLN leaders realised this PTI technique. So PMLN made a counter-attack on PTI leaders i.e withdraw PMLN candidate and support indipendant candidate. In this way PMLN got two benefits:

    1. PMLN is against PPP that's why PMLN withdrawn his candidate.

    2. Indipendant candidate (Bossan family) is now looking forward towards PMLN.

    To me, all this politics not good. Here, in NA-151, PTI can say that they are not contesting the election but they will support anti-PPP candidate. This would be much better for thier politics but.....

  • For upcoming general elections in Multan, my analysis:

    1. Three strong parties are PPP, PMLN, PTI

    2. If PTI want to win Javaid Hashmi,Shah Mehmood seats they will surely need PMLN support against PPP. I think Nawaz Sharif will surely not put any candidate against Javaid Hashmi in Multan(PMLN leaders still respect great Hashmi for his brilliant efforts 1999~2008).

    3. PTI will go for seat adjustment with PMLN (atleast in Multan).

    4. PMLN can easily win NA-149,150,153 seats without the support of ant party.

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